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2006-08-24, 01:47 AM

How's the dithering on the face? Does the gradient dithering look good? Critique/comments plz.

2006-08-24, 07:59 AM
I personally think it looks outstanding. 8) I will approach this as if I wanted 'critqued/comments' which means there is something that I can't quite put my finger on that I feel is missing/could be improved.

The jaw and cheek - very nice work but they seem to be the promonent features so my eye was draw there first. So I noticed what seemed to be a darker pixel than others at the bottom of the chin just under the left end of the mouth ~ again nothing major and hardly noticable. ;)

The other thing that caught 'my eye' was the 'eye'. The 'dithering' as you call it (I'm assuming this is shading) on the rest of the face is of such a quality that the eye appears flat in comparison. Wouldn't know how to 'fix' it, maybe some shading between the eye-brow and eye to set it in?

Don't get me wrong, as I mentioned it is an outstanding job IMHO as a non-artist. Just trying to be helpful.

EDIT: I have to re-iterate that if I just looked at it without you asking for a critique I would have immediately said 10/10. When someone asks for feedback ppl look with a VERY fine toothed comb. I would still give it 9.8-9.9 after doing so.
Guess I am trying to re-enforce that I am in no way being negative. It's so hard to convey emotion on a forum :-/ Sorry.

2006-08-24, 01:53 PM
Yeah. That why I'm waiting a thousand years for virtually simulated 'rooms' that you chat with virtual avatars.

Thanks for the advice. This definately is nothing compared to other pixel artist's work out there.