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2006-09-19, 04:02 PM
I am a Convention Manger for a convention that has about 800 attendees in the Colorado area. We are about to put out some requests for art work and I was wondering if something that was created that used the "style" of OOTS (not the characters or any of the icons) would be ok to use.
Now when I say use, it would be used on the cover of the program book, it would be on a few posters, and lastly it would grace the front of the T-Shirts sold at the convention.
Or perhaps the better question would be, knowing how busy TheGiant is, would he still be interested in a paid commision work for doing the design? Or if he is unable to do so, could we hire someone else to do the work in the OOTS style.
The image would be a pirate and a ninja with a Vs. in the middle and the Convention name below. (see poorly drawn example below)
Any information would be welcomed.