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2006-07-28, 07:42 AM
So I found this nifty website that has about 30 different templates to create your very own Bruce Timm style characters. For those not familiar with the style its what was used in all of the DCAU (that would be Batman: The Animated Series up through Justice League Unlimited).

The site is found here (http://members.fortunecity.com/hyperverse/templates/timmtemplates.html#).

Anyhoo I've bodged together this fellow as a quick attempt to create a character using the templates.



2006-07-28, 03:27 PM
Woah, that is way cool. He kinda looks like The Atom. I wish I had some artistic talent to create a superhero with that.

2006-07-30, 02:54 AM
You know he does rahter. I didn't even notice that.

2006-07-31, 10:03 PM
This probably the wrong place to put this but I am a noob.

I am wondering if someone could do something similar with the avatar bodies. Say one frontal and one turned for each sex? This would greatly help me out... If not an explanation of proportions for the head, body, legs etc. I have been using a certain comic as refrence but cant seem to get them just right.

BTW, if there is already such a thread or images please let me know ~ Thanks

2006-07-31, 11:39 PM
Ok, please let me know how these are. FWIW I am putting these here for anyone to use as they see fit. 8)



Let the fun begin! ;) :D