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Dr Bwaa
2008-08-28, 07:49 PM
So I've started my first PbP DMing experience (here (http://www.myth-weavers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=10603), if you care), and one of the things I realized that I like about PbP is that, as the DM, it gives me loads of time to think of stuff and write out everything, and give detail to the things I want to detail. Another thing that this excess of time lends itself to, apparently, is a desire, at least for me, to create OOC illustrations of things the players are doing. Has anyone else done things like this?

First one: long story short, the PC is rescuing a baby :)
Version One
Version Two

Second one: the NE rogue, while looting a burning town, stumbled upon a burning building full of caged woodland critters, and I quote "he may be evil, but he wasn't that evil." So he freed them all, at the cost of 3HP!

2008-08-28, 08:08 PM
The second baby one is hilarious. ^^

Has anyone else done things like this?

I, um, I kinda do something like that. :smalltongue:

Whenever I'm in a campaign, I tend to draw any scene or bit of conversation that amused me in sketchy comics. I posted this batch (http://www.shazzbaa.foskie.com/shazztemplate.php?image=/sketch/DND_SC.jpg) (these start out messy, 'cause the campaign's been running for a while, but they get better) and this other batch (http://www.shazzbaa.foskie.com/shazztemplate.php?image=/sketch/DND_JC.jpg) over on the Arts and Crafts showcase, but they seem somewhat relevant here. ^^;

2008-08-28, 09:22 PM
Great stuff, Shazzbaa.

I did a few of these for a year-long Eberron campaign that recently ended. One reason was the DM's switch to 4e:


Dr Bwaa
2008-08-28, 09:26 PM
Great stuff, Shazzbaa.

I did a few of these for a year-long Eberron campaign that recently ended. One reason was the DM's switch to 4e:


That's awesome!

2008-08-28, 10:28 PM
I had a player who was inspired to write short stories (like back-stories except beyond the beginning of the game).

To each their own artistic craft.

2008-08-28, 10:33 PM
I have quite a few 3d drawings of space ships in google sketchup, a lot of which have either been blown up, bought, or stolen by my players in my various sci fi games(if its blown up its probably the black ops game, if its bought its probably the techno-fantasy game that we finished recently, and if its stolen, is probably also the black ops game. Four blown up ships, one bought ship, and 2 stolen ships by the end of the first session). A few futuristic guns too. And three robots, but they all suck.

2008-08-28, 11:44 PM
I draw pages upon pages of stuff from my games. It's rather a lot of fun. One of these days I'm gonna scan a bunch of it...

In the meantime, I've been asking avatarists here to make me some OotS-themed art of NPCs and whatnot from my games.

2008-08-29, 12:37 AM
One of my players (A very talanted artist) has been drawing everyone's character for our upcoming Nobilis game. The results have been inpressive, to say the least.

Divinya Cuvier, the Power of Space:


Jay Mobius, the Power of Forces:


I'll post the others as she finishes. Upcoming are the powers of Thought, Stories, and Time, as well as the Excrucian villians. ;)

2008-08-29, 01:13 AM
I sometimes try to draw stuff, but it doesn't go very well. My art abilities never progressed much beyond stick figures.

2008-08-29, 07:34 AM
Thanks, Venerable! And I'm entertained by the image. ^^

TakeV, those are mad cool. I wanna see the others when they get done!

My fellow players have commissioned me to do a proper, full-colour image of our four-person party, so I'll probably be posting that in the D&D Doodles (strangely enough) when I'm done. :smalltongue:

I also have a GM at art college who's an architecture major, so all of our maps for that game are profesionally drawn out on AutoCad and printed up off of the architecture building's plotting machine (which means we sometimes get huge roll-out-type maps if we're in a big city). The guy applies all his knowledge of good urban design to make completely and utterly detailed maps of every town, city, and ruin we visit. It's pretty ridiculous, but also pretty awesome.

2008-08-29, 08:19 AM
The results have been impressive, to say the least.

You can say that again.


(hides in a corner)

2008-08-29, 08:35 AM
We have a player who gladly draws a sketch of every character in the party.

Our long gone Warcraft RPG party:
Top Row: Pandaren Fighter/Exotic Weapon Master (Mojo Firebelly, me), Troll Ranger/Primal, Orc Barbarian/Beastmaster
Middle: Scout/Gunslinger (or Sniper, can't really remember the name of the class)
Bottom: Dwarf Fighter/Avatar

Our long lasting Faerun campaign party:

Left to Right: Fighter/Order of the Bow Initiate (Dorn Evenwood, if I recall), Rogue/Shadow Thief (Dashel Kaleid, me), Barbarian, Cleric/Eye of Horus-Re, Warmage (Mao Ce Tung). Can't remember the names of the rest of them, they died and got replaced...

Soon to come - our Savage Tide and Shackled City parties!

2008-08-29, 08:27 PM
I've a whole bunch of sketches of characters who appear in my campaign, including the PCs. Unfortunately, this is the only one I've scanned so far:

Milica Illancet (deceased). Fighter 3/Swashbuckler 3 at the time of death. Had a habit of stabbing hobgoblins in the groin (and critting. :smalleek: )
This picture was supposed to be what she'd look like at high levels, with elven chainmail and all.

She died because the player had to quit (failing grades et al), and we decided to give her a heroic exit, throwing herself at the warblade/blackguard boss, getting plotstabbed, and dying in her would-be love interest's the paladin's arms.

She was supposed to come back as a vampire in a later high-level adventure, but since the campaign is set to end this coming February, we won't progress enough to get to that point.