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2008-07-27, 09:34 PM
ive seen this game around at different stores and i was wondering how you would play something like that? also if anyone has it i think we should try and do something like it on pbp :smallbiggrin:

2008-07-27, 09:58 PM
Well. the Dungeon Crawl Classics series of adventures (by Goodman Games, I believe) are just that - classic old-school style modules updated to 3.5 edition. You play them just like you would any other pre-published adventure. Just roll up normal characters and have at it!

The only problem I see with doing it PbP is that dungeons crawls involve a LOT of combat, which could slow down a PbP game for months.

2008-07-27, 10:01 PM
oh ok ive never done one but i think it looks fun. have you done any?

2008-07-27, 10:07 PM
I have. Dungeon crawls are quite fun for here and there play. find a local D&D group and see if they'd be willing to try it. Its kinda a "hey i don't feel like running a campaign.. lets try something different" kinda thing to me.

2008-07-27, 10:14 PM
thats what it kinda sounded to me too :smalltongue:

2008-07-27, 10:31 PM
Yeah, pretty much. If you're looking for a quick game of hack 'n slash, they're probably the route to go. I think most of 'em even include pre-generated PCs in the back so you can run them even faster.

If you're interested, several RPG stores online often have Dungeon Crawl Classics adventures available for free download. Check out RPGNow.com's site, go to "Sort By Price," and then click on "Free" (or whatever it says) and they might have some. I got "The Sinister Secret of Whiterock" and one other at certain points during that last year or so.

2008-07-27, 10:34 PM
They're also not bad if You got some lull time during your current campaign...side-questing through these is a good refresher for PCs who've dealt enough with civilization and save the world business.

2008-07-28, 07:13 AM
They are also on 50% sale at the moment, so very much worth a look. A couple of them have even been converted to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and several more are being released at Gen Con 2008. However, they aren't just dungeon crawls, despite the name, one of the modules is actually a campaign setting (or Gazetteer). #1-#52 are for D20, #53+ are for 4e.

Take a look at the Goodman Games Website (http://www.goodmangames.com/) for a better idea of what they're offering.

2008-07-28, 10:30 AM
I've used these pretty extensively, both as one-offs and within the context of larger campaigns. They're old-school dungeon crawls in the best possible sense. The encounters are clever and varied, and there's a lot of monsters that are either custom-made or customized with class levels and so forth. It's certainly not pure hack-and-slash, either - there's lots of devious puzzles, vicious traps, and memorable role-playing encounters. My players love them, and I love running them.

Specifically, I've played #0, #3, #28, #43, and #50. All are highly recommended, but especially #0 (written for 0th level characters) and #50 (written by Monte Cooke).

2008-07-29, 03:23 PM
The Dungeon Crawl Classics compilation books are awesome; they contain 10to 12 adventures each of the given level (1-3, 4-6) etc. These aren't just stand-alone adventures; each module has suggestions and adventure hooks for how to plug it into the DCC default world AND your game setting. This is great for ongoing campaigns where you don't have every session planned out, or campaigns that consist of separate sub-adventures. They really do have an old-school feel, and some of the adventures are quite unique.

2008-07-29, 03:58 PM
I have several of these modules and personally I like them. Chances are they are putting their modules on sale because at GenCon they are rolling out new 4.0 modules. Or at least that was my impression.

2008-07-29, 05:19 PM
I have several of these modules and personally I like them. Chances are they are putting their modules on sale because at GenCon they are rolling out new 4.0 modules. Or at least that was my impression.

There's some trickery afoot with Goodman Games, as they are actually releasing several DCC conversions for AD&D at Gen Con 2008. How they can simultaneously release 4e DCC products under the GSL I have no idea, but there have been rumours that something like this might happen.

2008-08-01, 09:18 PM
:smallbiggrin: thanks guys

2008-08-06, 05:08 PM
Play by post is probably a bit slow though.