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2008-07-27, 11:31 AM
i have race okay (halfling) but i don't want to be a rogue and I've tried ranger but i don't really like it. my party already has a wizard. I'm sort of the guy who robs shops and stuff while everyone else follows the story (don't worry i still follow the story but at a distance).:smallbiggrin: i need a class!

2008-07-27, 11:34 AM
that sounds like a rogue...

2008-07-27, 11:35 AM
A) this sounds like a rogue to me, and B) this is in the wrong forum, unless you're attempting to design a new class here.

2008-07-27, 11:36 AM
i'm new to the forum 2. how do i switch forums? (i already tried rogue don't like feats)

2008-07-27, 11:38 AM
you don't like the feats a rogue gets? :smallconfused:

2008-07-27, 11:40 AM
I don't think you can switch which forum this is in, you'd have to ask a moderator or something.

Again, from the description, this sound exactly like a rogue. They used to be called the "theif" class in earlier editions if I recall, and this would have been for a reason...

2008-07-27, 11:41 AM
It's ROGUE, Agent Paper.

jaco_mcbob, what exactly do you wnat your character to do?

Classes in 3.5 are fortunately decently customizable, especailly Rogue can be a lot of thinks due to his massive amount of skill points.

So tell us who you want your character to be, and why not rogue.

Also, PM a moderator, ask to move to Gaming section.

Gwyn chan 'r Gwyll
2008-07-27, 11:43 AM
You can't switch the forum, you need a moderator to do it.
*Summon Modster III*

In the mean time, halflings are best suited to rogues, or rangers, but you already said that you don't want to be either. (I find it funny that you, being new to D&D, spell rogue correctly, while most of the people on this forum can't. Pet peeve of mine) You mentioned feats, but I don't think rogues get bonus feats, do they?

What else does the party comprise of? You mentioned wizards, but is that all?

Oh, and welcome to D&D, and GitP!

Edit: Damn! Simu-Ninja-ed twice!

2008-07-27, 11:46 AM
I fail at spelling rogue. I need to edit my spell-checker to see rouge as not a word. (I know it is a word, but I never use it that way)

2008-07-27, 12:20 PM
It's always just more fun to go along with it as if the person was talking about rouge. Confuses the heck out of people on WoW. :)

To contribute something to the discussion, if you're playing 3.5, being a rogue doesn't have much influence on what feats you can get and what not.

2008-07-27, 12:36 PM
Try a variant. You can always get a rogue with bonus feats instead of sneak attack.

ANyways scan the skill lists of the different classes. If those are some of the things you want your character to do then consider that as an option. Once you've taken up some of the options ask your dm what else they can do. Hope that helps.

2008-07-27, 12:39 PM
3.5: Druid im the same way

4.0:........on your own,

2008-07-27, 01:39 PM
Again, from the description, this sound exactly like a rogue. They used to be called the "theif" class in earlier editions if I recall, and this would have been for a reason...

Okay, first of all you have to tell use which edition of D&D you ARE playing. Are you playing 3.5 Edition or 4th Edition?

Secondly, in both of those edition, the Rogue class is basically the "Thief" class, but with some other abilities to keep you from being railroaded into JUST being a Thief.

If you're in 4th Edition, I'm not really sure what to tell you. The classes in the PHB are basically all that are available now, so you're stuck with Rogue. If you don't want to go with that class in particular, though, maybe try playing a Cleric of a sneaky god with the Rogue multiclass feats, or maybe even a Warlock.

If you're in 3.5, could you tell us what exactly about the the class you don't like (and explain what about the "feats" you don't like)? If you're just talking class features, well, you might have to change, but if you're talking about the feats themselves, those are totally changeable. If after that you want to still be a thief-type character but don't want to be a Rogue, you could maybe try out the Bard class. You get a lot of sneaky-type skills, plus spells and music that helps out you and the rest of your party.