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2008-08-28, 01:27 AM
I'm going to Dragon*Con in about 12 hours and my friends and I were looking over the program when suddenly one thing caught our eye; a cheese match. Basically it's a level 14 dungeon crawl where the GM asks that you bring your most broken, abusive, godlike character to the table and see how long you can last. awards are given out for a) most rooms survived, b) most time clocked at the table, c) overall best build. Now I'm not an optimization king like many playgrounders are, but I know basics (Pun-Pun, the Optificer, DMM, etc). If presented with the challenge above with any and all resources at your disposal what monstrosity could you make to cause the DM expecting it to cry?

Ability Scores: It didn't say anything so I'll assume the basic allotment.
Races: Any book, eratta or Dungeon/Dragon magazine
Classes: See above
Equipment: By Level
Other: I'd expect a Pun-Pun or two, so if there's a good build that doesn't rely on loose rules interpretations or specialty content, it would be preferred. If I get a good suggestion I was going to name the character The Giant or <Name> of The Playground.

Thanks just for looking, and again for any suggestions.

2008-08-28, 01:37 AM
So many builds through the post in this link it's sick (http://forums.gleemax.com/showthread.php?t=482636).

2008-08-28, 01:37 AM
Something quick and simple a Human Beguiler using the Precocious Apprentice Trick at first level and taking 2 Flaws for extra bonus feats.

Interestingly because of the PRCs any race without LA can pursue the build while adhering to multiclassing rules. With LA buy down a template like Dark creature could be taken already paid down for a solo and Hiding in Plain Sight Embracing the Dark Chaos could provide Darkvision to an Elf the most commonly used race. Binder gives a lot of options including a decent Diplomancer.

Binder -1 using the feat trick to qualify for Anima Mage

Anima Mage - 3 [This can be exchanged for Binder -2, Beguiler -3 or other mix to personal taste to save feats and skirt any legality issues]

Ur Priest -2

MT - 7

Level 9 divine spellcasting at L14. Beguiler spellcasting at L11 for fifth level spontaneous spells well over a 100 in light armor without ASF.

The only real flaw is it is based on 2 feat tricks for early entry and avoiding multiclassing racial penalty rule restrictions. Using an Elf F-1 could abuse the Embrace the Dark Chaos for 8 Feats as per the SRD F having 4 convertible feats (Armor and Shield Proficiencies are Not class specials they are actually feats).

Missing Binder -2 Suppress Vestige special which is less of an issue in a one shot.

Craft Wondrous Item feat would allow increasing Suggested Wealth by Level.

Divine Meta Magic cheese.

Candles of Invocation and Paladins obtaining Wishes through 3rd parties with a strange DM ....... Hmmmmmm..........Sounds like fun for the DM/GM:smallsmile:

2008-08-28, 01:38 AM
Pun-Pun? Seriously? The dungeon crawl loses. Automatically.

2008-08-28, 01:41 AM
Thanks Edea. I was hoping for a link like that. Now I have something to look over in the hotel room tomorrow.:smallbiggrin: