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black dragoon
2008-08-26, 10:35 AM
Alright for those of you who have ever seen the show outlaw star I will be slowly creating and implementing a set of rules for the incredibly awesome Caster guns. Which in this playgrounders eyes is one the best weapons ever thought of. so here we go!

Caster Guns
They been trading shots for nearly hour one bullet after another, Neither was going to able to keep this up much longer. He checked himself as he ducked behind cover. His standard revolver had been useless on this guy and he didn't have any a larger caliber handgun with him. He cursed as pulled out a massive single shot handgun from it's holster. Inscribed upon it's ornate barrel were glyphs and runes that helped to keep the thing from exploding in his face whenever he fired it. It was his last resort a weapon he'd gotten off an old war veteran from the tail end of the last days of the Deistahn Empire. He checked His ammo he had to F-8's and one C-3. He plunked the large blue C-3 cartridge into the breach and cocked the old weapon. A low hum filled the air as sections of the weapon began to spin and glow with arcane energy. He popped out from behind his cover and pulled the trigger. A blast chilling white energy exploded forth coating everything in the blast zone with rock hard ice. The gunman's foe stood frozen a look of terror still upon his face.

Caster Pistols

A general term for a class of caster weapons created to be fired at close range. Caster pistols vary in appearance based on their origin Most look like large ornate pistols that load only one shell at a time. Some however can look like metallic wands or other objects that can conceal a barrel and the other necessary components of a gun. Like all casters these weapons are fueled by arcane energy and cannot fire regular bullets that rely upon gunpowder for their motive force.

Caster Rifles-

Single shot long range weapons caster rifles use modified cartridges that have incredible power for their size. Caster rifles are rare designed to look like and normal rifles or staves these weapons always draw upon the life-force of the wielder to catalyze and trigger a cartidge for each power level on a cartridge a shot will draina point of Con. like the four. nine and thirteens do.

2008-08-26, 10:37 AM
Did somebody say Maximized Magic Missile Machine gun? Against an army of low-level mooks, 5 damage from every homing bullet is devastating.

black dragoon
2008-08-26, 10:41 AM
Auto casters would'nt work vary well there's a notable charge up time bewteen each shot. Primarily so they don't totally break the game that and logically it would take a few seconds to generate a fair amount of arcane energy prepackaged or not.

2008-08-26, 10:43 AM
What I'm saying is, you generate all the energy ahead of time and keep it in a buffer somewhere. Then fire it all off at once.

black dragoon
2008-08-26, 10:47 AM
Really an auto is'nt that appealing when you can just fire of a couple of the more powerful shells into a group and declare a fight over as they try to pick up their friends burnt remains. F-8's are fireballs as cast with maximized metamagic BTW.

black dragoon
2008-08-26, 11:04 AM
Caster Shells-
A caster shell or cartridge contains what is essentially a precast spell waiting for the proper catalyst to be fired. Shells come in numerous varieties that labeled according to their effect and power level. The highest power level of caster shells are the 4,9 and 13 series which provide expanded, maximized and breaking
effects to a shell. However, these shells come at price and cost life-force to use making them very rare and dangerous to fire.

Shell power levels-

zeros- utility shells these do normally non-damaging effects. F-0's for example are flare shells that launch a harmless but noticeable magical fire into the air.
Ones- Weakest offensive shells these can also be shells that hinder or slow targets. O-1's fire a mildly acidic goo that slows a target and deals some minor damage.
Twos- Shells imbued with accuracy effects such as true-strike or even effects that skew the opponents accuracy such fog spells. F-2's are simple force shots that carry true strike in them.
Threes- Decidedly more aggressive these shells carry boosted damage or combine damage types. F-3's when fired deal both slashing and bludgeoning
damage to a target.
Fours- A dangerous shell. Number fours typically are designed to take out spell-casters with ease. These shells are able to break through enchantments and penetrate magical armor. Sadly these shells are also fueled in part by the user's will and draw off their endurance leaving them fatigued and lose a point of Con. temporarily after a shot. F-4's are forces blasts that can easily cleave through most magical armor.
Fives- A spreader shell. These cartridges three separate blasts at once dealing less damage per hit but allowing for excellent crowd dispersal and group hits. S-5's are commonly used to take constructs and and walls more easily than just beating them to rubble.
Sixes- Straight damage shells. Sixes are used for pure destruction and mayhem as they create a cone effect. C-6's create cones of cold that can be used to give the wielder a terrain advantage as their enemies try to move on slick ice.
Sevens- Distance makers; Sevens are used to push an opponent away fast and deal more damage at close range. T-7's use a powerful gust of wind to throw an enemy to a more comfortable distance.
Eights- Powerful hitters, Eights are used by those looking to slow down their opponent during battle. Eights on a successful create a knee-level wave of energy that can cause an opponent to fall flat on their face.

Damage Types

F-Series- Created by powerful pyromancers, F-series shells have small pieces of the elemental plane of fire embedded within them. When fired An F-series releases a gout of flame that deals 1D8 Damage per power level. Zero-level F series can act as tracers or flares since they deal no damage and will stick to targets. A normal F-series shell is normally bright-red and warm to the touch
C-Series- Infused with pieces of elemental cold these shells when fired spew forth bone-chilling frost and numbing winds. A C-series only deals 1D4 cold damage per level however it always fires in a cone(10'/level) A five doubles this effect.
T-series Fueled by the power of elemental Air. These shells can create devastating gust of wind that hurl targets through the air. A standard T-series shell is bright green. A T-series deals 1D4 of Slashing damage/level and on a critical will knock a target back five'/ten damage. Sevens amplify this effect.
Po-Series- Shells imbued with positive energy. These casters were designed to take out undead more efficiently and also as a method of quick healing and prevention of 'friendly fire' to fellow soldiers. a PO-round does 1D8 /level. A zero-level Po-shell creates a glowing sphere of white light that will create the effects of a light spell as cast by first level spellcaster.
Ng-seriesImbued with Negative energy these shells are favored by necromancers an the undead for many of the same reasons as the Po-series is by the living. A Ng-shell deals 1D8 negative energy damage/level. A zero level Ng-shell creates a floating orb of utter darkness that causes many be at first confused mistaking it for a V-series.

2008-08-26, 01:56 PM
Cool take on spell guns.

Here's (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3203504&postcount=97) another one if you need some more ideas.

black dragoon
2008-08-26, 07:00 PM
Updated. Also, This shall play a part in the setting I'm working on. :smallwink:

2008-08-26, 07:02 PM
Did somebody say Maximized Magic Missile Machine gun? Against an army of low-level mooks, 5 damage from every homing bullet is devastating.
Why bother, that's what Fireball is for.

black dragoon
2008-08-26, 07:09 PM
Here-Here! (I think)
Just use a couple F-5's, or C-5's. Because seriously no one expects cold damage in the middle of summer.:smallbiggrin: