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Warcraft 2 was a great game... for its time. But enough of that, on to the conversions!


During the second war, the orcs were the exemplification of savagery. Spurred by inner demons, the horde pressed onwards throughout Azeroth, driving the humans off of their lands; lands upon which they had lived for countless generations. Indeed, the morale of the orcs was inextinguishable. By the 'second war', named so due to the period of calm between their violent incursions, the orcs had arrived in immense troll constructed fleets in wave after wave and tide after tide of utter darkness. Whatever brave hope might of seemed null before, the humans were now ready to meet these barbarians with the freshly woven might of a new alliance.

Troll Axe-thrower

A troll axe-thrower leap attacking an elven archer.
What ch'you wanna keep?

Size: Medium
Type: Humanoid
Hit Dice: 1HD (1d10; 5hp)
Initiative: +4
Speed: 30' (6 squares)
Armor Class: 14, 13
Base Attack/Grapple: +1/+3
Attack: Handaxe (1d6+2)
Full Attack: +4/+4/+4 (thrown), +1/+1 (melee)
Space/Reach: Adjacent (melee), 10' (thrown)
Special Attacks: Rapid Throw (feat)
Special Qualities: Axethrower (regional), fast healing 1 (at 3HD or more; only at rest), Fast Healing 1/regeneration 1 (at 6HD or more; in combat), Fast Healing +1 (every 6 HD beyond 3HD or more; at rest), Fast Healing +1 (in combat; every 6HD beyond 6HD or more)
Saves: Fort +1, Ref +4, Will -3
Abilities: Str 14, Dex 18, Con 8, Int 12, Wis 4, Cha 8
Skills: Tumble (4 ranks), Jump (4 ranks), Intimidate (4 ranks)
Feats: Two Weapon Fighting, Axethrower (regional), Point Blank Shot, Rapid Throw, Quick Draw
Environment: Forested, Other (wartime)
Organization: Orcish Horde (forest troll soldiers assist any clan), Any Forest Troll Tribe (measured in hundreds or thousands)
Challenge Rating: 1
Treasure: Standard
Alignment: C/N (or C/E, depending)
Advancement: 50xp (PC levels)
Level Adjustment: 0


Unique to tribal life, while most Forest Troll leaders are often the most intelligent, the warriors have instead relied on intimidation to battle amongst other tribes; even today, the tribes still fight amongst one another, though each posseses discrete knowledge of the other and has as such relied on intimidation, whether to jeer one or the other into conflict or to convince them to back down. As such, all forest trolls have adjusted to this conduct. Despite this form of social culture, tribal violence is still quite rife.


Forest Trolls (particularly axe throwers) will usually swing as many axes as they can at their opponents, whether through the air, or directly. In melee, even upon running out of axes, their love of cruelty brought on by tribal life will bring them to grapple their opponents in melee. Usually, they will only back down if ordered to by one of their own or by an officer if during the second war.

The berserkers will fly into rages born of some odd ideology with the raw goal of ripping PC's to giblets, whether at range or up close (as they are less known to grapple). Berserkers also rely more on potions (likely because they are in possession of them) than other forest troll warriors.

Forest Trolls as a racial template

Forest trolls are unique, similar to how most families of troll are in Azeroth. Unlike their distant genetic cousins (the swamp troll; may or may not live in Azeroth), this family of troll do not favor isolation. Instead, they live among tribes, preferring civilization (if it's their own), often crude humor, and even their own special flavor of art, unique to forest life. Nonetheless, the tribal life of the forest troll has made them particularly savage and racist. They hate humans, elves, dwarves and nearly any other race that even comes close to their borders. Perhaps one of the few reasons why they struck an alliance with the orcs was so that they could hopefully find a way to overwhelm their neighbors, the elves. Unfortunately, like all trolls in Azeroth, forest trolls are often arrogant by nature.

- The stats for the listed NPC (prior to racial adjustments) were as follows: Str 12, Dex 16, Con 8, Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 10
- The listed NPC's class was fighter

- Forest Trolls have +2 Str, +2 Dex, +2 Int, -4 Wis, and -2 Cha
- Forest Trolls have darkvision 30'
- -2 fire resistance/HD (+2 to damage taken from burns and fire per hit die); the skin of a forest troll is rubbery but durable, although recovering from severe burns is troublesome as, while not as painful in the same sense as that of a human suffering a burn, the forest troll still suffers great bodily harm as flames naturally don't mix well with uncompromising skin
- Forest Trolls are always size medium, however they may temporarily stretch their appendages (increase vertical/horizontal reach by up to '2; still qualifies as size medium; 'stretching' usually implies taking ten seconds to one minute)
- +2 to intimidate checks (a Forest Troll is adjusted to the tribal life of 'social formalities')
- Forest Trolls receive a progression of fast healing that starts at 1 at 3HD and increases by 1 for every 6HD thereafter; however this racial attribute only takes affect when the troll is at rest
- Forest Trolls also recieve a fast healing progression of 1 that starts at 6HD and increases by 1 for every 6HD thereafter; this racial attribute applies to combat
- A Forest Troll is crafty, the warrior may often know alone that they must train in a wide array of weaponry if they are to master the art of war in the individual; a Forest Troll may choose one exotic weapon and gain proficiency with it
- Favored Class: Any (except wizard, sorceror, knight, paladin, warlock, prestige classes, etc.; anything iterwoven with magic, though forest trolls still generally favor magic in other ways that are less 'academic' with such classes as druid, shaman, cleric, truthsayer, etc.)


DC 10: This is a forest troll; a savage humanoid that has been known to organize itself in tribes.
DC 20: Forest trolls are known to possess a code of tribal conduct. Fooling one may prove easy initially, however these trolls are oddly quick thinkers; much more so than orcs. These trolls have been known to utilize all kinds of weaponry, however the axe is a favorite among the ethnic due to its raw power when combined with the laws of gravitational forces (or physics, depending on how science is viewed and setting).
DC 30: List tribe of origin and from that discern possible motivation in the second war if any.

Plot Hook/Story if any

In the second war, the quick cunning of the forest trolls earned them a major knack in the all out industrial war machine for the horde; the trolls had earned great authority over the construction of the warships very necessary to supplement the horde fleets.

Playing a Forest Troll

- You might have a taste for crude humor, spurring from your own tribe
- Your emotions, while often intense, aren't revealed in the same way as otherwise 'human' emotions
- You may become very angry over simple formalities of conduct, whether social or otherwise
- Socially you may be lax, or occupying of a conversation, often depending on what you mostly think of the circumstances (mostly resulting from tribal life)

Forest Trolls having adjusted to other environments

- Forest Trolls still retain their base behaviors, however having adjusted to another environment, they may exhibit newly acquired oddities (such as that of urban life), although they still retain the usual social strains that others of other races may find hard to relate to (the Forest Troll will converse easily with close friends however; close friends are always treated with high regard in forest troll societies and communities alike)
- Forest trolls still favor whatever weapon gets the job done (if they are of martial class; particularly weapons that get the job done exceptionally), and usually will pursue intellectual endeavors if their ego 'tells them' that it is worth its weight

Forest Troll Berserker

Vegeance for Zuld'jinn!

Alright! You the boss!

As prior NPC, but instead give Forest Troll Berserker (example) 6HD, levels in barbarian and fighter (or warrior; distributed evenly), as well as the feats far throw, precise throw and many throw (as well as improved two weapon fighting, depending on level distribution). Additionally, some stats may or may not augment themselves over others (lose Str for the benefit of Con; optional).

Forest Troll Berserkers are particularly vicious fighters, able to recover rapidly and fly into savage rages of pure cruelty on the battlefield.

Mad Healing(ex)
I heal bit fast'a when tha' rage haz bin overtakin' me mon!
Prerequisites: BAB +6, Barbarian Rage, Fast Healing, Con 10

When raging, your fast healing doubles.

Rapid Fury(ex)
Yeaaa.... hehehehehe!!!
Prequisites: BAB +6, Barbarian Rage, Con 12, potion assisted augmentation

With aid from a potion assisted augmentation (custom; at GM discretion, created with craft(alchemy) check at GM discretion), you can add up to one additional attack with each point of strength-based attack bonus, granted from barbarian rage. The penalty of this is that only barbarian rage grants you strength bonuses to-hit and damage: your base strength for these additional attacks is null.


Rapid Fury can also be presented in the form of a variant for the barbarian at first level in place of barbarian rage.

Rapid Fury(ex)
Prerequisites: Barbarian Rage, BAB +1, Con 12, potion assisted augmentation

Replace barbarian rage with 'rapid fury' at first level of barbarian. This variant of Rapid Fury grants an additional attack for every point of strength-based attack bonus that your character has (ie. 18 strength might equal 4 additional non-strength assisted attacks (no Str bonus to attack or damage whatsoever) on a full attack, or partially, while raging). Treat as barbarian rage, but without stat benefits (morale based will save bonuses still apply however).

That's all for now. Feel free to criticize or add anything, to the list (I'm bored for now). Include new feats or classes if necessary.

The theme of this conversion is warcraft 2, so I intend to try to keep it that way.

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I got axe for you!

Say hello to my little friend!

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Any more input?

I based the template of forest trolls off of the ideas generally presented in the original warcraft series (not WoW mind you). Trolls being that they are often presented as very individualistic despite their conformist culture (in many cases, the parents must convince the child to listen to them, having very little influence over the child's life). Despite their cunning and the fact that they could dominate the world through sheer thought capacity and numbers, they are stricken by infighting.

They are essentially an even brattier, more cunning, arguably more violent version of humans. :smallbiggrin:

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Um, I like it. However, you are aware there is a Warcraft d20 system, right? It'd probably help give you the foundation of the stat blocks.


Zeta Kai
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Um, I like it. However, you are aware there is a Warcraft d20 system, right?

Yeah, there's 2 of them, actually. One is called D&D 4th Edition. :smallbiggrin:

Oooh, sick burn!

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You sir, are hilarious. :smallbiggrin:

However, I wasn't really referencing THAT d20. :smalltongue:


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Ah well, this gives people the chance to include warcraft trolls in their 3.5 games (imo, the troll families are a unique race of their own, since they're completely different from the ugly swamp trolls who can reattach limbs, etc.).

Yeah, there's 2 of them, actually.

Don't forget the 'world of warcraft' d20, which is completely different from the other, older one (if only by name).

BTW, is their stats on Sargeras? :smallbiggrin: