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2008-08-22, 08:19 PM
I have come to a realization over the last month or so: while I still believe that D&D 4E is a good system, I actually prefer 3.5, at least with my mountain of splatbooks. Probably a combination of more mechanics (I actually like that in a system, to some extent) and sheer nostalgia.

Anyway, as written above, I still think that 4E is a good system, and as such I'd like to import what I can from it. The most important target, I think, is the idea of the much-lauded page 42 of the 4E DMG, with the guidelines for improvised attacks.

I'd like your help creating similar guidelines for 3.5, levels 1-20.

I would appreciate it if anyone interested in helping out would use the following format:
Level Range:
Damage dice/bonuses:
Potential special effects:

For instance:
Level 1
Single Target
1d12+relevant ability modifier (usually Strength)
Tripping, creation of temporary cover, bull rushing, 1 round of Blindness

Level 5
Single Target
3d6+relevant ability modifier
Tripping, creation of temporary cover, disarming, bull rushing, 1 round of Blindness, damage to a specific limb (if applicable)

So, is anyone else interested?:smallsmile:

2008-08-22, 08:22 PM
This doesn't work. In 4E, these are better than at-wills but worse than encounter powers, damage-wise.
In 3E, the listing will either be better than the "at-will" (which is all many characters have) and they'll use it constantly, or it will be worse and they'll never use it (or, for spellcasters, it'll become their at-will).

2008-08-22, 08:48 PM
Well, I want them to use the options as much as possible, but for said options to be limited, so that they generally need to still use conventional tactics.

Ideally, some of them, pushing over a pillar, would be one-use-only, and the others would take a while to set up/get back in position, like the classic leaping from a chandelier to drop-kick somebody. Yet another sort, like throwing sand in your opponent's eyes, would do no damage, and/or only work once without the opponent getting an easy saving throw the next few times to avoid it.