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2006-08-21, 10:03 PM
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I would like to request a peronal avatar that I will be using for awhile. Our Dm, is being sent overseas for the military and we are changing to a play by post in the shackled city game we are in...here is my characters background and his stats. IF you want to do some artwork outside of just a OotS avatar I'd be willing to pay because I love this character and will be playing him awhile. I appricate the effort for the one that does this avatar and give my thanks.

You see an astonishingly attractive and striking human standing around six feet tall and around two-hundred pounds but just as lofty is an enormous buster sword wrapped in fabric that is tied to his back along with his Hewards Handy Haverdsack. Wearing Full-plate and buckler with no helm you see a black haired man with red eyes and tan skin. Most notably are his red eyes that share a warmth and noble prestige about them united with the looks of a nymph. Wearing with pride a wooden holy symbol of Moradin, Archon has taken up the talents of a Divine Oracle in his travels using both his powers in divinity and his strengths in combat together. Little is known that Archon Phoenixtear shares a heart with the phoenix itself.

Race: Human(augmented, fire)
Class: Paladin/favored soul/divine oracle
Hair: Shoulder length black hair
Skin: Tanned
Eyes: Red
Clothing: Full-plate(no helm) buckler
Pose: Any

2006-08-21, 10:16 PM
(Post is also on request topic)...<Snip>

Guess I'll say it before Mod does, "Then that is where you should have left it :-/ " Sorry to be so abrupt, but an organized forum is so much easier to navagate. I'm relatively new, but don't believe most avatar drawers will make one until you have a few posts under your belt. Try PMing a few that you like there work. Just a suggestion. ;)