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2008-08-08, 11:45 AM
I've been playing Soul Calibur quite a bit recently, before the game was released because Soul Calibur 2 is awesome, and after it was released, because I got Soul Calibur 4.
I personally thought It'd be a good idea to put the characters, and possibly some other things, into a d20 Format.
so I bring you...

Soul Calibur D20 Project

Currently I want to resolve a few Ideas.

Stats For Soul Edge

Stats For Soul Calibur

Stats for Nightmare

Stats for Siegfried

Stats for all of the regular characters.

Stats for Ivy's Living Blade

Designs for Both Yoshimitsu's and Voldo's Fighting Styles. Both of those are too complicated to work without a homebrew

Anyone welcome to help in this is allowed to, and any help would be much appreciated.
I think the first two top Priorties should be creating stats for Soul Calibur and Soul Edge

2008-08-08, 12:16 PM

Whenever I think of Nightmare I think of a Warblade/Incarnate Gestalt focused in the Iron Heart Discipline.

Truth be said, when he places the sword over his back (one of his stances in SC II) it really looks like Iron Heart's Punishing Stance.

And why Incarnate you ask?

Soul charge, simple like that.

As for Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, one thing they have on them is the shifting shape (greatsword, greataxe, pair of tonfas, rapier, katana, quarterstaff, longsword, nunchucks, pair of katars, scimitar...), that makes the really important part of the weapons be their enchantments, not what kind of weapon they actually are. They are also intelligent weapons. Yes they are.

One thing that doesn't show up a lot in SC2, but deserves stats, is Cervante's offhand. It's both a short sword and a flintlock pistol if I recall.


Onto a basics. Independent on it's shape. I guess Soul Edge probably deals damage as a weapon one size category larger than it seens to be (yup), and it also alternates between being a vicious weapon (extra damage, hurts you when you attack), constantly draining the user's life, and draining other people's life for the user (most likely based on a 'test' between the weapon's ego vs the user's will/ego/charisma check)

Soul Calibur, on the other hand, gives Fast healing. Probably a defending weapon too. Holy, and maybe Bane (Aberrations? Evil Outsiders?) too.


Voldo is a two weapon fighter with some cool tricks in a weird package, and his Katars are very likely not those punching daggers from the PHB. I would say he is a Swordsage/tempest of some sort, attacks with charges, bull rushs and got two weapon rend. His creepy spidery stances would deserve their own ToB discipline I guess. Either that or just Shadow Hand/Diamond Mind.

Yoshimitsu... Eer... I don't know how he would work really. Tiger Claw? Death from Above? Hoping on the sword is probably my favourite strategy with him, it's comic, and dangerous. Specially comic.

Zeta Kai
2008-08-08, 02:26 PM
For the record, I found these Soul Calibur weapons (http://forums.gleemax.com/wotc_archive/index.php/t-202816.html) via Master Google. Also, the buzz on the 'net seems to be that Tome of Battle would help immensely to create a SC D20. Or, to put it in a different way...

ProTip: If it can be Homebrewed, Zeta knows where it is, or has already done it himself. :smalltongue:

I hope that this helps.

2008-08-08, 02:33 PM
I personally agree that Voldo deserves his own ToB class/PrC. I was also thinking the same of Yoshimitsu because he has several different stances he uses, amongst other abilities, such as the sideways teleportation, the supoku where he spins in circles then heals if done right, using the flag as a weapon, and also using his katana to fly

2008-08-08, 03:41 PM
There is actually a lot that can already be done using the current ToB maneuvers if needing some extra rules. Cervantes' Geo da Ray and Dread Slash could be done with Setting Sun Throws. There are teleports in Shadow Hand... Etc.

Of course, there is stuff that needs a new discipline.

Yoshimitsu's flag is most likely a fancy club. How to fly using that is beyond my homebrewing skill (it's a bit too unbeliavable for me.


As for the weapons in Zeta's link.

I did say that the zambatou is just a glaive or a halberd or one of the many similar weapons she gets. And the Zweihander is most likely not the reason Nightmare is slow. That Half-plate (I don't think that is full plate) of his is the issue. The sword is probably just an oversized greatsword with either monkey grip or some exotic weapon proficiency (There is a sword out there... 2d8 damage I think)

Those katars are just the same yucky weapons in the Player Handbook. But with an increased threat range, doubled weight and 2.5 times more expensive. :smallyuk: in my opinion.