View Full Version : Lich Queen Campaign Derailed...Help Needed

2008-07-28, 06:29 PM
So we'd started this great little group and were just getting started on the Eyes of the Lich Queen when 2 of my 5 players had to drop out of the campaign.
One was incidental and I can account for; the party's Elven Soulknife. He was the primary archer (headed towards SoulBow) and first into a melee...but ultimately didn't bring anything to the group that they can't work around.
The other, however, was the lynchpin; a Kalashtar Telepath who had actually hired the remainder of the party to assist her whilst pursuing a Vision.

Suddenly she's unavailable to play.

So I'm wondering...do I take her PC and make her an NPC?

Do I have her killed off and pray that the party stays together to finish the job?

For those familiar with the campaign/adventure/module, I have yet to introduce Sur'Kil (was taking an alternate path that felt a little more 'organic'), so that's still an option after this first bit.

I'd hate to have to hit the reset button after 3 games and start all over...but I'm considering it as losing 40% of the party does require a serious rethinking of my campaign goals.

Which raises the other concern outside of continuity; can a party of 3 characters actually handle that module?
I kinda don't think so...and I personally don't feel like running 2-3 NPCs just to help them succeed...it'd feel very forced, I think.

Suggestions desperately needed!

Saint Nil
2008-07-28, 06:40 PM
Have those two *kidnapped*, and the party can rescue them later. If they came back earlier, they escaped. Can make for easy returns/leaving, mabye a new plot-point, and with a little role-playing, fits toghter well. The contracter might have put this in the contract. Not too hard to pull off.