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2008-07-26, 05:43 PM
“Winnower” - Small flail

A flail consecrated to separate the wheat and chaff before the servants of Yondalla. This is +1 flail (small size). Additionally, the flail allows its wielder to cast faerie fire as a free action upon any target hit with the staff. Creatures of chaotic evil glow yellow. Creatures of lawful evil glow red. All other alignments glow green. Thereafter, the staffs wielder gains an additional +2 to hit the affected target.
Caster Level: 5th
Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, faerie fire, shillelagh
Market Price: 13,300 gp
Cost to Create: 6,650 gp + 532 XP
Weight: 5 lb.

I know its strictly druidic but Yondalla in this case is very harvest and earthy based. I'm looking for a magic item for a cleric between 2nd and 7th level.

What do you guys think. Its an adaptation from an item in the scarred lands.


2008-07-26, 06:53 PM
"Small Flail"? Weapon sizes (kind of...) disappeared with 3.5 edition. Unless this is a flail intended for halflings and gnomes (or you're running a 3.0 campaign), it'd just be a flail.

Perhaps, instead of allowing the wielder to cast faerie fire on a hit, just state "any target hit by the flail is subjected to a faerie fire spell for 1 minute. The wielder of the flail also gains a +2 sacred bonus to hit against that target for the same duration."

I don't see any other problems with it, except the price would probably be fine another 3000 lower. Price breakdown:

Masterwork Flail - 308 GP
+1 enhancement - 2000 GP
Faerie Fire on hit: Spell level (1) * Caster level (1) * 2000 GP = 2000 GP
Bonus after hitting once: This one is hard. I'd probably price it at about a "+.9" enhancement bonus, which would increase the cost by another 5220 GP.
Total cost: 9528 GP

Also, Neutral Evil creatures struck with the flail should glow orange.

2008-07-26, 07:09 PM
Isn't Yondalla lawful good? If so, it might make sense that evil targets glow red, that chaotic targets glow blue (with chaotic evil purple), and all others (including anything with undetectable alignment) would glow green.

I can see why it may not be as "druidic" this way, but that's just the way I look at it.

2008-07-26, 07:19 PM
"Small Flail"? Weapon sizes (kind of...) disappeared with 3.5 edition. Unless this is a flail intended for halflings and gnomes (or you're running a 3.0 campaign), it'd just be a flail.

I'm fairly sure that (given the Yondalla fluff) 'small' in this case means sized for a small creature, like a Halfling.

EDIT: Also, shouldn't some kind of alignment-detecting spell be in the prerequisites?

2008-07-26, 11:15 PM
I'm shamelessly adapting another item. I don't expect it will ever be made except as a treasure item.

Yes some sort of know alignment would be a good prereq - I'll add that.

Yes 'small' in this case is an emphasis that it was designed for a halfling.

Yes Perhaps it is over priced but I don't really know how to price the addition of know alignment element and I'm not too worried about the price details so much as the power elements.

The glowing colour scheme is pretty arbitrary. I don't like telling anything but extremes. The concept of winnowing is that you separate the good from the bad. Its a common use for agricultural flails. I thought these earthy halflings would turn to their god to find evil. Chaos is more vague.

Glowing if the target is evil - is actually a pretty useful power for the flail.


I'm going to consider it reasonable.

Any further comment is appreciated however. I love the home brew around here. Thanks for all the comments.