View Full Version : 4e Gnoll's: The Bloodsage (looking for criticism)

2008-08-16, 12:36 AM
Gnoll Bloodsage Level 6 Elite Controller (leader)
Str: 16 Dex: 14: Con: 14 Intelligence: 18 Wis: 8 Cha: 7
Initiative: +5
Hp: 140
Bloodrage Aura 5-All allies gain a +2 to damage while within the aura. +4 if the Bloodsage is bloodied.
AC:22 Ref: 22 Fort: 18 Will: 19
Speed 5
Saving Throws +2
Spiked Chain (standard) +11 2d4+3 Reach 1 and target is prone
Boiling Blood (standard recharge 4-6) Ranged 5, +10 vs Reflex 1d12+4 fire damage and the target is Dazed (save ends). Effect: The Bloodsage takes 5 damage. *Fluff: the Bloodsage either cuts into himself or forces open
a current wound, and, using demonic magic, sends his blood flying into his foe, it reaching untold temperature before impact.
Blood Frenzy (encounter minor; only usable while bloodied): All allies within 5 squares may shift 2 squares and make a basic melee attack.

My 4e campain is basically an undead filled, Orcus-soon-to-be-controlled, apocalyptic world. So I figured "Hey, gnolls worship demons! I should put some of them in." And thus I am. Only thing was that in the next encounter I was looking for some sort of necro(ish)-focused gnoll, maybe one more in-contact with the bloodlord himself. So thus the bloodsage. Seemed close enough to gnoll ties for me. The next encounter will be a tough-one, filled with vampire-spawn, ghouls, a flaming skull, and also possibly a wraith to get in the lurker spot (we have a large party; 7 players), and thus I thought that the abilities a leader/controller usually give would play well with the other monsters. Especially the aura with the vampire spawn.

Just wanted some feedback on it being too overpowered/ underpowered. Need more abilitie? Or just feedback on the creature in general. Kinda new to creature creation in 4e.

Also, is there a thread already where people can post their creations for people to comment on? If not, maybe someone would make one. I wouldent want to post my creations everytime if I had to make a new thread, and I'm sure that people (including me) woulden't mind seeing what people come up with, and maybe even putting it in their games!

2008-08-19, 04:03 AM
Without having the books available, nor having read the Monsters Manual, I'm wondering about the Blood Frenzy - is that anywhere near comparable monster abilities at that level? I figure giving all allies a basic attack is pretty powerful - Commander's Strike gives a single ally an attack, if I understood some other discussion correctly, and there was talk about whether or not the Warlord would have to be in melee range of the target of the attack.

I don't know, just thought it sounded pretty powerful. Especially when you say the vamp spawn will enjoy the aura thing - that'd mean they'd try to stay in the aura, and they'd all be getting the blood frenzy bonus attack, since it has the same range?

Otherwise, I think the concept sounds pretty cool, good luck with the encounter :smallsmile: