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2008-08-01, 09:47 PM
when an Divine Mind [complete psionic pg.12] takes the destruction mantle and the feat focused Sunder would the hardness of an object that was about to be sundered be reduced by 75% or 100%

You can sense the stress points on othersí weapons.
Prerequisite: Str 13, Power Attack, Improved Sunder.
Benefit: To use this feat, you must expend your psionic focus.
When you strike at an opponentís weapon, you ignore half of the weaponís total hardness (round down). Total hardness includes any magical or psionic enhancements possessed by the weapon that increase its hardness.
Special: You can also sense the stress points in any hard construction, such as wooden doors or stone walls, and can ignore half of the objectís total hardness (round down) when attacking that object.

destruction:the hardness of an object that is the target of the sunder action is treated as half its normal value

2008-08-01, 10:20 PM
Pretty sure it'd be 75%, if only because the destruction effect would always be in effect, making you treat an object of hardness X as an object of hardness .5 X and then the focused sunder would let you ignore half of what you'd normally be treating it as, reducing it another 25%. I can't point to a specific rule, but that makes the most sense in just about every way I think about this situation

2008-08-01, 11:17 PM
To me, it seems it could go one of two ways.

1. Since they both reduce the hardness to 1/2 the object's normal or total value, they don't stack. This makes the Focused Sunder kinda useless.

2. Objects normally have their hardness reduced by 50% from your Destruction mantle, and then you take another 50% off of that (for a total of 75% reduction) when you use the Focused Sunder feat.

Either way, they DEFINITELY don't stack to give you 100% reduction of hardness.

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