View Full Version : Site Migration - Oct 20-22

Forum Staff
2006-10-11, 09:56 AM
As many of you have noticed, the message boards have been generating alot of errors lately. This has been due to the increase in traffic and our current board software. In an effort to get the boards back on their feet and the site to a more stable homestead, we will be doing two things.

First, we will be migrating to a new server. What this means to you is that we will be down for a few days. Most likely Oct. 20-22, but those dates may change.

Second, we will be changing to a new message board software. What this means to you is that once we are back up and running, things will probably look a little different around the message boards. We have selected a software that is compatible with YaBB, so we should be able to migrate all the board information as well.

In either step, things could go wrong. So, if you want to save something from the old boards, make sure you have a copy on your local machine BEFORE October 19th. We are not responsible if your slaved over homebrew material, posts from an active PbP game, or a PM with someone's phone number gets lost in the migration.

To help the current server out until we make the move, the Search functionality has been disabled.

Feel free to use these threads as staging areas to ensure that all the material you want to keep is secure on someone elses machine.

October 19th - Last day to ensure you have a local copy
October 20th - Site will be taken down
October 22nd - Site should be back up
Sometime on or after the 22nd - Message boards will be back up