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2008-07-26, 04:33 AM
One of my other players recently expressed intrest in non DnD games, and I've wanted to try another game myself ...but we're usually play by posting and occasionally too strapped for cash for new books. Does anyone know any Rules SRD's/wiki's?

2008-07-26, 05:31 AM
There's certainly some stuff around for old-school games:

Labyrinth Lord (http://www.goblinoidgames.com/labyrinthlord.htm) - A 'simulacrum game' of the 1981 (Moldvay) edition of D&D, and the rules are downloadable for free. 'Simulacrum game' means it's some 95% identical to the original rules, but you can download (and publish adventures for) it legally, so in a sense it's like an SRD.

OSRIC (http://www.knights-n-knaves.com/osric/) - Same thing for 1st edition AD&D.

GORE (http://www.goblinoidgames.com/gore.htm) - Call of Cthulhu.

Mutant Future (http://www.goblinoidgames.com/mutantfuture.htm) - Gamma World - yay for intelligent carnivorous plant PCs who shoot laser eyebeams!!!

Mazes & Minotaurs (http://storygame.free.fr/MAZES.htm) is not actually a simulacrum game. It's more of a homage / practical joke / thought experiment / fully functional RPG system. Basically, it's like how old-school D&D might have developed in an alternate universe, inspired by Greek mythology and Ray Harryhausen movies instead of a medieval millieu and fantasy books. The rules are different from D&D, but retain old-school design principles. And if fact, you get two separate games for the (non-)price of one, as you can download both the "original 1972 rules" and the "revised 1987 ones".

Then there's Basic Fantasy RPG (http://www.basicfantasy.org/downloads.html), which is also based on early D&D, but rather than mimicking the rules, it creates a different ruleset with similar sensibilities.

Star Frontiers Remastered (http://www.starfrontiersman.com/) is just that, the Star Frontiers rules and adventure modules digitally remastered - different layout, same game -, made available under special permission of WotC, I understand.

I remember that one particular edition of Ars Magica and... maybe Deadlands? - were also available as free downloads from some large online RPG store. Sometime several years ago. I don't know if it's still the case, t hough.

2008-07-26, 12:20 PM
I know there are several d20 Modern SRDs floating around, but I haven't looked through them (or the actual d20 Modern published stuff) enough to know how complete they are. Most of the ones I've seen actually say "SRD," though, so I assume they're the full rules minus the fluff.

It's not the SRD, but some of the various online RPG stores always have stuff for free download. You usually have to create an account and "purchase" the material, but since it's free you don't actually have use a credit card number or anything. RPG Now even did a thing last November called their "Thanksgiveaway" and had a TON of things for free. Over the course of the week I picked up the complete core books for Conan d20, Gunslingers & Gamblers, Rolemaster Express, the Chimera System, The Veggie Patch, and Runequest, plus a whole lot of other d20/3.5-related supplements and even an adventure or two.

2008-07-26, 01:26 PM
The "one particular edition" of Ars Magica is, I believe, 4th edition (2nd most recent).

2008-07-26, 01:52 PM
How about GURPS Lite?

2008-07-26, 02:08 PM
The "one particular edition" of Ars Magica is, I believe, 4th edition (2nd most recent).
I hesitate because there are so many great improvements with fifth edition and the comabt system in fourth has some flaws but here it is:

and here's the FAQ:

and here's the linking page:

2008-07-26, 02:21 PM
They're not wikis but Witchcraft (http://www.edenstudios.net/witchcraft/) (Unisystem) and a subset of Savage Worlds (Test Drive (http://www.peginc.com/downloads.html)) are available in pdf form at no charge.

2008-07-26, 02:48 PM
Ooh, I almost forgot about this one.

The Wushu System is a free RPG system that you can download HERE (http://bayn.org/wushu/freebies.html) that seems to be very cinematic and RP-heavy. It seems really cool to me, since the basic premise is that you basically succeed on everything you do, but how cool it is when you describe it determines HOW successful you are. Here's a quote from the actual rules (spoilered for length).

First, the group Describes the scene; this is the important part because their narration determines what actually happens in the game world. Then, they Resolve their dice rolls to see how well it all worked.


Wushu works its magic via a dice pool mechanic where the size of your pool depends on how elaborately you describe your actions. Each Detail you add to your description earns you a die. These could be separate stunts, witty one-liners, cinematic flourishes, pretty much anything that enhances your gaming experience. (You always get at least 1 die, just for doing something.)

For example, someone who says "I dodge to the side" gets 1 die. Someone who says "I dodge to the side / and grab his sword blade with my chopsticks / before punching him in the face" gets 3 dice. Someone who says "I catch his sword blade with my chopsticks / when it's chisel edge is less than an inch from my face, / then twist it around with one deft motion, / jam it into the bastard's gut, / and whisper 'Can't you see I'm trying to eat, here?'" gets 5 dice. Thus, anything that contributes to the atmosphere and energy of your game becomes a smart tactic.

Of course, not every Detail is appropriate to every game. That's why GMs and players have the right to veto any Detail that rubs them the wrong way.

2008-07-27, 02:42 AM
Spirit of the Century SRD (http://zork.net/~nick/loyhargil/fate3/fate3.html): it's a game meant for "pulp" action (think Indiana Jones, or even better, Sky Captain or the World of Tomorrow).

2008-07-27, 05:11 AM
Here's (http://www.homebrew.net/games/) a webpage with lots of free RPGs - including several already mentioned and plenty which haven't been.

2008-07-27, 12:58 PM
Here (http://ca.geocities.com/spike_fightwicky/d20modernsrd/srdhome.html)'s a nice one for D20 Modern.