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Guinea Anubis
2008-08-18, 06:22 AM
So my DM converted his 3.5 game to 4.0. In the 3.5 game I was playing a Dwarf Barbarian, but since there is no Barb class in 4.0 I was going to make him in to a melee Ranger.

The DM said we get to keep are gear and money. His 3.5 gear was two Dwarven Axes and a +1 Breastplate and nothing else worth noting. We are also "starting" at level 7.

We are also taking are 3.5 stat and just putting them on are 4.0 sheet. His stats are

Str. 17
Con 19
Dex 16
Wis 12
Int 9
Char 8

So what all do I need to do to make a smoother switch?

2008-08-18, 06:29 AM
To start with, 4e doesn't have dwarven waraxes or breastplates. The battleaxe has the same damage die as the waraxe, though, so that shouldn't be a problem. Chainmail would probably be the best thing to replace the breastplate with as it will only cost you one feat for proficiency.

2008-08-18, 06:59 AM
Alternatively, a switch to Hide Armor isn't a terrible idea, since you don't get Dex to 4e Heavy Armor. As a Ranger, you get to treat a 1-handed weapon as an off-hand weapon, so 2 Battleaxes is a good option (just call them Dwarven Waraxes, fluff them the same, though mechanically the same.) Dwarven Weapon Training is a good idea, too, as you're increase the damage with axes (always good, especially cause 3.5 Dwarven Waraxes did a slight bit more damage.)

Guinea Anubis
2008-08-18, 09:20 AM
Looking over the feats I picked out these.

Dwarven Weapon Training
Leathal Hunter
Two Weapon Defense
Quick Draw

2008-08-18, 09:24 AM
TWF is a prerequisite of TWD, rangers don't get the feat TWF for free.

Guinea Anubis
2008-08-18, 09:54 AM
Opps , I thought they did.

2008-08-18, 12:03 PM
They do, however, get toughness for free. Don't count out those wonderful extra HPS.

You might also consider taking the Fighter Multi-class feat and at level 8 getting the Utility power-swap feat. Fighters have many Barbarian-style Tough-as-hell Utility powers that rely on having high con.

2008-08-18, 01:05 PM
Ranger 7
Option: Melee Ranger

Build: Multiclass Fighter, with lots of area-damage.

0 Toughness (+5 HP)
1 Dwarven Weapon Training (+2 damage with your axes)
2 Student of Battle (Fighter Multiclass)
4 Encounter Power Swap (Come and Get it at level 7)
6 Two Weapon Fighting (+1 damage with main-hand weapon)
8 Utility Power Swap (Boundless Endurance)

At will: Twin Strike, Hit and Run
Encounter 1: Dire Wolverine Strike (Burst 1 melee attack 1[W]+Str)
Daily 1: Jaws of the Wolf (two 2[W]+Str attacks, half on miss)
Utility 2: Unbalancing Parry (when missed, slide enemy and gain CA, encounter)
Encounter 3: Disruptive Strike (When you or ally attacked, get a 1[W]+Str attack, and cause a -4 penalty to enemies attack roll)
Daily 5: Two-Wolf Pounce (complex)
Utility 6: Weave through the Fray (when someone moves adjacent to you, shift 1, encounter)
Encounter 7: Come and Get it (pull enemies within 3, then close burst 1 attack)

That will generate a nice bruiser. You'll suck enemies in, mark them, and burn encounter powers moving yourself into a better position after they attack you.

At level 8, you swap your level 2 utility for the Fighter "Boundless Endurance", granting 2+ConB regen while bloodied (daily, stance).

This generates a Berzerker who wants to run right into the middle of opponents. The rest of your party does matter, because if you have lots of defenders and controllers, this might not be ideal. :-)


Ask to switch your Breastplate to +1 Hide armor. Because Breastplates don't exist. If you want a justification, say that it was a Breastplate made out of the Shell of a Giant Turtle.

This should also work shockingly well with a controller.

Run in, mark someone, use your per-encounter fighter marking and +1 to hit, come and get it, burn an action point, dire wolvie strike. That's two 1[W]+Str attacks at +1 to hit on basically every creature in a 7x7 centered on you (but don't fill in the last gap).

They are also all marked.

On your turn, use Disruptive Strike to help keep yourself alive, and Weave Through the Fray if they try to cut you off. Then Hit and Run to get the hell out of dodge without being eaten by OAs.

Now, your controller blasts the nice packet of enemy troops you built up, and your defender runs in and marks all of these already half-dead enemies. (The leader probably tosses you a heal, because you are probably hurt at this point!)

The rest of the fight you continue on with Twin Strike (two attacks -- one at 1d10+3 the other at 1d10+2, +1d6 if you connect).

Note I skipped the improved hunter's quarry dice. It is only an average of +1 damage per round. TWF gives you +1 damage on your primary weapon (half as good on a Twin Strike, but way better on the Burst 1 attacks!).

2008-08-18, 07:43 PM
4 Encounter Power Swap (Come and Get it at level 7)

I don't follow...

2008-08-18, 07:46 PM
I don't follow...

You take the power swap feat at level 4 and retrain it to give you Come And Get It at level 7.

2008-08-19, 12:53 PM
Tactically, the above build is a "light tank" (can do a mass-marking for a single round every encounter), "medium controller" (two AOE damage powers, one of which moves opponents), and uses dailies and twin-strike powers for striking.

Hit And Run and the two Utility powers are there to boost survivability -- with the AOE melee damage and marking, you'll be beat up some. Or, at least, it will be somewhat optimal for people to try to beat you up. :-)

As an aside, will you get to use the original rolls, or will you use your current stats? At level 4 in 3e, you get +1 to one stat, while in 4e you get +1 to two stats. An extra point of strength would be tasty, and an extra point of constitution would be quite useful at level 8 when you get your daily regeneration power.