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2006-09-21, 07:49 AM
I'm trying to illustrate our campaign (City of the Spider Queen), but can't keep up with the sessions. The captions are in norwegian, maybe I'll translate them if there's any interest. I would love comments, including suggestions for improvements!

Main characters (http://www.ii.uib.no/~magnus/img/KentComic.jpg)
Journal 1 (http://www.ii.uib.no/~magnus/img/Journal1.jpg)
Journal 2 (http://www.ii.uib.no/~magnus/img/Journal2.jpg)
Journal 3 (http://www.ii.uib.no/~magnus/img/Journal3.jpg)
Journal 4 (http://www.ii.uib.no/~magnus/img/Journal4.jpg)
New group shot (http://www.ii.uib.no/~magnus/img/gruppebilde.jpg)
Backstory of the Brightblade clan (http://www.ii.uib.no/~magnus/img/Brightblade.jpg)
Gothrut (http://www.ii.uib.no/~magnus/img/Gothrut.jpg)


Daedrous Avari
2006-09-21, 07:27 PM
These are amazing, but can you use links to them? Also, an english translation?

Oh, and me and my guys are planning to do the FR official adventure the City of the Spider Queen as well.

2006-09-22, 12:28 AM
Yeah, the graphics in that first post are waaayyy too big!

2006-09-22, 02:22 AM
They are links now. For the new group shot I've updated some of the details, with better cloaks and stuff. I might go back and fix the journals too (and translate stuff to english).


Daedrous Avari
2006-09-24, 04:23 PM
How's the translations going?