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2008-08-23, 12:58 PM

This NPC I have created (my favorite argueably) is undergoing some renovation. He is a warlock/sorcerer guy that was at one point possessed by a fiend... and a longtime later both souls have "agreed" to work together in delicious evil harmony for mutual advantage.

The man is an elf with his own special abilities... but I am trying to give him some neat unique abilities to set him a teir above normal characters (he is my "helper/antagonistic" guy. He basically helps the PCs if they need it, but is otherwise a reoccuring obstacle) and I would like some powers that blend with his warlock fluff. so does anyone have any suggestions? thanks in advance :smallsmile:.

2008-08-23, 04:53 PM
The Fiend Folio had planar symbiotes (Fiendish Symbiote and the Ghastly Visage).

ECS and BoVD had possessed mechanics.

Tome of Horror had the Unholy Scion.

Tome of Magic has the Binders and Vestiges plus feats for non binders.

The Binder falls under the influence of the Vestiges mentally and physically in certain circumstance and actually bears a physical sign unless he fails to Suppress the Sign.

2008-08-23, 06:51 PM
What level are they? You might consider giving him certain spells as SLAs, but that might not actually be noticable unless he participates in multiple encounters in the same day and doesn't run out of a spell.
You could also give him an ability-draining aura, where every second round that he is nearby, he takes 1 point of a random ability score away from each player and adds it to his own, with the effect immediately wearing off when he leaves. It lets players know he's near and can be good for inducing a sense of urgency in players. Also makes him unfightable in a city, if you want to have some situations where they need to run and some where they need to fight him.