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2008-08-31, 06:15 PM
Great Patriarch
level 21 in any class. An attribute score of 27 in any stat.

Level 21 Epic Feat: The Patriarch may found an order after themselves. NPCs who join it become more like the PC. The PC receives a +10 leadership score. The leader ship scores are multiplied x10. All NPCs receive a +2 attribute to any score the PC has a 27 or more in. The Patriarch receives taxes or donations through the Order equal to 10% of gold appropriate for his class level each week.

Level 24 Epic Feat: The Patriarch receives a +6 bonus to Charisma, and a +6 in any attribute that is his class'es main stat. The members of the PC's Order of half his level or less are all under a geas effect when given orders. At level 24 and afterwards he gains a level in any class he doesn't have until level 30.
(Maximum 6, unless you have levels above 30 house ruled.)

Level 27 Epic Feat: The Patriarch receives the commendation of a major established organization of political, religious or otherwise nature. This causes him to receive gold equal to his appropriate level per month. If this is too troublesome to make sense In-character, assume that the character is rewarded each month from a variety of different sources. Perhaps a member of the PC's order is a rich aristocrat, or is a relative of one.

Level 30 Epic Feat: The Patriarch becomes a Cosmological figure of either his class, domain(if a cleric), character race, alignment, or even ability score. If Unaligned, and wishing to be Chosen by an Unalignment, the Patriarch instead becomes a creature of great power by attracting the attention of an Unaligned power. DM options might even allow the Patriarch to become a Chosen One of a weapon, the Demi Spell, as the Archmage level 30 ability, or even a fledgling god, as if a Demi god. At Level 30, the Patriarch even has a representative champion of the 21st level as his main servant on the Material Plane taking care of his Great Order. The Great Order is now known as an essential and absolutely prominent organization in the Campaign World.

Zeta Kai
2008-08-31, 07:26 PM
Can we assume that this is for 4E? It's not entirely clear. Perhaps a tag in the title would be helpful.

2008-08-31, 07:29 PM
It looks 3.5 to me, and epic destinyes have already been made by wizards for 3.5 BTW.