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2008-08-27, 10:23 PM
After reading Dante's Inferno and some Hellblazer comics, I've become inspired to write a campaign that takes the player character's through the lower planes, emphasizing the 9 layers of Hell. Not exactly a hack-n-slash through endless evil, more like a journey with no certain outcome. The motiff being despair. I kind of had this idea that there wouldn't be any black and white choices to make, more like black and red...:smallamused: Kind of like an Odyssey on the River Styx, where the PC's can't fight their way through every encounter and may even ally with devils not only to survive but to overcome an even greater evil (because devils are always looking for promotion).

I've been thinking of different motivations for the characters to enter Hell. During their last adventure their paladin was killed by drow, and they only survived that encounter because the rogue bargained with the drow leader for mercy by offering him a mysterious horn carved with fiendish runes. It has unspecified evil powers, like causing dead flesh to twitch when brought in close proximity. Since none of my players took a drink from the horn, I never decided on what it actually did.

I have the Book of Vile Darkness and the Fiendish Codex II. Can you think of any other books that may be useful?

Any creative ideas would be helpful too. I know I haven't given you much to work with, I just wondered what everyone thought.

black dragoon
2008-08-27, 10:42 PM
Read some planescape. Despair isn't really the pit's shcitck take them through Hades, Gehhena Someplace they won't expect. Google Planewalker and it should give pretty good resources either way.

2008-08-27, 11:04 PM
Planescape PDFs:

Hellbound the Bloodwar box set probably the best value to utility.

Planes of Law box set could be useful

Well of Worlds interesting adventure for bringing the PCs to Avernus.