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2008-07-26, 02:25 PM
Yeah, this is a d20 gaming system I'm currently working on. It needs only a few dice, and minimal paper. It has a variety of skills and spells, and I am working on a campaign of the same name. If anybody would like to help, post here and I can PM or email you what I have for the system or the campaign (whichever one you want)


2008-07-26, 02:36 PM
Well, It will be nice to hear on that system a bit more.

2008-07-26, 03:04 PM
Sure, It uses a primary point buy system, with the stats being rolled up with a d20 (of course) There are only 5 stats.


1. Battle- How much damage you do in battle, used for physical checks, grows every level

2. Fame- How famous you are, used for social checks, grows after every quest. The higher this is, the more discounted prices you get on items.

3. health- How much damage you can take before you die. Rises with every level.

4. Skill- A modifier that gets added on to EVERY skill, grows after every 3 levels. Used with skill checks.

5. smarts- How smart you are. you might be forced to RP according to how smart you are. (eg. low stat, you RP stupid) Used for checks involving brains.


Sorry, combat rules are undecided as of now.

I have a long list of skills, here are a few of them though.

Jump (long)- You can jump farther than normal. Useful for getting over cliffs

Jump (high)- You can jump higher than normal. Useful for climbing.

Wrestle- You get better at grappling, and can incapacitate an opponent

Skills are like hobbies or abilities that your PC has. there are more that become available at higher levels, such as summon (dragon hatchling) at level 23

2008-07-26, 04:35 PM
rolling a d20 for stats does not seem too random to you? I mean, there can be a characther with all high, another with all low, and a third with balanced. the power level is not fair.

Maybe take DnD's nice 4d6b3 for stats?

2008-07-26, 04:39 PM
eh, maybe... hmmmm.... sure, why not, you wanna' help, I could use the assistance.

2008-07-26, 04:43 PM
While I don't have the time to offer non-stop help, I'll be glad to offer my limited insight from time to time. balance issues, randomness issues, any "holes" that come up. (in crunch or fluff. there are sometimes holes that make it impossible to understand some things, but the maker cannot see the holes because the answer is obvious in his mind. or he cannot think of that event.)

2008-07-26, 04:48 PM
yeah, thanks. anyways, now I gotta' work on the rules AND a campaign.

My offer still stands to anyone else. If you would like to help work on the system, a campaign, or anything, post here.

EDIT: I have also got a (very bad) logo for the game, PM me if you think you can update it