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2008-08-15, 10:23 PM
The Kamikaze
Alignment Any Chaotic

HD d12

Skill point per lv 4 +int mod

The Kamikaze's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Climb (Str),
Craft (Int), Handle Animal (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Listen (Wis), Ride (Dex), Survival (Wis), and Swim (Str).

1|1|2|0|0|Fast movement\\ Detonate 1/day \\ Explosive Features
2|2|3|0|0|Evasion \\ Explosive Features
3|3|3|1|1|Recovery -1 \\ Explosive Features
4|4|4|1|1|Detonate 2/day \\ Explosive Features
5|5|4|1|1|Improved evasion \\ Explosive Features
6|6\1|5|2|2|Recovery -2 \\ Explosive Features
7|7\2|5|2|2|Damage reduction 1/- \\ Explosive Features
8|8\3|6|2|2|Detonate 3/day \\ Explosive Features
9|9\4|6|3|3|Recovery -3 \\ Explosive Features
10|10\5|7|3|3|Damage reduction 2/- \\ Explosive Features
11|11\6\1|7|3|3|Greater detonation \\ Explosive Features
12|12\7\2|8|4|4|Detonate 4/day \\ Recovery -4 \\ Explosive Features
13|13\8\3|8|4|4|Damage reduction 3/- \\ Explosive Features
14|14\9\4|9|4|4|Explosive fort/will/ref \\ Explosive Features
15|15\10\5|9|5|5|Improved Recovery -1 \\ Explosive Features
16|16\11\6\1|10|5|5|Detonate 5/day \\ Damage reduction 4/- \\ Explosive Features
17|17\12\7\2|10|5|5|Painless detonation \\ Explosive Features
18|18\13\8\3|11|6|6|Improved Recovery -2\\ Explosive Features
19|19\14\9\4|11|6|6|Damage reduction 5/- \\ Explosive Features
20|20\15\10\5|12|6|6|Detonate 6/day \\ Mighty detonation \\ Explosive Features

Deals 4d3 + your con mod to you
and all enemies in a 5ft radius
your detonation damage goes through your DR
detonating is a full round action
after detonation you must Recover for
5 +your recovery
Explosive features
choose one
Increased explosion
Adds 1d4 to detonations damage
each time you get this feature the damage
die goes up one (ex. d4 d6 d8 d10 d12 d20.)
youcan gainthis feat 6 times.damage stacks
Increased explosive area
Adds 10ft to detonations radius
area stacks
Controlled Detonation
You chose who gets hit with detonation
you cannot exclude yourself
Reduced detonation
Adds your damage reduction to your detonation
(ex. normal 2d4 +5 11 damage to you and enemies
reduced 10 to you 12 to enemies DR1/-)
Increased movement
Adds +5 ft to your movement speed
Quickened detonation
Decreases detonation to a standard action
Requires lv5 kamikaze
Launching detonation
Allows detonation to throw objects
with a + 4 damage bonus
Prerequisites: controlled explosion
Self-Launching detonation
Allows detonation to add a +10 bonus to jump
when detonation uses this effect it dose not harm any one
Prerequisites: Controlled detonation, Launching detonation
Speedy detonation
Decreases detonation to
half a movement action
requires Quickened Lv11 kamikaze
Lightning detonation
Decreases detonation to a free action
Prerequisites Speedy detonation Lv20 Kamikaze
Harmless detonation
you take no damage from detonating
Prerequisites Lv21 Kamikaze
Recovery -1/-2/-3/-4/-5
You must recover after you detonate
While recovering you are a floating glowing colored ball
your movement speed is 4x normal. you are
incorporeal and can't fly, attack, speak, damage,
or think (for mind reading effects)
You must recover for 5 +your recovery
Greater detonation
Deals 3d8 + con mod + bonuses (if any) from
Increased explosion to you and enemies
Radius 15ft
Launching detonation gives a +8
Self-Launching gives a +15
Explosive Fort/Will/Ref
Chose one
When a Kamikaze is forced to make a save
that he has chosen explosive he may
instead detonate and not take the effects
of what caused him to make the save
Painless detonation
You take half damage from detonating
Improved recovery -1
recovery time is changed to
5+improved recovery +1d4 + recovery
Mighty detonation
deals 10d4 + con mod +bonuses( if any )from
increased explosion to enemies you take 1/2 damage
Radius is 25 ft
Launching detonation does +12
Self launching detonation does +20
my frends just blew this one to hell and back
again when i showed it to them I've made a
"few" changes sence but anyway

2008-08-15, 10:33 PM
Your formatting... needs work. Sorry. It's hard to read and understand some of this.

Also, you have to be careful with size increasing on die. It is entirely possible to get up to like something like 8d100 by using all but one of your class talent tree choices on improved explosion. I only stop there because I'm not sure what dice size comes after 100. Things that increase spell damage die typically do not advance past d12 since the numbers get weird trying to use a system like the weapon damage die increase when you have a very variable number of dice at hand.

Using plus signs to indicate where you add in negative numbers is mathematically correct but unintuitive in a game system.

Also, unless you put a lot into recovery, on average your character is basically useless beyond exploding once a fight. That's not good design, especially for a base class.

d14s don't exist and d10+d4 is not the same thing. d10 has an average roll of 5.5 ((1+10)/2). d4 has an average of 2.5 ((1+4)/2). d14 if it existed would have an average of 7.5 ((1+14)/2), which is 0.5 less than d10+d4 (which is another +10 HP by 20). And basically that's just way too much HP to be giving someone since they already run on high con.

2008-08-15, 11:34 PM
I am Jacks complete lack of suprise.

I changed recovery time to 5 +...
I changed improved explosion to stop at +1d20

I spent 12 hours on this so it might be a "little" hard to understand at the end and i may be a little tired

EDIT: i also changes the HD

2008-08-16, 06:08 AM
d14s don't exist and d10+d4 is not the same thing. d10 has an average roll of 5.5 ((1+10)/2). d4 has an average of 2.5 ((1+4)/2). d14 if it existed would have an average of 7.5 ((1+14)/2), which is 0.5 less than d10+d4 (which is another +10 HP by 20). And basically that's just way too much HP to be giving someone since they already run on high con.

That is not true. They do exist, they're just rare (and mildly expensive for a single die). I happen to have one. I'd also point out that d3, d5, d7, d16, d24, d30, & d50 exist so as to clarify the what die exist situation.

As for the class, it seems quite entertaining, but as stated befor, the abount of time they are unable to act after an explosion is a bit high to be useful.


2008-08-16, 07:41 AM
Interesting. Learn something new every day. I knew d3 (via cleverness), d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20 and a technically impossible d100 (it's a giant ball and it's not actually a regular polygon) existed, but that was it.

Anyway, especially for being able to fight basically only once in a fight, his damage is really really low. He can get up to 10d20, which is 105 damage in return for sitting out most of a fight. He would probably do more than that with a full attack, a greatsword, and power attack.

2008-08-16, 11:27 AM
I fixed recovery again but in just to lasy to fix imp recov.
also if you have 2 spiked shields and spiked gauntlets and spiked armor
when you detonate you could do alot of damage
EDIT: fixed imp recov