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2008-09-01, 10:07 AM
This is a thread about TPB, or "Total Party Breakdown", as my group now calls it. Has anyone here had a situation that made a paladin cry?

My party was desperatly trying to find a certain npc by calling out his name. They couldn't find him, although there were several other people in the city that shared a name with this npc and pestered the party by asking if it were them. The party was getting visibly upset, and their calls became more frantic. The town guard was following them but could tell that they weren't any trouble. Finally, they learn where the npc might be, run there, and learn it was in fact another person who had the same name as the npc. This causes the party to break down, out of game in laughter, and in game into tears and sobs. Once they finally found the npc the exchange went as follows: true strike + full power attack. We've never laughed so hard.

2008-09-01, 10:12 AM
I see your party has a Belkar-style tracker.

2008-09-01, 10:14 AM
Hahaha actually we do have a ranger (if only he was a halfling). He might have a rank in survival but he sure didn't use it.

2008-09-01, 10:15 AM
The DM seems insane to let the players go through that. Although I am happy that the players enjoyed it, chances are big that when the characters have to endure something lame and tiresome as this the players will stop having fun.

I once had a gnome bard with a summoning instrument that summoned a rat swarm and my DM everytime killed the rat swarm immediately as some kind of deus ex machina in a very funny random way, such as a sudden group of knights suddenly rides by and rides over the rats and killing them instantly. I enjoyed it and it was fun, even though it really was quite lame, he just didn't like my rats.

Lycan 01
2008-09-01, 10:33 AM
Saturday saw a Total Party Breakdown like no other. It was not the funny type... We were playing Call of Cthulhu, and the players had just finished their mission. No casualties, very well done... I was just about to begin the epilogue when suddenly, one of the players whispered something in my ear. His character was a WWI vet with PTSD, and he wanted to have a flashback. I considered the situation... he'd just seen 4 aliens get machine gunned into paste... so I figured it was okay.

He then plants a knife into the architect of the previously described carnage. Everyone starts laughing, except for the player who gets attacked. He gets pissed and rips up his character sheet... (I was going to say it was all a hallucination, but that screwed up any chances of his character living...) Anyway... the tommy-gun weilding samurai (no, seriously. Bushido Joe... he worked for the Mafia... It was the only way my best friend would play... Which is why I didn't lament him tearing up the sheet. :smallbiggrin:) did not take this sitting down. Ignoring the blade in his shoulder, he emptied a 50-round drum at the attacker, who managed to get some luck and dodge rolls, and hid behind a tree.

Everyone ran for their friggin' lives at this point. The other four players all took off. The two male players ran back to their broken down car, fixed it up ASAP, and drove back to town. They left behind the two female players, who had to hoof it back to civilization by themselves. Meanwhile, Bushido Joe dodged a headshot - barely - and then attempted a Banzai Charge with his katana. The WWI vet did a dodge roll, ducked beneath the katana, and then did a shotgun roll. He got a crit, and the other player failed (or forgot to do) his dodge roll.

The WWI vet smashed the barrel into the samurai's stomach, lifted him up off the ground, and fired both barrels at point blank. The other player's face twisted with rage as I described how the trauma split his character in half... A few of the players actually got up and walked to other parts of the living room in order to get away from what was about to happen.

I spent the rest of the day consoling my best friend, and trying to patch things up between him and the other player. And sadly, the other player was a noobie, and my college roommate who'd wished to make a good impression on my friends, no less...

I have to admit though, it was friggin' awesome that Bushido Joe got blown in half by a psychotic WWI vet who was as much a joke character as he was. XD

2008-09-01, 04:02 PM
Though totally unsuitable for a CoC campaign, Bushido Joe sounds like an awesome character for a less serious campaign.

Lycan 01
2008-09-01, 05:15 PM
Bushido Joe was the son of a Japanese immigrant. His father had been a samurai, and he decided to follow Bushido as his father had done. His father had also been friends with an American businessman, who ended up being a Mafia boss. Said mob boss visited Japan several times, and eventually had a daughter with a woman he met there. The daughter was another player in the game.

Through some serious RPing and deep though, Bushido Joe and the girl were childhood friends, and he was eventually hired as her bodyguard by her father, who knew he could trust him.

Also worth noting, Bushido Joe was his mob name. His real name was Matsumoto Hiyame or something like that...

Also, the girls player was absent from this game, and was quite pissed when she found out what happened...

So yes, he actually did make some sense.

(And it was just awesome when he walked over to a wounded Mi-Go, grabbed it by the throat, and plunged his katana down its back while screaming in Japanese. It was also awesome when he machine gunned a handfull of Mi-Go with a full 50 round burst from his tommy gun, killing them all and stopping them from summoning Ithiqua just in the nick of time. {he died shortly thereafter, as the machine gun fire caused the PTSD dude to snap...} Bushido Joe... he may have been a bad character, but he was a hero...)