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Eddie vinci
2008-08-11, 09:15 AM
in an up coming campaign, I was planing to play a pixie Rogue, but I don't like how big they are... so what do you think a size decrease to tiny will do for LA?

Duke of URL
2008-08-11, 09:29 AM
in an up coming campaign, I was planing to play a pixie Rogue, but I don't like how big they are... so what do you think a size decrease to tiny will do for LA?

Decreasing size will result in an extra STR -4, DEX +2, AC +1, AB +1, Hide +4 and a decrease in space/reach from 5'/5' to 2.5'/0', with everything that entails (no flanking, no threatened squares, must move into opponent's square to attack [provokes AoO]).

I'd say that should probably leave the pixie at LA +4 -- The bonuses are generally offset by the penalties. Though, considering that anyone going this option won't be wanting to melee anyway, it just might warrant an increase to +5.

2008-08-11, 09:33 AM
I hope this will help you (click the link for the full SRD breakdown of Pixies as player characters (scroll to bottom of page)

Posted by SRD (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/monsters/sprite.htm)

Pixies As Characters

A pixie character exchanges its 1 HD of fey for its first class level.

* Level adjustment +4 (+6 if the pixie can use irresistible dance).

A pixie stands about 2 feet tall and weighs about 30 pounds.

By SRD Pixies are small rather than Tiny and have a level adjust of 4 or 6


2008-08-11, 09:36 AM
I would say change LA to +5, because you get +1 to hit, +1 AC, and +2 dex. Mostly because it makes casters/rangers way more powerful, regardless of melee proficiency.

Eddie vinci
2008-08-11, 09:38 AM
domo. now, to make a Tauric(?) ferret-Pixie.

2008-08-11, 09:40 AM
Being tiny is actually more disastrous to a player because melee combat becomes almost completely barred. But you are playing a rogue, so you are probably trying to exploit the fact a pixie has invisibility. I would not be surprised if you had an LA of +5 for a tiny pixie, it is a stretch even then, size increase/decrease is usually a higher LA, though sometimes becoming smaller is bad, you are building for it...

Eddie vinci
2008-08-11, 09:46 AM
even at first rogue level, my sneak attack is higher then my dagger damage.

2008-08-11, 09:49 AM
Let's see. It gives them a better Hide score, but also reduces the load they can carry. Greater Invis makes the Hide score almost moot. Also, a Tiny creature doesn't threaten any squares, so has to enter into a square to attack, which draws an AoO on it's own.

I don't think it'll make any difference in LA.

Duke of URL
2008-08-11, 09:51 AM
With a total -6 to STR and a 1d2 dagger (for tiny), of course SA is gong to be your main source of damage. It's basically Sneak attack dice + 1 hp, unless you somehow put 16 or more into STR before racial adjustments.

Anything immune to sneak attacks will ruin your day. Anything with blind-fight or blindsight will ruin your day. Or true seeing. Or AoE spells/abilities that bypass SR. Your best best is to pump up UMD and use wands of acid splash for ranged (touch attack) SA, with utility magic devices to be useful against undead, constructs, and the like.

You don't want to rely on convention weapons at all. You're also going to be a little squishy, so you don't want to be anywhere near melee range. And I mean anyone else's melee range, because you don't have one.