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2008-08-07, 02:45 AM
So, I'm thinking of scrapping my current world, and starting up a brand new one. So, before fluff comes about my world, I need to know the rules I want to use in my world, I have a few ideas, but a stumbling block I came across was this; I really want a Draconian race. My favourite race from DragonLance.
If you don't know what a Draconian is (probably because it was never updated to 3.5), it's basically a Human-sized kobold, some of them have wings. Now, considering I don't want anything more than +0 LA, I'm going to have to change them. So, these Draconians are only loosely based on the ones from DL. With a bit of Warforged thrown in.

Base Template

Dragonblood - All Draconians are descended from Dragons. They recieve the Dragontouched template, and recieve +1 to Listen, Search and Spot checks. They also recieve +1 to saving throws vs. paralysis and sleep effects. They are not affected by humanoid affecting spells (Hold Person), but are affected by anything that would affect a Dragon. And may use Dragon-only items.
For the purpose of Draconic Heritage feats, they count as a Sorcerer with a level to their Hit Dice.
A Draconian is a Medium sized creature, and has a base land speed of 30ft.
A Draconian recieves a +4 Bonus to saving throws vs. Fear.
A Dragon's frightening presence has no effect whatsoever on a Draconian, however, because of Draconianss innate refusal to fight Dragons of any sort, they recieve a -4 to Will Saves in the presence of Dragons.
Distrusted - All races instictively distrust Draconians due to their heritage. All Draconians recieve -2 to Diplomacy and Bluff checks towards non-Draconians.
A Draco is a Draco is a Draco - A Draconian may not use the Disguise skill to attempt to be anything other than a Draconian without magical means. The exception to this, is if the target has no means with which to see (e.g; Blindness).
Scales - A Draconian's scales provide +2 Natural AC, as well as a 5% Arcane Spell Failure chance. A Draconian may not wear armour, regardless of proficiencies.
Heritage - A Draconian must select a Heritage (listed below)

Draconian-only Feats

To Be Named - Arcane Spell Failure from Scales is reduced by 5%, and armour check penalty is reduced by 1. This feat may be selected more than once.

Only one of the following may be taken. May only be taken at 1st level.
Heavy Scales - Scales now grants +8 AC, 35% Arcane Spell Failure, -5 Armour Check Penalty, and +1 Max Dex Bonus
Medium Scales - Scales now grants +5 AC, 15% Arcane Spell Failure, -2 Armour Check Penalty, and +5 Max Dex Bonus

Draconian Heritages

Black Dragon Heritage

+2 DEX, -2 WIS
Favoured Class: Rogue
On a successful grapple attack, Black Draconians may Bite Attack their victim that deals 1d6 damage (plus strength) points of damage. It also has a chance to poison the victim. The DC to resist this poison is 10 + Draconians Hit Die + Con Modifier.

Blue Dragon Heritage

To be done

Brass Dragon Heritage

To be done

Bronze Dragon Heritage

Favoured Class: Paladin
To be done

Copper Dragon Heritage

Favoured Class: Bard
Copper Draconians gain +2 to Jump and Climb checks
To be done

Green Dragon Heritage

To be done

Gold Dragon Heritage

Favoured Class: Paladin
A Gold Draconian has wings. 1HD: Glide, 6HD: Limited Flight, 10HD: Flight
Needs work?

Red Dragon Heritage

+2 STR, -2 CHA
Favoured Class: Barbarian
A Red Draconian gains +2 to Intimidate non-Draconians. This increases by +1 for every size category that the Draconian is larger than the victim

Silver Dragon Heritage

Favoured Class: Cleric
To be done

White Dragon Heritage

+2 STR, -2 INT
Favoured Class: Fighter
Immunity to Cold
Vulnerability to Fire

A lot of it needs work, and more than a few breeds of Draconian should have wings, and/or a natural attack. Please Help.

More updates will come. But, first, my biggest problem is Draconians. So, I'll get them out of the way first.

7.8.08; Introduction to World. 1st Draconian Draft

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