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2008-09-01, 10:25 PM
I've found when I read threads on here about other posters' characters that I find bits and pieces I want to scavange for my own. So I thought this might be a fun thread. Who are you playing right now?

I'll start the ball rolling, as I have two characters.

I play in a 3.5 game as a CN Beguiler. He's kind of a self-centered hedonist, but not without reason. He's spent most of his adult life running from undead assassins, so he tends to live most days like he's going to be caught by them at any given time. Eventually, this guy is going to deal with his demons (literally AND figuratively) and learn how to care about others. And if that sounds like a god-awful cliche, well, this is only my third character ever. You should get to play a cliche at least once.

I also play a 4e game, which isn't quite as serious. I'm a Bahamut worshiping human cleric who rescued some orc mook from a bunch of kobolds and now he worships the ground I walk on . . . that's about all there is to that character. Like I said, not a terribly serious game. I'll probably try to push the "retribution" angle to his character if we get to do much RP.

So what is everyone else playing right now?

2008-09-01, 10:45 PM
noone right now. its going to be my first time dming the next time my group meets!

2008-09-01, 10:50 PM
For the 4e game I'm participating in:

Appearance: Tall and lithe, Sslithrakkuel (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheets/view.php?id=73546) (hereafter Rak) is otherwise of average appearance for his race. He bears a few minor scars, remnants of various conflicts during his military career, but none are especially prominant. Another indication of his military service, along his biceps and on his chest are several coded Githyanki glyphs - equivalent to name, rank, and serial number.

Rak has the yellowish skin tone and red-orange hair typical of his kind. He wears his hair close-cropped to his scalp. He has gray-black eyes.

Background: Rak started his adventuring carreer as a happy member of his cadre, an elite team of 'troubleshooters' charged with laying waste to those who stood before the obvious superiority of the githyanki colonization forces. Ever curious about powerful magic acquired from sources other than his pact with forces beyond the night sky, Rak dabbled in wizardry and took every opportunity upon a successful mission to raid libraries and other storehouses of knowledge.

However, while studying the various histories, and delving into knowledge of the arcane, Rak came to a horrible revelation - the Lich Queen of the githyanki, Vlaakith, may actually be an alhoon (mind flayer lich)! It made perfect sense that a mind flayer would try to re-establish mastery over the githyanki, and who better to do so secretly than an exiled, ageless, master-magician of their kind? Hating its own kind for banishing it and feeling no desire to rejoin with the collective, an alhoon would not hesitate in maintaining and enforcing the long-standing githyanki doctrine of destruction for all mind flayers.

Understanding that none of his cadre would ever believe him, Rak has fled the Astral Sea for fear of being killed outright or, worse, brought before the Lich Queen herself in order to be punished for treason. In Rak's mind, it would be a most horrible waste of his wonderful brain to end up as a snack for such a hateful creature!

Seeking to overthrow the tyrant, Rak will stop at almost nothing to obtain the power he'll need in order to one-day free his race from the Lich Queen's tyranny. However, he has yet to devise a workable plan for his eventual triumphant return to the Astral Sea, the destruction of Vlaakith, and the liberation of the githyanki from their thousand-year enslavement to an enemy. Perhaps if he can find helpful, but expendable, minions among the lesser races...

After stowing away aboard a githyanki Astral skiff, Rak has traded away most of his worldly possessions in order to buy safe and secret passage to the Middle World, including a number of rare texts. Though it pained him to part with his prized collection, he knew it to be a small suffering compared to that his fellows would inflict upon him were he to be discovered.

Personality: Rak has a fascination for knowledge, particularly the arcane arts and for history, and he likes to collect books. When not on active duty, Rak can usually be found either in his lodging reading or poking about antique shops looking for rare, forgotten books of knowledge. As a result, Rak is quickly learning much of the local lore - along with all its subtleties and intrigues.

Though as racist as other members of his race, Rak is not xenophobic and he looks forward to meeting superb members of other races that have managed to overcome the innate inferiority of their kind. He loathes illithids as much as any gith, though. Though he sees them as backwards and misguided, Rak would like to see a reunion of the githyanki and their cousins the githzerei, but knows that Vlaakith will have to be dealt with first.

For the Cthulhu PbP over at Myth-Weavers:
Appearance: Jacob Green (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheets/view.php?id=73090) is a somewhat lanky, 6-ft. tall man in his mid-twenties. He is clean-shaven with blue eyes and dark auburn hair. He typically wears Hawaiian shirts and jean shorts, whether on or off the job. He also tends to wear leather, steel-toed work boots - partially for comfort and 'ankle support,' partially to protect his feet from the 'occupational hazards' of working directly with traumatized and troubled teenagers who sometimes need to be physically restrained to keep from hurting themselves or others.

Background: Jacob grew up in a fairly typical small town in the rural Midwestern United States. In high school he had a fondness for the arts, particularly sculpture and pottery, but his true love was sociology. After high school, he went to college and earned a B.A. in general sociology and continued to obtain a Masters in Social Work. Although it's not his first choice of jobs, he is currently employed at a residential treatment center, classified as a PMIC facility, for traumatized teenagers.
Although unmarried and not the most attractive of men, Jacob has been involved in an on-and-off fling with one of the other counselors at the facility, Heather. The relationship hasn't, so-far, developed into anything serious.
Finding himself in a bit of a lull in his case work, Jacob has decided to put in for some much-needed extended vacation time from work to visit an old college buddy in Springmount. He figures it's a great time to get out and see some sights down south before the summer's work load picks up.

Personality: Jacob comes across as a friendly, down-to-earth, work-oriented young man with a caring soul. Jacob has a fondness for statistics, particulary census figures, but is unwilling to relocate in order to work for agencies like the Census Bureau, so he remains in Indiana and subscribes to various sociological journals and frequently checks census websites. He enjoys taking surveys and has signed up for a number of them to be delivered to his home via mail or arrive in his e-mail. He also loves making and viewing artwork and has a potter's wheel in the duplex he's currently renting. At work, he plays things by-the-book, being very concerned about quality and efficacy of care for the resident population. Concerned that his relationship with his co-worker may affect his interactions with the teens in his care, Jacob tries to keep a different work schedule than Heather, though this has caused a bit of strain on their relationship.

2008-09-01, 10:51 PM
I'm currently playing in a D&D 3.5 game, where the party needed a healer.

Enter Chaka Khan. (Yes, the game doesn't take itself too seriously)

He's a Wood Elf Spirit Shaman, who has a badger spirit guide that he talks to constantly. Of course, no-one else can see it as it exists only as a figment of his imagination, and the rest of the party has decided that he's completely insane.

Which, of course, he is. For goodness sake, the class features all focus around the fact that he has a spirit guide that doesn't exist that grants him spells and other mystical powers.

Add to that the fact that I took the Spirit Sense feat from Heroes of Horror, so not only do I talk to a badger that no-one else can see, but I also talk to dead people that no-one else can see or hear.

It does have the upside that we no longer need to capture prisoners alive to interogate them though.

The New Bruceski
2008-09-01, 10:55 PM
I play a 4e Sword/Board Fighter. Started out as in enforcer for a low-evil crime syndicate, then a new guy took over with more brutal tactics (collateral damage, torture over a clean hit, etc) so he got out, planning to make enough adventuring to try and buy the guy into stepping down. Since then he's started training with a pit fighter to learn to spot traps/ambushes better and also picking up some tricks to throw an enemy off balance for a few seconds (fluff for a multiclass of Ranger).

2008-09-01, 11:02 PM
Currently, I have two active and one inactive character.

My first (and biggest) active character is a Dwarven Paladin. He, at first glance, is a stereotypical dwarf: gruff, unfriendly, and distrustful of non-dwarves. However, he is the survivor of a genocide targeting his kingdom, of which he was the crown prince. He's full of regret, and thinks that he (a half-duergar), being a bastard child of two enemies, was the cause of his people's extinction, as his birth eventually lead to the human war-machine knocking at his people's front door. A martyr at heart, he would readily die for the cause he believes in: defeating the human tyrant that slaughtered his people.

My second character is not as deep, but about twice as amusing. An elven ranger, he's a veteran of a devastating war between elves and undead, which lead to a stalemate that overall caused more hurt for the good guys. He was sent to find a new homeland for his people, and ran into his party. His party consists of a Halfling rogue womanizer, a kobold swordsage with an inferiority complex, if you get my meaning, and an array of NPC stereotypes and counter-stereotypes. Being the straight man, he is generally emotionally abused on every level, to the point where he has become a hateful shell who's favorite weapon is a brick he beats his opponents with until he can no longer hear their cries for mercy. No longer caring about his alignment (it was chaotic good at some point), he will kill whoever threatens him in disturbing ways, ranging from the aforementioned brick, to throwing a knife down a prison corridor at an unarmed opponent (not a monk!), to tipping over a giant gumdrop (comedy campaign) on a...I believe this one was a monk, watching him slowly suffocate through the translucent confection. Despite his aptitude, he is picked on like the skinny kid on a schoolyard and hates everyone around him to the point of wishing an Eternal Torture spell on them. He can't remember the last time he was happy.

My inactive character doesn't have much development yet. She (an Eladrin Wizard) is based on Catherine from CSI and is a generally cold (in attitude and spells) caster with the most common superpower. Her backstory consists of a murder mystery within her family that was never solved, and her inclination to find who had killed her sister (who disappeared and had to be considered dead after two weeks). Note that these are the same mystery, I just worded it badly because I'm tired. She has gone through a humorous one-shot and is preparing for a long term campaign with the same party.

2008-09-01, 11:06 PM
I just finished rolling up a character for a PBP game that I feel might be worth talking about. "Gor" Gravoniak is, as far as anyone can tell, a farmer. His real name is Fineous, which he keeps as a closely guarded secret (so don't tell anyone!) He has a pretty dark haired wife named Robin and two sons, Icha and Mors. He farms his land and leads a quiet life out in the countryside. That is, until he gets the call.

You see, Gor is actually a faithful servant of Wee Jas. A pious, shining example of law who, upon request, arms himself to the teeth and travels far away to make sure that the law (at least, the laws that the Jasite Temple need in order to further their own goals) stands firm.

He's a little bit like Roy Greenhilt, with a wizard for a father and a big gruff strongman heritage beyond that. However, unlike Roy, Gor's father dumped him at a temple the minute he decided his son had no meaningful potential for following in his magical footsteps. So, he ditched him at a temple devoted to a Goddess of magic and left. No heartfelt reunion, no reunited. Gone, never seen again, and Gor doesn't seem to care. The Temple is his family now. He was taken in and studied to become a Jasite priest. However, as he grew, he started to develop the physical traits of his forbears. That is to say, he got tall, broad-shouldered, and strong. So, the elders at his church decided to see if they could teach him to be more than another fawning servant lighting candles and leading prayers, and sent him out to a remote monastery deep in the mountains There he learned the ways of 'blade magic,' a powerful accumulation of lost fighting styles known only to a select few. He developed an unusual talent for blending the ways of the sword and the magics of the cleric, and as such was given the supremely honorable induction into the elite servants of Wee Jas: The Ruby Knights.

So, he spent some time going on adventures. The Ruby Knights serve as a quiet method of insurance the church uses to protect its interests, and Gor traveled all over the world doing just that-- protecting the church's interests. If the temple elders felt the king of X's brother would make a better king, Gor went to X. If a cult of necromancers were practicing in a manner that was making the church look bad, or causing the elders trouble, Gor paid them a visit too. And while his actions may not've always been as noble as he himself would like to believe, his heart always told him that at the end of the day, he stood for justice, order, and the unshakable pillar of law which all of society is built upon.

Crunch: LN Cleric of Wee Jas(Law, Domination) 5/Swordsage 1/Ruby Knight Vindicator 7 (ECL 13)

Interesting Qualities: A Master of Weapons and Magic, Gor often mixes his fighting style up with a combination of powerful maneuvers and unarmed strikes (such as kicks or headbutts) charged with powerful touch spells.

Traits (not mechanical, descriptions): Humble, plain (lacking a flair for exciting or showy fighting), and very pious. Implacably lawful, to the point of near naivety. Not superbly intelligent, but very wise. Often very polite (especially to women, elderly, etc) and slow to anger, but relentless and merciless to law-breakers/criminals/dishonorable types.

revolver kobold
2008-09-01, 11:57 PM
A lawful evil Kobold Warlock, who grew up in Skullport after having the rest of his tribe eaten by a Shadow Dragon.

Has since become a hero of Tethyr, by helping root out and destroy a demonic infiltration of the Church of Illmater, founded his own mine which is now trading with Thay, and more recently, managed to get himself stuck in Undermountain and made a Faustian Pact with some devils.

2008-09-02, 12:16 AM
Oh, I wish I had a character or two I could talk about. Unfortunately I seem to be the only one in my group with the inclination/ability to DM, ever. U_U

2008-09-02, 12:38 AM
I have NPCs, but I doubt you're interested in them. Perhaps I can tell you about my players' characters instead...

Jamben Milner Jamben's a human Dread Necromancer in his twenties. He ran away from home as a teen, due to a falling-out he had with his father involving the death of his mother. Jamben joined a secret school of necromancy, where it was revealed that he had a natural talent for it. After a few years there, he graduated and left to seek out power for himself.

Jamben's a fairly pale, gaunt fellow; he looks like he's missed a few meals. He has short white hair and dresses in grey robes. He's got an overall strong personality and makes plans for the long-term.

Jaren Jaren is an elven Cleric of Nerull. Being buried alive seems to have affected his sanity, leading him to believe that he hears the voice of his deity. As a result, Jaren is obsessed with developing a closer connection with the Reaper. He makes sure to pray to Nerull with every life he takes, and has a disturbing knowledge of funeral rites.

Jaren has black hair and red eyes. He wears rust-red plate armor and wields a scythe.

Triel Lhalabar Triel is a drow Rogue. While most female drow are domineering and cruel, Triel is actually somewhat submissive and masochistic. Jamben met Triel during one of his adventures, and Triel was instantly attracted to his dominant spirit. Abandoning the Underdark, she decided to join the necromancer in his travels.

Triel is very short, with black skin, red eyes, and white hair. She wears simple white dresses and is skilled with both the bow and the rapier.

2008-09-02, 01:25 AM
Heh, I have had so many characters that there is just no way to go into them all. However, one of my favorites was actually one of my players chars. He was a 1st ed wizard by the name of Mycroft. He was made with the old 3d6 for each stat, and keep the stats in the order you rolled them. So he was crap in most stats, (i.e. 8 and less) except he had a 17 int and an 18 chr. And this was just after we started using unearthed arcana, so we decided to adopt comliness, and rolled an 18 for that too. After adding modifiers from him being an elf and the 18 chr, he had a comliness of something like 22 or 23. It was hideously high.

I believe his other stats were something like 6str, 7dex, 7 con, and 8 wis he was a freak of nature. Crap in every respect, except gorgeous and intelligent. He used to just make stuff up on the spur of the moment and make people believe him.

My favorite story was when he started telling people he was 'Air Marshall Mycroft of the Svirfnebli aerial assault force'


After he found his first magic wand he used to walk up to women and say things like 'Hey baby, I'm air marshall Mycroft. Would you like to touch my wand?'

Later his wand broke to much innuendo laced hilarity in the party. Then he got his first +1 staff. Then he would tell women about his magic staff with a knob on the end, and that they shouldn't be afraid at how big it was, because he could use it very well.

Man, I loved that character. He would have died if you sneezed on him he was so weak, but he was one of the most memorable characters to ever be in one of my games.

2008-09-02, 03:42 AM
Oh, I wish I had a character or two I could talk about. Unfortunately I seem to be the only one in my group with the inclination/ability to DM, ever. U_U

Oh man I hear that. I do have a few characters sitting around though from other games, whether they will be continuing or not is another thing entirely.

Mjolnir, a concept I'd had for awhile that I was finally able to find a place for in a fairly heavily houseruled version of the Returners Final Fantasy system. He's a heavily armored giant sword wielding Sword Master who will fight with his fists unless he encounters a worthy opponent (the GM has me use the Monk claw stats of equivalent level to the sword I am currently carrying for my unarmed damage).

He's brash and adventurous, but not one for strategy beyond "charge forth and slay yon evil!"

Character inspiration for him was initially Kamina from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann as far as his general upbeat personality, propensity for inspiring speeches, and general burning spirit. Though he was conceived before I really got into the series, he has a definite inspiration from Sanger Zonvolt from Super Robot Wars in his fighting style and abilities. The campaign, should it continue (there may be issues with timing and players) has a timeskip that will happen later in the storyline, and he'll return as one of three classes depending on where his character goes - a Paladin if he is nudged in the direction of goodness and further honor, a Rune Knight if he stays about the same, and a Dark Knight if he has some kind of fall from grace.

The other character is one for a playtest of the Shounen system my roommate and I are creating (linked in my signature). Saburo Tanaka (his given name means 3rd son and is quite applicable to his situation) is a salaryman living in Tokyo. The setting dictates that a few years ago a bunch of people spontaneously gained powers far beyond that of any ordinary human. Saburo was one of them, and ever since he has been on fire. Quite literally.

Saburo's power manifests as flame, and he can do a number of things with it. But mainly, anything near him that he isn't directly touching tends to catch fire (reading the newspaper is a major pain, much less any kind of book. And don't even get him started on sleeping arrangements). Saburo has been pointedly avoiding acknowledging the fact that he has any kind of power for quite some time, maintaining instead that he has a medical condition that gives him abnormally high body temperature.

While a diligent worker, Saburo's "condition" makes working around him a trial (important paperwork has a tendency to often be accidentally incinerated) and his co-workers are generally awkward around him at best, but downright insulting and backbiting at worst. As such, Saburo has developed huge anger issues, and the more his rage grows, the stronger his flame becomes. In combat, Saburo has a generally controlled air about him, a sort of "cold rage", but if riled he can explode into violent anger that can be dangerous to both friend and foe.

2008-09-02, 04:05 AM
Human Favored Soul (NG) - Ingrid Lindstrφm

Only character I'm playing at the moment and the only character I've ever played with a negative penalty (-1) to all spell saving throws. Interesting.

2008-09-02, 04:32 AM
The only character I care enough about is Kredine. (Krey-din)
He's my CE Kobold Psion/Wizard/Cerebremancer with a tendacy to set things alight.
His Psion discipline is Keneticist(sp?) and Wizard specialisization is Evocation, with Abjuration and Enchanment banned.
Adventuring with a half orc fighter and changeling druid.

Kredine seeks divinty. Attempting to become the first Kobold god of Psionics and Chickens. He blasts fire in anythings face, even when blinded as proven by the white plume mountain.
In last game, had the druid awaken a chicken, and tell it to be my cohort =].
Also raised two Chimera's as skeletons.
So if you see a kobold riding a Chimera with a chicken on his head. It's Kredine =].

2008-09-02, 04:44 AM
I am a vile, pernicious person whose reprehensible nature makes the infamous Edward Hyde seem a very paragon of virtuous, gentlemanly behaviour. Dogs growl at me and small children run weeping from my aura of manifest evil. I also return library books late and tear the tags off mattresses.

Oh wait, D&D character. None atm, I'm DMing.

2008-09-02, 05:10 AM
I'm playing two characters at the moment, both level 1.

The first, in a 4e game, is Aelenrian, an eladrin (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/OurElvesAreBetter) wizard (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/BlackMagicianGirl). The main traits she's displayed so far are politeness to npcs, extreme knowledgeability (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/SmartGirl), particularly in regards to star gods (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/CosmicHorror) and maybe the tiniest hint of maternal feeling (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TeamMom) towards her all-male (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheChick) comrades. She's also not adverse to moving in with her longsword (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ActionGirl) if an opportunity presents itself.

The second is Lady (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/EverythingsBetterWithPrincesses) Ydresse of Mournvale, a human duskblade (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/MagicKnight). The game she's in has only just started, so all she's been able to show so far has been a tendancy to speak vaguely formally, a preference for military wear (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/GoodLookingPrivates) and ability with both evocation (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/KillItWithFire) and necromancy (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/BlackMagic), although she'll likely be mixing things up in melee with her glaive (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/LadyOfWar) soon.

Man, I love TVTropes.

2008-09-02, 05:29 AM
Well, at the moment I'm playing (IRL): tecnically nobody. There's one campaign which is on an extended hiatus, due to my absence. I'm back, but it hasn't started up yet. I was playing a CG Chitine Paladin of Freedom. I worshiped Pelor, yet the sun burns my eyes. He is an extensive alcaholic, and quad-weilds whip-daggers (15 ft reach? Yes please!) with no luck at all, and was recently put in jail (along with the rest of the party [see below]).

Party: DMPC Manic-depressive Bard (Starsky. There's a story there, my first character managed to accidentally get S-man addicted to an illegal substance [halucanagenic absinthe], ruined his marriage, and conviced him to join the party. I was his only friend in the world, all he had left. The next day, a team-mate murdered me. In front of S-man).
CG Half-Orc Barbarian (Kerr Smash). Catch-phrase: "Kerr Smash!" Offered our rogue (half-elf) an assassins hand (he thought she might like the ring). They're now engaged (he gave a hand in marriage).
CN Half-elf rogue.
LN Human Soldier.
CE Human Dread Necro. (deceased, replaced by a warforged wizard).

It's not a very serious campaign.

Coming Up: Shylesh Nook, CN Skarn Conjuror. Highly Arrogant, he beleives he was sent to Domeville (name alludes me) to study magic there, because the local professors weren't skilled enough. In reality, the other aristocrats (he's a low level aristocrat [not stat-wise]) thought he was too reckless and headstrong, and sent him away. He doesn't have much respect for gnomes, generalist wizards, specialist wizards in schools apart from conjuration, or spontaneous casters. Magic in Domesville (as I found out today) is an illegal practice for non-drow, so he learned illegaly in a school hidden by illusions ("I can't see why they put up physical barriers as well! What a waste of magic for pictures of sewers!"), and has just graduated. I hope he'll either end up becoming either CG or CE, depending on his companions and surroundings.

Tequila Sunrise
2008-09-02, 06:09 AM
If one of my players ever actually takes over the DM chair for a bit, I'll be playing a bitter and cynical wizard with hourglass eyes named Bartleby the Scrivener. (Bonus points if you got either of those references.) Bartleby had a near death experience as a juvenile and is now terrified of dying and obsessed with finding a way to become immortal. And because I have to justify the 4e spell book rules somehow, he has an obnoxiously snobby and vindictive spell book named Scylla. (More bonus points if you got that one.)

Yeah, I steal like a literary kleptomaniac and I'm proud of it. Nothing creative is every truly original.


2008-09-03, 01:01 AM
I'm currently playing in a D&D 3.5 game, where the party needed a healer.

Enter Chaka Khan. (Yes, the game doesn't take itself too seriously)

He's a Wood Elf Spirit Shaman, who has a badger spirit guide that he talks to constantly. Of course, no-one else can see it as it exists only as a figment of his imagination, and the rest of the party has decided that he's completely insane.

Which, of course, he is. For goodness sake, the class features all focus around the fact that he has a spirit guide that doesn't exist that grants him spells and other mystical powers.

Add to that the fact that I took the Spirit Sense feat from Heroes of Horror, so not only do I talk to a badger that no-one else can see, but I also talk to dead people that no-one else can see or hear.

It does have the upside that we no longer need to capture prisoners alive to interogate them though.
Haha, Spirit Shaman players unite!

I'm a LN Shaman nobleman who's family rediscovered the discipline to fight the large branch of their family that's undead. Something of a conceited snob
who's used to telling people what to do (so much so that he's specialized in summoning), despite the fact his family merely owns a vast amount of useless, monster-infested swampland. Things got kind of dicey lately when a shattered god of chaos and evil landed in fragments over the city and wererat cultists started reassembling them on his lands. Cost him a bag of holding but let's just say that god won't be reassembling anytime soon ^_^

2008-09-03, 01:23 AM
Does it have to be DnD? Well my character in Warhammer RPG is a Dwarven Trollslayer. (If you don't know much about Warhammer then Trollslayers are Dwarves who are so ashamed of themselves that they feel the only way to regain their honor is to die a glorious death. So they dye their hair orange, put it up in a mohawk, tatoo themselves all over, and hint really powerful monsters. They also drink a lot) He became a Trollslayer through a long story that I will attempt to summerize.

Basically he felt that he was better suited than his brother to lead the Dwarves to victory against some chaos spawned army. So one time when he was sent on a long scouting mission he decided to put beard extensions in(In Warhammer Dwarves tend to follow the advice of the Dwarf with the longest beard. This campaign is only semi-serious so I took some creative liberty with how strictly they do this.) Then he returned and the army started to follow his commands for a while. He did good until he was lured into a trap that got half the army killed. Long story short he was exiled from the Clan (because of the thing about the beard extensions) but officially he left into self-imposed exile over his grief at having caused the death of so many Dwarves. He does actually feel terrible guilt about that.

He also loves a women to have a nice thick beard you can really hang onto when you're..... yeah. He is also the champion drinker of his Clan.

My other favorite is actually my friends. It was a druid. He wasn't a very good druid though. Also his wife died and he was constantly miserable and had less than zero desire for any kind of replacement for his wife. Unfortunately he was unearthly attractive and any women that saw him (and a fair number of men) fell in love with him instantly. This caused much hilarity. Also the great Dragon S**t-hock. Yeah. Natures punishment to him for insulting it was to send that dragon to fly over him and release its bowels. So funny.

2008-09-03, 01:41 AM
My poor poor druid in the Arcanis setting, Markus Longstrider. Firstly, he was a dark-kin meaning he takes penalties to all animal-related skills. Most people also distrust grey-skinned demonic-looking things with red eyes so the inhabitants of the cities didn't much like him.

But our party... oh god, our party did terrible things to that poor man. Their blatant inability to make decisions/use social skills led this Cha 8 druid to lead the party when he realy shouldn't in a normal world. The first time he used Wild Shape was during a fight to escape a cupbaord... whereupon the party's half-hobgoblin fighter thought 'MONSTER!' and grappled him. And won. Then tried to force a mouldy carrot in his mouth. Then there was the greeting important dignitaries with 'Have you heard of garlic bread?'

Markus Longstrider, may your return from retirement on Sunday be more becoming.

2008-09-03, 02:20 AM
My old 3e Eberron character: Jamven Chorster

A multiclass Wizard (Necro)/Rogue heading for Arcane Trickster. Jamven was the heir to a wealthy Cyran house that was destroyed by Karnathi troops early in the Last War. When Cyre became the Mournland, Jamven lost all connection with his past and dedicated himself to the eradication of the undead.

My current 4e FR character: Pieter Grimm

Cleric of Tempus. Pieter was orphaned by the last vestiges of the spell plague but came under the care of Axis, a priest of Tempus, at an early age. Axis fell in battle against orcs defending a caravan Pieter was in, and his body and weapon were never recovered. Pieter entered Tempus' priesthood and rose through the ranks. Just as the Archbishop was about to offer him a prelatecy in Arabel, Pieter felt the call of Tempus and abandoned his position to seek purpose in the wilds outside the city walls. He hopes to one day recover Axis' body and weapon, and perhaps to return to the church heirarchy once he has earned Tempus' blessing.

2008-09-03, 09:26 AM
I am currently playing the Shackled City adventure path. Good heavens our group sucks. We are all gestalt. I am a CN Beguiler (eventually mindbender 1) who wants to be super sneaky (feats from LoM help hide from psionics and tremorsense) but will dish out damage when he needs to (other side of gestalt is duskblade). The dragon shaman/something thinks he is all that and has the worst ideas ever when it comes to social situations. The Rogue/bard's player is a wimp and doesnt want to damage her character...ever. So no trap checking...but she is unearthly greedy. And the Sorc/rogue is a first time player who wants to summon critters so she doesnt take the hits.

All in all my beguiler with almost no social skills (besides intimidate and bluff:smallamused:) must lead the party in social situations and act as scout, with very few ranks in search...and none in open lock or disable. He does have incredible senses though, I plan on maxing out spot and listen so that he can notice his enemies and hide before they find him, followed by a good channeled spell.

2008-09-03, 10:15 AM
Here is the backstory for my Elandrin Warlord. More of a page from his journal than a full story:

As I always say, “I meant to do that.” And it’s true.
Everything that happens to me is a part of my master plan.
I’ve studied tactics for decades. I have studied both the masters and the screw-ups, and I’ve learned more from reading about failed plans than successful ones.
Where everything went wrong, what could have gone differently.
As a result, I leave nothing to chance. My plans ARE flawless.
Now if only I knew magic well enough to create magical plans, they would have their own plans to ensure their success.
Even my losses are a part of my plans.

For instance, my regiment’s “retreat” against the goblin squad in the War of Arctus opened a hole in our defenses, allowing the ogre battalion to pour to our flanks and catch the front lines in a nutcracker formation.
Or so they thought.
I had them right where I wanted, because our reserve forces were waiting for them. When the ambush sprang, the ogre battalion fell within moments, raising the morale of our troops on the front lines, which helped them overcome the other goblin brigades on the front lines.

This was the battle where I earned my title, “Mindarthis the Schemer.” I also earned my rank of Warlord from that battle. The General was impressed with my planning, after he saw how well that one had worked, so he brought me under his wing as tactician.
It was only my blood showing. My ancestors have always been expert tacticians, but I was the first to fight from the front lines. Always they had sat behind the scenes, manipulating their pawns and puppets.
Not I. I will forge my own destiny from the front, using the skills I have inherited from my ancestors, the Silverburgs. I will be a boon to my allies and a bane to my enemies. Nothing will be able to stop me. Not even fate itself.

Of course, I always have an ace up my sleeve whenever I can help it. Few know of the aid I gave to the Earlking during the war, fewer of the pact which was made because of said aid. None yet know what I gained in that pact. Or what I gave in that pact. They will know, soon enough. If I were a human, they would probably say I’ve lost my humanity. In truth, my compassion is only a part of what I lost.
I also have a harder time concentrating on the world, now that the wildfey overlays my sight. But, no matter, this, too, is part of my masterplan. I can still use it to my advantage.

For the Glory of the Raven Queen, I shall rule.

-Reflections of Mindarthis Silverberg, the Schemer, Lieutenant-Warlord of the Elandrin.


And here is the Great Escape, from the second session:

“We will execute them at dawn,” the general said, “take them to the cells.”
While sitting in my cell, I knew that Rolan, my compatriot, was in the next cell over. We were both bound hand and foot, as well as gagged. After spending some time trying to escape my bonds, I realized that I was going to need some help. I figured Rolan and I may be able to help each other out, so I used my Fey Step to enter his cell.
Luckily, he was already out of his bonds and wasted no time untying me. We formulated a plan to escape while I rested. I Stepped back to my cell and arranged my bonds to seem that I was still tied up. The guard came by a while later and checked in on us. He didn’t notice that we had undone our bonds, and when he turned around, I Stepped behind him and grabbed him. Unfortunately, he was able to call out, and I had difficulty subduing him.
“Surrender!” exclaimed the general, coming into the prison area while I was still grappling with the guard.
I looked and saw that I was hopelessly outmatched, and gave in.
The General took a closer look at my ears and swore. “Elandrin.”
So, they took me to a room large enough that I could not teleport out of it, and tied me to a chair. They also left four men in the room with me, so I didn’t scoot to the walls and escape that way.
The General came and checked on me periodically throughout the night.
In the morning I was led to the executioner’s block. “We have Archers covering all avenues of escape,” he told me. But my feet were unbound, which was good news. I could only see one way out, but it required Rolan’s sacrifice.
He was led to the block first. Locked in the stock, his gag was removed and he was asked if he had any last words. I didn’t pay attention. I needed to concentrate on staying alive. No small feat when your mind has been partly broken by the Earlking.
The sword came down, and Rolan was finished. I whispered a brief prayer to the Raven Queen, and prepared for my plan. I was led to the stocks. I was locked in.
Ahead of me was a great mass of militia. Off to one side, the building I had just come from. To the other side, there was open grassland.
Behind me, however, was a road west. A road meant people.
My gag was removed.
“Do you have any last words?” asked the General, stoic as ever. He is trying to usurp the throne, again, and he sees me as the evil one.
“See ya!” I exclaimed, and Stepped 25 feet behind. And I turned and ran. Several arrows hit me, and I shrugged them off. Non-fatal wounds were not a concern. I knew I could take more punishment if I had to. One more arrow hit me before I was out of range of the archers.
I ran on, hands still tied behind my back, and I saw a farmhouse in the distance. As I approached, I heard hooves in the distance behind me. The riders caught up to me shortly before I reached the house, but were unable to hit me from their saddles.
I saw a window and judged that I could make it through, so I jumped.
I landed in a parlor with several farmers. I looked to the nearest and said, “Please untie me. The fate of the Kingdom is at stake.” True enough. And he did.
There was a knock on the door, so I ran to the kitchen. Once there, I grabbed the largest knife they had, and went out the rear door, towards the rider who had circled around. I slashed at him, and opened up a nasty gouge in his leg. The rider swung at me and I dodged.
The dismounted rider came through the door and charged me. I sidestepped and tripped him, then slashed at the mounted rider again. A third rider had appeared, still mounted, and I called on the power the Earlking had traded me, assaulting the mind of the rider I had slashed.
He grabbed his head, cried out, and fell from his mount.
I jumped up on the horse and was able to control it enough to run west again. The other mounted rider attempted to follow me, but I was able to outlast him. I kept riding off as the sun set, and several hours after I had last seen the rider, I dismounted and found shelter. I tied the horse to a tree and meditated.
As I did, a vision came to me of the Raven Queen. I knelt to her, and she enfolded me in her wings, leaned down, and kissed me on the forehead, as a proud parent to a favored child. “I knew I was right,” I whispered. “For your glory.”
And then I woke. I gave the horse a few hours extra rest, and we continued down the road, at a much more sedate pace, still clutching the kitchen knife.


And now I'm planning to erase that guy from existance.


Spoiler'd for length.


Also, there is a 100 Gold bounty on my head.

Mushroom Ninja
2008-09-03, 11:15 AM
I'm in a lot of campaigns right now (most are running sort of on and off though...)

3.5 Characters

Varuvinius Sarusil:
An elf wizard, Varuvinius has lived for a LONG time. In this time he has come to realize that his purpose in life is to have fun. He delights in pranks that, although generally harmless, can occasionally lead to harm (such as passing notes, written in explosive runes, to the party frenzied berserker).

Haratash is a hafling outrider from the Talenta plains (in Ebberron). His father was an ambassador to the plains from the House Carnath who met his mother, a hunter of the plains, while on buisness for the house. Their marriage was short lived and after a few short months, they went separate ways. Raised on the Talenta Plains by his mother, Haratash never met his father till he was fully grown. He is now working with the house Carnath, but feels a bit out of place in his traditional hafling hunting mask and riding on a dinosaur. He has trouble finding the balance between the worlds of his father and mother.

A Changeling in the service of the house Carnath (our eberron Campaign has 2 parties), Shav speaks about her history as rarley as she actually manages to hit anything (which is very rarley :smallfurious:). She prefers to overcome problems nonviolently via disguise and trickery, but rarley has the chance (stupid railroading :smallannoyed:).

Elroth the human wizard is a traveling researcher for the Darkspire University. Despite his years of schooling, Elroth is somewhat naieve of the ways of the world and in no way tactful. His way of speaking his mind has gotten him into several scrapes over the years, but he doesn't really mind. Recently he has begun experimenting in the binding of vestinges which has resulted in endless hilarity.

Emerik the Whisper Gnome Archivist joined his companions when the God of Knowlege, Oghma, teleported him away from his studdies without the slightest warning. Emerik is somewhat confused by this because he's not exactly sure how much faith he puts into the Gods anyway.

4e Character

Eric the Red (aka: Eric the Dragon Slayer, aka: Eric the Artful):
Eric is a hafling rogue who doesn't believe in caution. He's perfectly willing to throw himself at anything that presents itself as a target. That being said, he's not alltogether pugnacious, he just enjoys danger.

2008-09-03, 11:32 AM
I have a lot of characters but only one I really "care" about. A human sorcerer with only one working arm and dressed kinda like Vivi from FFIX.(See my Avatar) Chaotic good. He's kindhearted and helpful but god help you if you piss him off. In his late teens and depending on the campaign, he may be a stoner.

Started him off in The Crimson Rose, our groups first PBP campaign since school split us up. It was my best experience with actual roleplaying since every other physical game, I would just play the barbarian equivelant of Belkar. He felt pain, fell in love, made friends, made enemies...then had his and everyone else's lives stopped when after a short history lesson from one of the NPCs, the other 3 in the group lost interest.

2008-09-03, 11:33 AM

Ialana is a Princess of Andritt, specifically the fifth princess and the seventh child of His High Majesty over Andritt. The people of Andritt have fought since time began, only recently realizing they were probably better off not killing each other, but this constant conflict brought them a scary level of technology (read: renaissance tech not midevil). Ever since they have united their continent under one monarch, and now constantly wage war against the wild elves who live on the interior forests.

Ialana, as most princesses are, was forced to wed someone she'd... rather not be around. Being who she was, she stole a gun from the Royal Guard armory and shot her fiance, killing him. She was given a harsh sentence for her crime, but because of her standing as Princess, she was banished for fifty years to live outside Andritt, amongst the peasants that made up the lower-civilization areas.

When she arrived with nothing more than a few pistols she managed to make herself and her leather suit (which increased her stealthy abilities) she made her fortune doing what she did best: slinking about and taking things. Her noble background (even if from a different nation) made her very diplomatic, and many people found they liked her despite her quite obvious sociopathy.

This sociopathy became obvious when, in the course of attempting to break a companion out of prison, she shot and killed a guard, claiming it was in self defense. Fortunately the divination spell came out a-ok and she was let off the hook with a warning... despite any number of small infractions that later appeared on her record. Shortly afterwards, she had her companion executed by the State in order to have her revenge, and to gain brownie points with the government.

At this point she entered the Gnomish kingdom. In an attempt to rob a local temple, she staged a terrorist attack and framed the Empire, effectively starting a war between the two nations as well as blowing up a tavern and making off with thousands of GP in loot. All in all, she counted it as a "good day." Later, she executed a similar terrorist attack against a wall in a city, nearly starting another war and assuring that the Empire and Gnomish Kingdom would have increased security for generations to come.

Later on her adventures, made more difficult by her vegetarian diet (her culture believes each creature has a 'spirit,' and that eating the corpse of an animal is desecrating the spirit. If a animal fought to defend itself, even to the death, the animal has a warrior spirit and doesn't deserve desecration, and if the animal did NOT fight to the death eating it would make you weaker), she came across a town that was owned by a single organized crime syndicate. Suddenly her mouth watered with the untold riches of owning an entire city, and she (along with her companions) hatched a plan to remove the guild and, unbeknownst to many in the party, put herself on top. Unfortunately, due to an invasion of small rabbit-like creatures, Ialana was required to force her hand. Quickly she made for the headquarters, and to prevent the destruction of the city single handedly executed the leadership of the guild. From the corpse of the grand poo-bah of the once proud syndicate she recieved an amulet that would change her life.

Leaving the city's criminal orginzations in tatters, Ialana moved on, investigating some ruins she felt drawn to by the amulet she carried. During this trek, she discovered that she was the Goblin King, a title inherited by taking of the amulet. The Goblin Queen, an Assassin named Isaac (who had gained entrance to the assassin's guild Ialana had previously desired to be a member of) then attempted to kill her. From there she set off on a long, fruitless quest to murder this Goblin Queen and his allies, the assassin's guild she had once felt a kinship for.

Now the Goblin King wanders the world, unbeknownst to all save the Emperor, splitting her time between managing the affairs of a newly appointed governmental province (a steady source of income as well as amusement) and hunting down and killing any the Emperor asks, or any who bear the mantle of the Assassin's Guild. Her name is a whisper, and she is only known as the Goblin King, and where she goes fear follows for behind every shadow might be a tall, slender, and attractive woman pointing a cannon right at your gizzard...

A few notes: She is most definitely CE, which is something that's confused a great many people because she does tend to plan things out. It's just that, as my DM once said, "Ialana doesn't really shoot first and ask questions later... she just never gets around to asking questions." The system we used was remarkably low HP and AC, so it was difficult to keep this character alive, a feat I only managed by shooting anything remotely threatening. Her class was mainly rogue, and her main duties were lock-picking and general thievery. She comes from a group full of compelling characters (at least in my opinion) and so far has been the most memorable character in the group's history, aside from a companion she had named Meepo. Memories of her exploits still bring smiles to the GM and other players (except the ones she kept killing).

I don't really know how it happened but the way I played the character kept the party in line. It was mostly because my character could do whatever the hell she wanted and the rest of the party couldn't do jack about it, but my character and her guns were what kept the story moving forward from time to time. Never thought I'd see a CE character as the party's moral compass, but a strict desire to not be caught (again) meant her party members had to toe the line. She was known for ingenious escapes, fast talking, and an excellent DPR (24d12 in a system where the average HP at her level was around 15-20).

2008-09-03, 04:04 PM
Well, in a 3.5 D&D campaign that is borderline comedy. I have a CN Gnome Bard/Cleric of some homebrew goddess whos name escapes me at the moment.

He was orphaned at an early age by a Gnoll raid on his village. He was saved by a group of adventurers, specifically their female human bard. She raised him as such and he went of into the world. Later he was ordained as a cleric of the goddess of fun and adventure.

A "megapervert" in the words of the party's female halfling rogue, whom he cast spells with a range of touch on for any reason(even if he has to make it up). Hits on any female he sees. Loves to party and spend gold on seemingly stupid things. In battle will insult the enemy in his bard songs "Because it makes it more challenging." Despite all this, though, he still cares deeply for his friends and is always there with a smile, a healing spell, and an unsubtle disrespect for women. :smalltongue:

mabriss lethe
2008-09-03, 05:12 PM
Prince Gathin Brethweldir Vondershazden of the House of the Yellow Sign. Consort to the Lady in Silver and slayer of the gods. (Loosely inspired by Robert W. Chambers' The King in Yellow.)
CN Elan Psychic Warrior

"Gathin" has a problem. Quite a few of them actually. First, he's ancient even by the standards of the immortal Elan. Second, he's completely mad. He's so old and crazy that he's long since forgotten his name. Gathin Brethweldir Vondershazden was the name engraved upon his prison-tomb. He figured it was a good enough for him, and might actually be his, so once he was freed from his confinement, he adopted it as his personal moniker. He remembers a world completely alien to the present day, a world that doesn't appear in any history book and in all likelihood could be the fabrication of a cracked mind locked in a room with nothing but a psicrystal and a tarnished silver mask for company for possibly hundreds, thousands or if he guesses correctly, hundreds of thousands of years.

The rest behind a spoiler because I hadn't realize how god-awful longwinded I'd become.
He ruled the known world alongside his queen, the Lady of the Silver Mask, He's forgotten her name, or as he puts it, "They took it from me when they sealed me in here." His capital was Carcosa, a city under the glory of twin suns and glittering black stars. He remembers a great war against the gods, serving as his Queen's champion, her terrible powers flowing through him. He faced them time and again, and according to him it the mortal races only learned what nightmares were because of that war. He claims authorship for a legion of atrocities committed in Her name against the gods and their followers.

Chief among the gods that have earned his hatred is Corellon Larethian, whom he claims was once a mortal elf, and alongside of Gruumsh, were his trusted lieutenants. He blames Corellon for the betrayal that lead to the Lady of the Silver Mask's eventual destruction at the hands of the Gods. A betrayal paid in divinity. He bears little ill will against Gruumsh, since as he recalls it, "They tempted him with his heart's desire. The power to get revenge upon the Betrayer, the man who was once his closest friend and ally. I can't gainsay him his little betrayal, by then it was too late to matter. She was dead and the black stars were already beginning to fade away." Again, no one knows how much of his stories are true and how much are delusions. But once a cleric of gruumsh stayed his hand after seeing the twisted yellow rune embossed on Gathin's armor. And once a Cleric of Corellon Larethian fled his presence when his eyes spied the same.

His garments and armor are all a sickly yellow color, and he wears an iron crown set with a single black stone the size of a plum. He calls it the Last Star of Carcosa, and claims that She plucked it from the heavens as her dying act and gave it to him, infusing it with the last of her essence so that some of her powers might live on. (it's also his psicrystal so sometimes the the strange crown simply sports an empty setting.)

He talks about his rage then, a thing that rewrote the face of the earth in its fury, but it was a thing in its death throes. Aside from that tiny spark of power she passed on to him, his reserves were quickly depleted and his enemies overwhelmed him. The gods feared he would lay a curse upon them, sealed by his death. Instead they chose to imprison him for all time, but even divine memories fade and his prison tomb was lost in the passing of ages and even a prison forged from the magic of the gods will eventually be eroded by the steady march of time.

His powers diminished along with the wards that bound him as those uncounted ages crawled past, until one day a group of adventurers broke the seal of the small chamber imprisoning him. At first, they thought he was a golem of some sort, so covered in dust and cobwebs that he looked like a piece of animated statuary. He convinced them otherwise and after aiding them in escaping from the dungeon, he joined them. much to their later horror as more and more of his stories at began to be at least appear to be true. (the DM loved the character's story so much that he up and ran with it on multiple occasions .)

Mr Pants
2008-09-03, 05:28 PM
I'm currently playing an Unhallowed Metropolis game as a man named Mickey McFinnegan, an Irishman in a post-apocalyptic world. After being abandoned as a child due to his giganticism and found himself in the care of a mad scientist interested in him only because of his abnormal body structure. He had his right arm amputated for study and afterward robbed the scientist in the night and took with him many galvanic tools and books and even the old man's pistol. Mickey made his way to London where he took up a job as an Undertaker. Undertakers kill zombies, vampires, thropes etc. for money.

He has grafted a modular arm onto his right stub and has attachments like a hand, and a giant drill. He also has a false eye, bionic legs, and in some areas covered patches of skin in molten brass. All of these grafts were specially made by Mickey himself.

Mickey is a relatively selfish man, he cares for little people besides his "little sister", Eve. Despite being a quiet, brawny killing machine he is not without wit. He is thought of one of the most effective undertakers in all of London and his reputation has gained him both allies and enemies.

I'm also playing a narcoleptic insomniac dark whisper gnome named Blank. He causes mayhem amongst those that can't see him (everyone) until he spontaneously falls asleep.

In addition I'm playing a warblade named Kahn. (Pronounced "kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!") He throws his giant mace into battle and then turns into a giant rock to crush people into submission.

2008-09-03, 05:33 PM
I am the DM of a Star wars saga game right now, but I have a few characters planned.

A black and white-themed Beguiler who is obsessed with balance. He has a need to control everything from behind the scenes. He wears only clothes that are white with black spots, stripes, splotches, etc. or the reciprocal. He has a vampiric shortspear, some magicky chain shirt under his eccentric clothes. He uses balance in a strange way, comitting a good deed when he witnesses an evil and perhaps stabbing someone (indirectly or directly) when he sees a good deed.

A ghaele who fights injustice where-ever it is with a maul.

A warlock who is very time-oriented. He has traded half of his life to a devil for his powers. He does things extremely efficiently, his purpose to fight evil.

2008-12-01, 09:15 PM
Mmmm Ive got 2 characters i realy like to play.

the first i have is a homebrew Sorcerer/Rouge who plays as a grenadish alchemist who has a potion for every thing (most of him is house ruled so...).
he was put into a wizardy academy at a very young age and hated most of it.
He was then expelled for blowing up half the school. Since he was practicaly held prisoner he didn't care much and left. Now he travels tring new new mixtures and potions all the while tring to a mass a foutune to start his own
academy.He is CG and is very fun to play.

The other Character i have is a Dwarve cleric of Bahamut. His city was attack by dragon spawn,only him and a hand ful of others survived. And now he aid the quest of the dragon father for revenge against Tiamat.He's breath/healing orented. he's LG. Oh , and hes has this wiked owsome dire pick made from the tooth of one of the elder gold dragons from his temple.

so ya thats my good characters.Oh ... forgot these are both 3.5

2008-12-01, 09:47 PM
Last D&D character I really liked to play?

Mourne Caern, a near epic level Drow berserker/frenzied berserker. Just like a certain other Drow male, he did flee the tyranny of Lloth in search of a better life. He just did it after he killed a metric ton of people in an act of rage that became a legend in his city and later inspired a male revolt.

He is stocky and wiry by Drow standards, and there were rumors that he might have had Duegar blood at one point. He fights using a dwarven mace and axe recovered in a raid, and generally has no concern for his own life or others. He just does not care. He is not very handsome, shaved his hair off, and generally is concerned with two things: Money, and killing people. While technically chaotic evil he tends more towards pure neutral, as killing people weaker than him is beneath him (not that he won't do it in a rage), and so far the only things keeping him in the party is the fact they find the best people to fight - and he likes staring at the ass of the elfin ranger. For prolonged periods of time. He is not dumb so much as he just does not *care* about much of anything besides his weapons and having a good time in one way or another.

He kicked a priestess of Sune in the face for suggesting he was deep once. I kind of love the guy even if the campaign I play him in rarely gets together.

Edit: Fixed it to chaotic. Ugh. Brain spasm.

2008-12-01, 10:28 PM
i have 3 characters in games right now...

in my 3.5 game, i play Lobod Onebligohm, a blood magus who worships blood as a deity, under the idea without blood there is no life, and he's kinda naive, and his familiar (a parrot) is kind of an *******.

in my iron heroes game, i play Borob Liadon, a man-at-arms who swears in every sentence, and is no one's bitch cause he was a slave his whole life.

in my werewolf game, i play Trenchcoat tyrone, a gangster from the Trenchcoat Mafia who never swings until he's told, or someone's in danger. he also holds down a full-time job as a bouncer. and he's only 19.

2008-12-01, 10:55 PM
I am the normal DM for our group, but a short story is being told by one of my players during a chapter break in the main game I'm running, letting me jump into the player's seat as ...

Commander Divi Ironleaf, a Gnome Bravura Warlord. He was trained by his father, and his grandfather, as was his brother, though his brother couldn't hack it, so he ran off into the Feywild alone - bad idea, kiddos. Sure, the Fey don't have a standing army any longer, but that doesn't mean that General Ironleaf (Grandfather) and Lieutenant Commander Ironleaf (Father) can go easy on poor little Divi. He is now currently bringing a group of stupid adventurer's through the Feywild to some kind of secret meeting place none of them know how to get to but him (and he is just following his magical bottle of liquor) where they are supposed to deliver a box they are not supposed to open (but a stupid NPC kid already opened it).

Oh, and the DM put a curse on us that we are sidequesting to get off, where we have to speak in Rhyme. All the time. Stupid fey. :smallwink:

Divi is great. Scourge in one hand, heavy shield in the other, he is all about moving around the battlefield. Switching places with enemies, pushing allies, pushing enemies, switching places in the initiative order, oh is it grand. Plus, gotta love his Masterwork Finechain Imposter's Armor.

2008-12-01, 11:14 PM
One of my friends DMs me in an on-again-off-again solo campaign (right now it's more off-again due to school/holiday season and such). We've only done a few sessions so far, but I really like this character.... not least because he's the first character I've played in months, if not more than a year (when did I make that last post in this thread?)

Anyway, Beogar Orkisson is a 2nd-level "Initiate" Druid. He only recently completed his Companion Quest (in this setting, Initiates undergo a vision-quest to find their Animal Companion) and acquired his badger, Strongsnout. Still a rank amateur, and someone who grew up far apart from civilization, Beogar is rambunctious (some might say "cocky") unless in the presence of more experienced Druids, whereupon he becomes almost painfully respectful (referring to any Druid of a higher level as "most esteemed/learned/whatever"), conscious and hoping to compensate for his half-orc heritage.

Also, I knew I didn't want to go for the usual unwanted rape backstory, so his father was Kulmak, an accomplished Orc warrior (equivalent to a jarl), and his mother Beatrice an important Druid in the Circle of the Bear. Lady Beatrice was responsible for brokering a treaty between the human villages of the north and the semi-nomadic Grey Eye Orcs. Impressed, Kulmak offered her his service and the two traveled together for a long time, fell in love, and eventually retired to a small cabin in the woods. Beogar was the first of their five children. Taking after his mother, he studied the ways of the Druid from a young age and became initiated at 19. Beogar wants to travel and see the world while he's still young, but hopes one day to retire to a quiet life as priest of some small village, after doing his share to brighten the reputation of Orcs in the world of men.

2008-12-02, 12:31 AM
I've got a Tiefling Starlock who is a serious space cadet and less common sense than well...lots of things. She's a fun character, the game she's in isn't that serious at all. However, a bad turn with a party member's made her now a Drow AD Rogue. Due to DM fiat (and a general liking for the horns), she still has the horns and fair skin.

I've also got a Human AD Rogue, in a more serious campaign that used to be the leading candidate in a sibling race (with his brother, fun enough, he's one of a set of triplets, his other brother dropped out instantly because he honestly couldn't care less) to overtake their aging father over the entirety of his guild. He left because he was sick of the entire race to become the big cheese. Now that he's in a place where nobody knows him at all, he's quite content. He's a smartass and mad reckless. I like him, he's fun.

I have an unused Elf Beastmaster Ranger with a Wolf pet. Despite his low Cha, he's quite an amiable fellow, and his wolf's quite cheery. He's also somewhat of an ass, willing to take advantage of the fact that he's old to bug people by saying stuff like "Hey I think I had sex with your [important person that's related]. It was awesome" or something less dickish.

Also, my 3.5 characters aren't really anything special at all.

2008-12-02, 12:31 AM
I've got a Tiefling Starlock who is a serious space cadet and less common sense than well...lots of things. She's a fun character, the game she's in isn't that serious at all. However, a bad turn with a party member's made her now a Drow AD Rogue. Due to DM fiat (and a general liking for the horns), she still has the horns and fair skin.

Huh, that was my first character.

Archpaladin Zousha
2008-12-02, 12:40 AM
(4e character here.)

Sarastro of Goab

"May the sunlight always safeguard your path, my friend."

Character Concept and Background
1. Sarastro is a half-elf paladin of Pelor who grew up in a village called Goab, located in the World Forest that surrounds the Vale of Thorns
2. He has a rather naοve outlook on life, and is an optimist at heart.
3. Sarastro has travelled to the Vale of Thorns to make a difference in the world and to spread Pelor’s light and warmth wherever he can
4. Sarastro doesn’t know who his family was, because he was given by his elf mother to the priests at the Pelorian chapel in Goab while he was still a baby, and the priests raised him in Pelor’s faith.
5. Sarastro’s faith isn’t exactly true Pelorian doctrine. Because Goab is a very poor and isolated community, Sarastro learned from whatever books the chapel had, some of which aren’t Pelorian, and some that aren’t even religious at all. As a result, his doctrine is cobbled together from several disparate elements, and his prayers sound disjointed and odd.

"I am Pelor's hand in this benighted place. His aims are mine."

1. What I want most for Sarastro is eventually to rise to becoming a religious leader, and possibly even a saint or messiah figure.
2. Another thing that I built into Sarastro’s story as I talked with other players and built him, is that I want him to find family. He has no idea who his father was, and holds the hope that he may have other family as well.

"Discretion may be the better part of valor, but I believe that honesty wins every time."

1. Sarastro has had strange dreams ever since he can remember, and believes that Pelor speaks to him while he sleeps. The priests who raised him don’t believe it, but these dreams were part of the reason Sarastro became a paladin in the first place.
2. Sarastro has family that are still alive. The human rogue he is travelling with, Tremmie, is actually his half-sister, though neither she, nor Sarastro are aware of this. Sarastro’s father is also alive and living within the Vale of Thorns.

"As my companions like to remind me, I'm 'new' to this place. I don't know anybody here that well."

1. Tremmie the rogue is Sarastro’s half-sister, and a member of the same party Sarastro is travelling with. Like Sarastro, Tremmie was abandoned as a child. Unlike Sarastro, Tremmie grew up on the streets in one of the Vale’s cities. Having suffered constant abuse by anyone she’s ever met, Tremmie is a pessimist who firmly believes that the dagger she carries, Benhime, is the only one she can truly trust. Her somewhat psychotic love of blood and her sadistic nature make her an antithesis of everything Sarastro stands for.
2. Sarastro’s human father travelled to the Vale shortly after he discovered Sarastro’s elf mother was pregnant, abandoning her. After he arrived there he ended up living with a human woman, who later gave birth to Tremmie. When she found out about the elf he’d knocked up before he met her, he abandoned her as well. Because of his history of using and abandoning women, he’s seen as a selfish and wicked man. Both Sarastro and Tremmie would be shocked if they found him.
3. Because he’s relatively new to the area known as the Vale of Thorns, Sarastro has yet to make any major enemies.

"It's not bad to look back and reminisce from time to time, but living life in the past isn't going to do much for your present or your future. Time moves as Pelor wills it, ever forward. One doesn't fight against the current on the river. Neither should one struggle to reclaim what belongs to the past."

1. Sarastro has very faint memories of being given to the Pelorians as a child. He can remember crying while his mother comforted him one last time, and singing a lullaby that Sarastro still hums today.
2. Sarastro’s proudest memory was when he was ordained as a paladin of Pelor. The old abbot who’d been like a grandfather to him growing up intoned prayers to Pelor, and when Sarastro kneeled before him, a divine ray of sunlight streamed through the window. The entire congregation was in awe.
3. Sarastro remembers first entering the Vale of Thorns pretty well, as it was rather recent. He remembers travelling down the old road, through the massive trees of the World Forest, before arriving at what looked to be an impenetrable hedge of thorns. He was looking for a way around it when he saw a path leading into it, strewn with blood-red rose petals. Since there was no other way to go, Sarastro went down the path until he came to a clearing with an old tunnel entrance sticking out of the ground. Since the clearing was a dead end, he went below the ground, where he had a run in with a group of undead monsters. He was fighting them on his own before meeting up with a group that was travelling through the underground who helped him fight the undead off. Upon emerging, Sarastro noticed the path he’d entered was now gone, leaving him with no way to go but forward. He latched on to the group that found him and is now travelling with them as a member of their adventuring party.

Design Notes
I created Sarastro as my first 4e PC for an online play-by-post, and I'm still forming him in a sense (he hasn't even reached level 2 yet). I'm sure some of you here are familiar with him, as I've been asking questions pertaining to his character here often.


Picture originally created by Pulyx, photoshopped by Raving_Dork

2008-12-10, 01:05 AM
I haven't used them in any game (and am still actually typing up their background; I've got it all worked out, it's just not down on the character sheet yet). They're both for 3.5e.

The first character is a human, self-taught duskblade. His hometown was attacked by a large force of kobolds led by a green half-dragon wielding a scythe. The half-dragon killed his girlfriend right before his eyes and he new travels the world hunting him down.

He has a loose code of honour, though is not above breaking it if he has to. He's often very calm, almost laid back, and has a tendency to be a deadpan snarker (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/DeadpanSnarker) on occasion (whether anyone he's travelling with appreciates it or not). If he hears anything about the half-dragon though, he'll go after him without a moment's hesitation (his normal alignment is Neutral Good, but he may end up doing some things while hunting the half-dragon that'll throw him into CN territory). He also has some skill as a chef, mainly because his girlfriend was a self-confessed lethal chef (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/LethalChef) (his step-mother and half-sister weren't all that good in the kitchen either).

The second character is the first one's half-sister, a felid sorceress. (Felid is a character template in "The Book of Erotic Fantasy", if anyone's wondering. I just changed the +2 bonus to Appearance (an ability score the same book introduced) to a bonus to Charisma)

She's outgoing and very friendly, though can be a bit too hyperactive for some people (think of a hyperactive kitten given a human mind and body and you're about there). Despite still having the feline grace her kind is known for, she still has some klutz moments. Not really much more I can think of to describe her personality; she's the sort who'll gawk at things in market stalls even though she knows she won't be able to afford it and will probably waste her money if she goes shopping on her own. She can also be easily pissed-off as well. The way felid personalities were described in the "BoEF" summed it up pretty well; just imagine that description hyped up on about seven or eight Red Bulls and you've got this girl (name's still pending).

She left her hometown not long after her half-brother as she was worried about him. Gods help him when she finds him; he'll be on the receiving end of a bone-breaking tackle-hug that would even impress Thog.

2008-12-10, 02:32 AM
I have thwo main characters in circulation at the moment (i have others but it would take ages to name them all)


An almost epic level Moon Elf Ranger/Deepwood Spiner in a 3E/2E Faerun cross-over game.
He had a very nasty childhood, being captured by a band of evil humans that raped and otherwise tortured him and murdered his twin brother. He was eventually rescued by a roving band of Eilistraee worshipping Drow. He fell in love with one of their number but for various reasons they had to leave each other and go back to their own two worlds.
He's more than a little insane, hates humans, suffers from recurring nightmares about his past and takes a very, very long time to trust anyone. He's also a little sadistic (tried to kill one of the other PCs once) but can't bring himself to kill anyone who asks for mercy.

He'd the leader of a party consisting of: Aeron (male half-air-elemental rogue/royal herald) Khaless (female Drow Druid) Belarki (male gnome illusionist), Leahcim (male human monk), Vestel (female Moon Elf cleric) and some re-occurring NPCs, Mohammed (male human rogue - Link's squire), Ryelander (male Moon Elf ranger/deepwood sniper - Link's cohort and sometimes lover), Marduk (male, human-appearing wooden construct rogue) and now, Ellem (male undead Drow ranger - Link's old lover from childhood).

Link also appears in the game i DM - as does Leahkim - but as more like the character he actually is in my book.


A male Half-elf Sorcerer gifted with Prophetic visions in a 3E historical/birthright game.
He's a faming red-headed nut-case who likes fire a little too much. He was abandoned by his parents on the steps of a monastery where he was raised until the age of 17, at which point he was thrown out for being a devil-child. not long after the monastery burned down (though through no fault of Vince's) and he and the survivors set off to explore France outside of the Monastery walls and the rest of Europe.
His party consists of: Grytt (male human barbarian - Vince's best friend and more recently lover), Beltas (male human cleric/rogue - made bishop by the dying bishop of their monastery), Pip (female human paladin - the worse paladin to still hold onto her paladinship) and Wickton (male half-fiend-half-halfling).
He's very jealous, very young and hates cats. He also suffers from rather bad OCD and wigs out if 'things' get on his bare hands, so wears shoulder-length water-proof leather gloves.
He comes off as being very scatterbrained and unintelligent, but is calculating and, while naive and ignorant of the world outside of the books he's read, very smart.

2008-12-10, 02:59 AM
Now this is one of my PC's characters in a steampunk dnd game we're running, but I don't think she'll mind.

Imagine a man. Tall, mysterious, and always there when he needs to be. He wears nothing but dark purple robes and never speaks. Long ago he forgot how to make friends; the voices kept getting in the way. Next, he forgot how to speak; whenever he opens his mouth, all he can do is scream. He forgot how to think; the things he knows are too painful to comprehend. All he does now is follow the commands of an Entity, not quite a god, not quite a demon, but something outside of good and evil, something worse and incomprehensible. For whatever reasons, he gave himself to this Entity and it consumed him. Now, all he does is obey Its bidding, for any alternatives are too nightmarish to comprehend.

Now imagine you know this man. You follow the same path he does, worship the same Entity, have the same fate. And you embrace it. Madness has not taken you as wholly as it has he, but it is slowly encroaching. Often, you wake up in the middle of the night, sweaty and fearful, unable to recall the details of your dreams except the steady purple light and the thousands of dark red worms writhing around you while the Voice whispers incomprehensible phrases of pure madness and sanity in your ear. After these you try to sleep again, longing for the older dreams of fire and screaming and pain of a heart being burned and broken and your insidious glee at it all. Day by day, you hear the whispers and screams commanding you to commit unspeakable atrocities. And you willingly, gladly, obey.

2008-12-10, 03:31 AM
Hmm, I too am a GM usually. The last character I made was for Privateers. I was learning the system and was curious about her specie's strong gender roles and how would one create a player character within those specifics.
Name: Ganieg Hrrroll Race: Tulgar Class: Technician Profession: Homemaker Height: 184 cm (6’) Frame: Medium Weight: 73 kg (160#) AP: 71/93|+1/+6 Description: Gray fur, White: stockings, underbelly extending up her throat to her muzzle and around eyes, right “glove”, black saddleback. Bushy tail. Eyes: Brown, Gender: Female. Age: 22
Stat |Tp|Pt|Md|Ra|Mc|Total
Co: |75|96|+2|+3 |+0 |+5|……………………….Resistance Roll Stat|Race|Total
Ag: |75|88|+2|+0 |+0 |+2|………………………………….Psychic: +30|+0 |+30
Me: |90|93|+5|+0 |+0 |+5|…………………………………..Poison: +15|+20 |+35
Re: |93|94|+6|-3 |+3 |+6|………………………………….…..Fear: +30|+50 |+80
SD: |50|74|+0|+10|+0|+10|………..……………………….Disease: +15|+0 |+15
Pr: |55|88|+0|+2 |+0 |+2|
In: |90|93|+5|+0 |+0 |+5|…………………………….Soul Departure: 5 rounds
Em: |40|72|+0|+0 |+0 |+0|…………………………….Recovery Multiplier: .75
Qu: |45|81|+0|-2 |+0 |-2|
St: |41|65|+0|+6 |+0 |+6|
Talents [98] Flaws [100]
Stat Bonus Reasoning +3 (+10) Background Options: (-55)
Beginning wealth Level Normal (+10) Oblivious (-15)
Skilled: Greater (Scientific*Technical) (+30) Absent Minded (-10)
Unnatural Stamina (+10) Allergy (Major) Human(-15)
Bonus Item VI (Starship Tools +25) (+20) Animal Bane (Braat) (-5)
Lightening Calculator (3)
Ear for Music (5)
Additional Poor Wealth roll (10)
Species: Natural Horsewoman, Outdoorsgirl, Acute Hearing, Ultrasonic Hearing, Acute Smell, Nightvision, Natural Weapon, Tough Skin (AT 3), Cold Resistance, Code of Honour, Chivalric Code, Heat Sensitive, Color Blind,
OB: ………..|Skill|Grp|Itm|Misc|Total
Claw: ……...|+10.|+18|+0.|+0…|+28
Gyropistol: ...|+3..|+12|+5.|+0…|+20
Monosword: |+9...|+20|+0.|+0…|+29
Science Tech:|NA.|+83|+0.|+0…|+83
Gunnery: ….|-15..|+11|+0.|+0…|-4
Languages: ...Spoken/Written…………AT: VI …………..Exhaustion Points: 175
Species Standard: 8/5 ……………….DB: 0 ……………..Move Rate: 14 meters
Tulgar: …………...8/4 ……………….Base Hits: 48
Hit Recovery: 1 per 3 hours Active/ 2 per hour rest/10 per 3 hours sleep
Training Packages: Primary Education, Apprentice Technician, Journeyman Technician.
Close Friend Technician (Apprentice), Close Friend Technician (Journeyman), Technical Contact (Journeyman), Useful Teaching Contact (Primary)
Individual Skills: …………|Skill|Group|Item|Misc|Total
Kinetic Armour: ……...|+6...|+20....|-40.|+0…|-14
Singing: ……………………|-15..|-11….|+0..|+25..|-1
Dance: ...................|-15..|-11.....|+0..|+0....|-26
Sculpting Ironworking: |+3...|+9…..|+0..|+0…|+12
Interior Design: ………..|+3...|+9…..|+0..|+0…|+12
Scent Poetry: ……………|-15..|+9…..|+0..|+0…|-6
Sense Awareness Smell:|+6…|+9..…|+0..|+10..|+25
Sense Awareness Hearing:|-15...|+9......|+0..|+10..|+4
Sit Aware Ship Condition:|-15...|+9......|+0..|+0....|-6
Sit Aware Seat Position:|-15..|+9.......|+0..|+0....|-6
Hostile Environment 0g: |+5…|+12…|+0..|+0…|+17
Tulgar Culture: …………….|+9…|+28…|+0..|+0…|+37
Falar Culture: ……………...|+3…|+28…|+0..|+0…|+31
Oort Culture: ………………|+3…|+28…|+0..|+0…|+31
Kagoth Culture: ……………|+3…|+28…|+0..|+0…|+31
Religion Tulgar: …………...|+3…|+22…|+0..|+0…|+25
Border Region: …………….|+9…|+22…|+0..|+0…|+31
Trading Lore: ………………|+3…|+23…|+0..|+5…|+31
Vehicle Lore: ………………|+3…|+23…|+0..|+0…|+26
Riding: ……………………..|+3…|+4…..|+0..|+25..|+32
Basic Math: ………………..|+9…|+32...|+0..|+0…|+41
Advanced Math: ………….|+5…|+31....|+0..|+0…|+36
Orbital Mechanics: ………|+5...|+31…|+0..|+0…|+36
Physics: ……………………..|+5...|+31...|+0..|+0…|+36
Metallurgy: …………………|+5...|+31...|+0..|+0…|+36
Astrogation: ..............|-25..|+31...|+0..|+0....|+6
Astronomy: ...............|-25..|+31...|+0..|+0....|+6
Computer Engineering: .|-15..|+58...|+0..|+0....|+43
Cybernetic Engineering: |-15..|+58...|+0..|+0....|+43
Mechanical Engineering: |-15..|+58...|+0..|+0....|+43
Environmental Engineering: .|+6....|+58...|+0..|+0…|+64
Sensor Engineering: .....|-15...|+58...|+0..|+0....|+43
Vacuum Engineering: ……|+15..|+58...|+0..|+0…|+73
Power System Engineering:|+9.....|+58...|+0..|+0…|+67
Computer Technology: …….|+6…|+83...|+25|+0…|+114
Electronics Technology: …...|+18..|+83...|+25|+0…|+126
Mechanical Technology: …..|+18..|+83...|+25|+0…|+126
Power Systems Technology: |+15..|+83...|+25|+0…|+123
Sensor Technology: ………..|+12..|+83...|+25|+0…|+120
Weapon Technology: ……...|+18...|+83..|+25|+0…|+126
First Aid: ………………….|-15….|+25..|+150|+0..|+160
Sensor Analysis: …………..|+3….|+25...|+0..|+0…|+28
Ship Crewmember: ………..|+5….|+11...|+0..|+0…|+16
Space Pilot: ………………..|+3….|-6…..|+0..|+0…|-3
Atmospheric Pilot: ………...|-15…|-6…..|+0..|+0…|-21
Ground Pilot: ……………...|-15…|-6…..|+0..|+0…|-21
HEP: ………………………|-15…|+11...|+0..|+0…|-4
Missiles: …………………..|-15…|+11...|+0..|+0…|-4
Projectile Gunnery: ……….|-15…|+11...|+0..|+0…|-4
90 credits
Gear: ………………..Cost………Weight…….Notes
Kinetic Jacket………..0…………….0…………Torso, Arms, Groin, Upper Leg
Helmet with Visor……70…………..15………Current home of Mr. Patches
Monosword………….0…………….1…………A girl’s gotta have protection
Ammo (x50)………...5000………….5…………5 Clips, somewhere….
Holosights……………5…………….0.005……...+5 to Gyropistol
First Aid Kit………….20…………..0.5…………+150 to kissing boo-boos.
Utility Cells (x10)…….50…………..0.2………..
Audio Disks (x20)…….40………….0.16………
Audio Player………….40…………..0.2……….MP 374
Datapad………………100………….0.5……….e-Mail and music.
Emergency Bubble……80…………..0.25……...On belt all times
Multipurpose Goggles..40…………..0.15………”Welding” Goggles
Scanner, Technical ……700………...2…………
Towels (x4)…………….40………….0.2………Very Nice, do not use.
Paint Swatches…………0…………..0………..All monochrome shades.
Basic Tool Kit………….800………..5………..Snap-on’s finest.
Spacecraft Tools………..0…………..8………..+25 to work on spaceships.
Big Tool Box…………..200……….10……….Matted and laid out so there’s a place
Fingertipless Mechanix Gloves 0……0………..for everything clearly labeled.
Bandanas (x4)………….0…………..0………..
Jumpsuits (x4)……….…0…………..0………...Long hem “scooter” style. Dark Grey.
Formal Gown…………..0…………..0………...With Princess hat.
Work boots…………….0…………...0…………Worn but well taken care of.
Dress Shoes…………….0……...…...0…………Matches gown.
Night Gown……………0………......0…………Bugs Bunny
House Coat…………….0………......0…………
Mr. Patches…………….0………......0………….Stuffed Bunny
Purse……………………0……….....5………….With Purse stuff
Industrial Blow dryer…..0……….....5…………..Whole body blow job
Potpourri……………….10…………10………….Several different cans

Ganieg’s father was a trader by trade. Rather than leave his family behind while he was gone for long lengths at a time, he brought them with him on his freighter. She’s spent her entire life aboard a ship. All she’s known is the gentle “thrum” of the power plant and the “buzz” of the lights. She was the second daughter born in the couple’s third litter. She has a total of 11 siblings, 6 sisters, and 5 brothers. They’re still close and can take all day catching up with what’s going on if everyone is in the same system. Otherwise, it’s lots of mail back and forth.
For some, unknown reason, the pan-galactic, docile, herbivore species known as “braats” HATE her. When she was a little girl she was swarmed in a petting zoo by braat that attacked her. To prove that she was a “big girl” her parents had her help deliver supplies to a kagoth ranch on another world. The kagoth’s braats stampeded to get at her. When she would go camping with her family it wasn’t that uncommon for her to wake up in the middle of the night screaming because one or more braats had snuck into her tent and were savagely kicking her. Her parents would admonish her for hiding candy and it luring animals into camp. She began associating “outside” with “danger”. She could at least handle the simsense net lesions on survival and equestrian arts, since she could edit out the braats. When they made planet fall and would “camp” she would absolutely show out screaming, crying, pleading and moaning about every little thing until they finally went home with her tail in a sling for ruining everyone else’s fun. Age hasn’t made this much better. She will flatly refuse to go camping, to the beach or open air bazaars; often preferring to PM the ship instead of taking the trip.
Her parents have always been mixed about her technical prowess. She is undeniably good at it, and never once did she ever not help her family, but it’s just so unladylike. Ganieg has and will always contend that since the ship is her home then it falls squarely under Calmara’s domain and therefore a women’s work. She does take her work VERY seriously, constantly greasing this, mending that, painting this room, papering the bulkheads, grumbling about picking up in the corners after the other crew members. Within no time flat she can have a vessel looking ready for “Better Ships and Spaceways”.
Though she’s the baby girl of the family, she’s also the “old maid”. All of her other sisters are already married, as are half of her brothers that are still alive. She’s still young enough that nobody else is putting undue stress on the fact, yet. Romantically is probably her biggest failing. While she is gorgeous, when she cleans up, she’s difficult to live with. Her constant go-go-go tends to wear others out quickly. Her seeming capriciousness makes her difficult to figure out where she’s coming from when she’s dropped one subject and has moved on to three others. Her refusal to engage in “normal” tulgarian recreational activities i.e. outdoors; her high expectations of “Storybook” romance and her shrill “That’s not how it’s supposed to go!” attitude and her unhealthy obsession with “bunnies” usually gets her labeled “Psycho bitch” usually by the end of the first or second month. All of this assuming she even noticed he was interested in her.
She enjoys reading magazines about ships, decorating, and small rodent pets when she’s not working. She keeps an eye on the commodities and enjoys shopping for bargains, usually on net or in enclosed malls.
Personality: Artistic and Creative, she spends most of her time in her own mind, building elaborate plans and schemes. She gets quite upset when things don’t go as planned. She starts to panic because she doesn’t know what to do since she’s been so Sheltered her entire life. Full of energy, she’s vacillates between Mercurial and Dogged, working on one thing constantly, often forgetting to eat, to the exclusion of anything else. Then, she actually notices something and immediately follows that new trail. Usually there’s an “Oh yeah, that, I was meaning to look into that,” as she shifts gears. She’s very Protective of those she loves by nature, and her society taught her to be Caring. As for the demure aspect of her society’s view of femininity, she is quite Modest, but too Feisty to qualify, when she’s on a tear she can be quite loud and forceful. There’s more than a bit of Alistaga buried deep down inside her.

2008-12-10, 04:22 AM
I'm playing in a Tearing of the Weave adventure (Forgotten Realms, pre-made module), currently, and recently retired my current character because the story took a turn that he would definitely leave for. So, to sate my ego, I will mention both him, and my new character to be introduced shortly. :smallamused:

Meleghost Stamaraster, a LN Halruaan Cleric/Wizard/Mystic Theurge (With Precocious Apprentice cheese to get into MT at level 5) who insistently worships the previous Mystra and follows her tenants. So much so that he's taken a feat to worship dead deitys and nevertheless get spells from them. He'd been disillusioned with the new Mystra because of her initial rashness with dealing who got to use magic or not her first few years as goddess of magic, as well as the fact that she was previously mortal, and therefore incredibly fallible and unfit for the station.

Showing his fellows in Halruaa that one could still keep to the old tenants, even the old goddess herself, was popular enough amongst the older members (you know, the high priests and the like), that he founded the Church of Mystryl, and now seeks to undermine Mystra's church by bringing her faithful to his, so as to weaken her, and perhaps cause the old Mystra to be reborn and usurp Midnight's deity-hood. He feels he will succeed in this plan, as he was able to raise one of Elminster's bastard children (another PC), himself; who, curiously enough, has the power of Silver Fire, and is quite willing to engage in any plot to do harm to her uncaring father.

Isaac of Sakkors, LG Netherese Wizard/Battle Sorcerer/Ultimate Magus. Eons ago, in the pinnacle of magical might known as Netheril, the flying city of Sakkors hovered, like many of Netheril's cities did, though there was one thing that made this city stand out. The Mythallar, incredibly powerful stationary wards that fueled magical items and was the source of magic that kept cities flying, were an integral part of Netherese society, but this one, was different. Unlike the Mythallar of other cities, the one in Sakkors was sentient. When the arcanist Karsus stole Mystryl's deific powers, and caused magic to cease working, and the cities began crashing to the ground, the Mythallar in Sakkors was able to turn all of its city's inhabitants to stone, in an attempt to have as many as possible survive the crash it made into the Inner Sea; and there they remained, for many, many centuries.

Although a family of half sun elf, half aquatic elves had charged themselves with guarding the city from interlopers (to keep safe Faerun from anything in the cities of Netheril could do to it), a group of adventurers had infiltrated the city, and, noticing the inhabitants were stone, tried to depetrify them. When all their magical efforts were useless, they instead decided the people lost, and began to take what they could, which meant trying to pull a magical staff from Isaac's hands, sending a monstrous chain-reaction out that freed him and the female Leiran Cleric next to him from the spell, but imprisoning two of the adventurers in their stead.

He now travels with one of the half sun elf, half aquatic elf Guardinals, and the Leiran Cleric, hoping to make sense of the world, reverse the phaerimm's life-draining dwoemers in Anauroch, destroy the evil city of Shade, and find out how to fix his beloved city. For reasons of fluff, the DM has OKed him using the Locate City Bomb, just to show what ancient magic is capable of.

Gee. That got long-winded. I hope my ego gives you guys some good ideas. Though, I don't blame anyone if they don't read that monster.

2008-12-10, 05:59 AM
Just started playing in a Saga Edition Star Wars game, set in the Legacy era. I'm playing Coll Arranda, an explorer, surveyor and prospector with a Jedi heritage he's recently discovered. His sister was a Jedi Knight who was murdered by a Sith assassin, and her Master trained him.

2008-12-10, 07:36 AM
I am currently playing Skorn, an Orc Barbarian who was chased out of his tribe by other orc because of his "crazy ideas" (Good Side). Upon arriving on Human territory, he was hunt down and imprisoned. He was later sold to an Arena. Years later he was aided by a goblin adept to escape, along with party members (Elf Rogue, Human Scout and Human Cleric of War). Our outlaw group is currently raiding the tomb of a dead necromancer.

I plan to make skorn a Frenzied Berserker... But lately I'm thinking it would not be infortunate if he suffered an untimely demise, for then I could build an Master of Knowledge I'm developing the background...

2008-12-10, 08:34 AM
I'm currently playing two characters.

A war wizard human level 7. He's a little bit crazy and don't talk or maybe... juste talk to make insignifiant remark.

A human druid level 5 at another table. He not insane withb his 15 in charisma but he always wildshape into a cat... he's catcrazy...

Darth Stabber
2008-12-10, 05:22 PM
Gaerhardt Lichtbringen
Human Rouge/(warlock)(4e)

Gaerhardt is an ambasador from some kingdom which i don't recall the name of. He is sent to gather info on areas by poseing as a diplomat, but his real work involves skullking around in the dark and digging up dirt. He has good diplomatic skills and has resolved several missions without even needing skulldrudgery, infact he brokered an alliance out of several neigboring orc tibes, thereby ending generations of bloodshed. He loves the art of bringing people's dirty secrets to light, and relishes searching through archives and financial records and putting the pieces of the puzzle of corruption together and bringing those abusing their power to justice. While he is not an assassin or executioner he is adept at defending himself.
He grew up the third son of a wealthy influential family. The family is known for having close connections with the faewild and he has learned some basics of the fae warlocks art.

His party

Warforged paladin - Wizard's butler. Monotone, always refered to the wizard as sir.

kobold wizard(warlock)-fire obsessed pyro-maniac, ruiner of most of my best laid plans, for some reason people on fire would rather attack than negotiate.
Normally this would bother me, but he did it in a way that turned out fun.

Orc warlord(wizard) - smart, socially capable orc. Did an amazing job of keeping the party alive through insane situations.

2008-12-10, 07:13 PM
Kothar (known as the Demon), the Dragonborn Raptoran Barbarian/Fighter/Scout/Ranger/Warblade (yeah, that's a lot - I couldn't come up with one class that really represented the concept).

After spending many years of his life as a criminal, Kothar heard the call of Bahamut while in jail. Using the chain that bound him as an improvised weapon, he escaped to go meditate in the wild, and found his calling as a champion of the god, undergoing the Rite of Rebirth to move closer to perfection. He kept the chain as a reminder of his past, modifying it into a proper weapon and training with it for years. Over time, he formed a bond with it, causing it to manifest magical properties and even develop sentience (Item Familiar). Eventually, he decided that it was time to attempt to rejoin "civilized" society, and he now fights alongside others for the cause of Good.

2008-12-10, 07:22 PM

I'm playing in a 2E game where I'm running Naku, a gnomish Ranger/Thief who fights with daggers (thrown or dual melee). But she's having trouble because the campaign is set in a land conquered by Spartan / Surface Drow like people who are seriously hard to roleplay around. Basically they're racist and self-supremacist, such that if the average boyscout or town guard wants you to do something you have to completely debase yourself and grovel and lick their feet. Even though I'm dragonslaying-level. And you know the sad part? Naku was killed in one round by one of these town guards. Naku is crazy fine, but these guys are just broken. New DM. I'm just going to pick up an Acting proficiency so I can skip any RP I find too distateful with a d20 roll. And you know it's bad for me to do resort to that.


In a 1E/2E game I'm playing Koshatnik (Russian for "a dealer in stolen cats"), a human Bard/M-U. This is the 2E Bard which is more like the 3E Bard than the old one. He's a gypsy who happened to stay in town when the others left, I haven't thought of a good reason yet. Rolled wonderful stats (Unearthed Arcana) but a 6 Dex on "9d6 take best 3". It's going to be fun. I haven't actually gotten to play much yet.

As you can see, we don't cleave too tightly to the racial class and multiclassing limitations. But you can't have more than three and certain classes cannot multiclass.

2008-12-10, 09:38 PM
The Character I currently Have is being used in a long ongoing campaign .

Brandz : Elf Neutral Good Wizard lvl 8

In general Brandz is a Genious who can not stand the inferior minds of some people , he is an elf of 45 years , he has dedicated his entire life to magic and has strayed away from Drink ,Drugs and Love alltogether in order to enhance his magical talents . He hopes that he can uphold the values of the Magocracy in which he hails from and one day may he stand amougnst the greatest mages of his age . Alltogether Brandz is a very good person he at is very outspoken to what is wrong and what he thinks is right , when he starts the phrase " I am smarter than you !....." One would be best to beware his wrath !

Some other background to Brandz is that he is a direct descendant to a High Elven Monarchy but his bloodline was exiled for his house helped humans practice magic and escape the other elves that tried to stamp out Human Magecraft .

How he Started within the Campaign : Brandz is from a very outstanding mage's university that trains hordes upon hordes of magic users . Brandz as a young child was exeptionally intelligent and talented in the art of magick and gained more than his fair share of knowledge , upon graduating from his university , he planned on heading to the ancient sites of Empires and ruins that would contain long forgotten magic , however his parents where very set against him from doing so , but he told them his gifts would set him through . While on the road and tracing some ruins near a forest , Brandz had Met a Dwaven Monk by the name Thorcrest Hammershed who had been traveling the roads in the name of the God of Roads , later Brandz found out that Thorcrest was a slave and had slayed his former owners for his freedom . Also a Necromancer was also looking into the ruins Brandz was searching for , Bill had encountered both the Dwarf and Elf and Joined them in hopes of having some traveling co-horts that would not burn him alive for being a necromancer and defend his name . However Brandz does not know that Bill is actually from a very distant future and used not magic but technology from the future to travel to the past permanently . While in the forest , another dwarf appeared on the road , Brottor a cleric of Pelor , who was simply spreading the faith , after some greetings Brottor wanted Brandz and his friends to help him travel and elude the Dwarf snatchers that plague the lands . While they did not reach the desired ruins , they heard screams for help comming from a distant hill and detected large amounts of magic , and when our Adventurers traveled across the hill their lives where to never be the same again ....

2008-12-10, 10:44 PM
4e: Lord Verithras: Eladrin Tactical Warlord, lvl 4, Unaligned. A noble who's family was killed by fomorians in the Feywild, Verithras (nick-named Berryjuice by the other party members) moved to the material plane and declared himself as the leader of a new nation. He just needs some land to put it on. He assembled the Verithras Legion, consisting of "Team Good" (a cleric of Pelor, and a cleric and paladin of Bahumut), and "Team Evil" (a warlock, wizard, and rogue who all follow Vecna and Zehir but keep it secret due to the abominable insight checks of Team Good) and began traveling around the land in search of fame and fortune, slaying monsters and defending cities to win over the trust and accolade of the common folk, in hope of an eventual power shift in which he comes out on top. He's full of bluster and seems brash, but beneath his boisterous exterior is a cold and calculating warrior, canny and capable of both heroic sacrifice and merciless slaughter in the name of victory. Few see this side of Lord Verithras emerge into the open, and those that do usually don't live to tell the tale.

Savage Worlds conversion of the Decipher Star Trek RPG: Commander Elias "Fin" Torvalds - born in Finland, Elias was a natural athlete and leader growing up. He competed in biathlon as a teenager and young adult, honing his marksmanship and endurance, and winning several medals, though never an Olympic medal, which was his dream. After secondary school, he became the first of his family to enter Starfleet. At the academy, he excelled at ship-to-ship tactics, military history, and logistics, and those skills were quickly put to the test as he was assigned to the front lines of the Dominion war. During the war, he befriended a middle-aged Bajoran ensign, Terok. The two continued to serve together after the war, both enthusiastically transferring to the Luna project, returning to Starfleet's exploratory roots. They are now assigned to the USS Ganymede as First Officer and Security Chief.
"Fin" is known as a fun loving guy when off duty, and he loves a good wrestling match, skiing trip, or other physical activities. He is also unusual in his taste for an old form of Earth music called "Metal" which remained popular in his native Finland long after it faded from the popular scene. The loud bass and growling vocals which come out of his quarters when the door opens have startled more than a few passing officers. On duty, though, Cmdr. Torvalds is all business, and is often seen as uptight and draconian by his underlings. However, the war bred in him a sense of pragmatism, and he is willing to bend a rule or two if the situation calls for it.

NWoD Mage, 1870's campaign: Paracelsus, aka Dr. Hoppe, Moros of the Mysterium - "Step right up, folks! Come and witness a miracle! Yes, a miracle I say! Dr. Hoppe's All Purpose Elixir (now with quinine), with it's secret combination of ingredients, painstakingly assembled from across the globe, can work wonders on a common man's health! Just listen to these fantastic testimonials!"
A likable huckster, well mannered Southern gentleman, and a brilliant pharmacologist...Paracelsus is all of these things. A field surgeon in the Civil War, he underwent awakening when he witnessed the unspeakable carnage of the battle of Shiloh. He gave up his medical career, and now travels the western hemisphere in his wagon, accumulating knowledge and new alchemical formulas, and supporting himself through the sale of his "magic" elixir...the main ingredient of which is "aqua vitae" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aqua_vitae). He is now part of a nameless cabal that is traveling around the world on assignment from the Mysterium, to recover a missing expedition. He has helped his compatriots from the Mysterium and the Adamantine Arrow battle vampires, were-jaguars, angered spirits, and time-locked Atlantean Abyssal mages, with his intellect, his spells, and his real elixirs, alchemical concoctions with helpful effects.

2008-12-10, 11:05 PM
I have tons of characters. but my first and favorits, Yunaiga.

"she" is the leader of the assassin's guild of Spraal, a deceptively small town, she was raised by parents who were petty farmers, but she was smarter than they. she knew she had the intelligence to take over the guild. so she approached the guild, without her parents knowledge, and they told her that she must first prove herself, as she was only 10. so she kills her parents and posts their heads outside the guild. she enters in at 10, and learns very quickly. quickly she moves up the ranks and eventually "eliminates" the head of the guild, takes advantage of the chaos that ensues and takes power. but nobody in the guild knows it is her, she now goes only by Yunaiga.

she is now an Epic Rogue(24)/Assassin(10), who has killed Boccob, and has control over all the governments of the world through the guild. The Seven are a group of her best "soldiers" each with different contacts and a different race, but her one and only friend is Tsyamiy, a changeling, who discovered who she was. Tsyamiy, however, only aides in Yunaiga's deception, as Tsyamiy realizes that a cruel leader will follow if yunaiga ever loses power.

2008-12-11, 05:14 PM
D&D 3.5

Alvin Silvermaul
silverbrow human
L13 (duskblade5 / wizard1/ Abjurant Champion5/ Spellsword1/ Eldritch Knight 1)
BAB 12
wizard caster L12 (spells/day as L7 wizard)

weapons: +3 adamantine maul (name: crushing despair, nickname: door maker)
(greater mighty wallop makes this count as gargantuan sized- 4d8 base damage +3 (enchantment) +3 (str))

touch attack: clap of thunder: 1d8 sonic damage / caster level of spell held in reserve(4d8) (no save, no SR)

flame burst: 1d6 / caster level of spell held in reserve (4d6) reflex for 1/2 (no SR)

start of adventuring day cast Greater mighty wallop on Maul and rogues mace

at start of battle cast shield (free action)
wallop enemy with crushing despair, if they are too hard to hit or have large DR (or both) then change to sonic touch attacks.


Heinrick Helthaven
Halfling Physician (previously herbalist then pharmacist)

Worlds most cowardly adventurer (Toughness 1, 5 wounds)

Heinrick hides behind his brutish companions and bandages them up when they need healing.
Heinrick holds the view that violence is not something he'll ever be part of but the world is a bad place and his friends are doing what they can to make it better. they need his help (making them better) and he'll heal them as he can.
Heinrick is a worshipper of shallya and will eventually become an initiate in her church.
Heinrick is smart, quick, friendly and dexterous. also weak and sickly, unskilled with weapons and unauthorative.

Call of cthulhu

Jack Hamner
inventor / jack of all trades.

Jack is a big fellow who is constantly creating new devices and tools and adapting his truck.

he's skilled in mechanical & electrical engineering, Locksmithing and gunsmithing.

2008-12-11, 06:09 PM
This thread is awesome, I love reading about other people's games.

I'm usually the GM so I don't have any current characters. Whenever we play Shadowrun though I always pull out the same character: Michael Dodgeson aka Spurz, a troll with a serious addiction to bionics. Spurz is the boss of an ork street gang after he beat up the old leader. He's usually a really nice guy but sometimes he gets angry and then either his machinegun or his arm claws come out...

Spurz has been shot, stabbed, hit by a truck, blown up, and generally treated awfully by everything. It doesn't really slow him down though. He is very proud and impatient, which works out okay for him because he is so danged tough. He also owns the team van and only lets the elf drive, because he's the only one he trusts. Spurz is actually pretty smart, he just doesn't like to think. He lets the rest of the party do that.

I picked contacts that would be able to help the group out. One is a street surgeon who may or may not be Spurz' father (neither of them are aware of it if it's true). Theres also a bartender who is a total **** to everyone.:smallannoyed:

He's a riot to play. I love walking through bullets and explosions laughing and holding down the triggers on my assault rifles.

Man... I miss playing Shadowrun...

Mushroom Ninja
2008-12-11, 06:18 PM
Characters I play:

D&D 2e
Slipveig Sturlonson: NG Cleric. Skipveig is a contemplative old man who has wandered the lands spreading the word of his goddess ever since the temple he used to study in was sacked by worshipers of an enemy god.

D&D 3.5 (warning: There are a lot)
[Eberron] Haratash: N Halfling Outrider. Haratash was born on the Talenta plains, product the of short-lived union between a Talenta huntmistress and a House Cannith ambassador. After spending his early life with his mother on the plains, he set out to Sharn to meet his father and ended up working for the House Cannith. Haratash is constantly torn between the traditional values of the Talenta plains, and the more modern approach to life found in Sharn.

Elroth: CG Human Wizard/Loremaster/Anima Mage (DM let me take it even though I was Good). A trained mage from the Darkspire Academy, Elroth set out adventuring in hopes to discover new and interesting magics only hinted at in his tutors' tomes. Elroth is optimistic. Very optimistic. This optimism combined with his general social naivete causes him to annoy the rest of the party to no ends. Despite several tragic things that have happened to him (such as the death and vampirification of his closest allies) he has still managed to keep a positive outlook on life (perhaps as a coping mechanism).

Varuvinius Sarusil: CG Elf Wizard. Varuvinius has lived for hundreds of years and has decided that the best thing to do with the hundreds of years more he has to live is to enjoy himself. He is a consummate prankster generally keeping to small things, but occasionally making a bad judgment call and playing a potentially dangerous prank on the party (such as passing the frenzied beserker notes with explosive runes on them).

Astrophil:CG Grey Elf Wizard/Rogue/Arcane Trickster. Astrophil is a smartly-dressed elf, prone to occasionally flipping out and blasting things with wands. He is usually accompanied by his familiar, Nadia, a wyrmling silver dragon.

Shav: [Eberron] NG Changling Lurk. Shav suffers the fate of a character designed for infiltration, intrigue, and subterfuge forced into a railroaded hack-'n'-slash campaign. :smallfrown:

Yorik: [Eberron] CG Human Fighter. Alas poor Yorrik, I knew him well. He was a sweet two-handed sword wielding, undead hating machine. But alas, he fell victim to some unlucky rolls in a random encounter and died. He refused to be raised as he considered it to be to close to undeadness.

Emerik: [Forgotten Realms] NG Whisper Gnome Archivist. Summoned by Oghma to help a group of heroes fulfill some sort of epic quest, Emerik is obsessed with ancient knowledge.

D&D 4e

Minthorel Galaden: LG Eladrin Warlord Timid in social situations, Minthorel is only really at home while coordinating his allies' attack strategies. Also a decent violinist.


Zeeku: Felucian Scoundrel/Soldier/Scout. Banished from Felucia after a... disagreement... with tribal elders over the proper use of the force, Zeeku wanders the galaxy in search of fun. He sees the force, like the rest of life, as a game. Very rash.

2008-12-11, 07:23 PM
Killian Sirrijin
Killian has no nickname as it stands, because he has yet to be given one he feels fits his station and he refuses to give himself a nickname.

Killian started his adventuring career as a human, but that was a long time ago. His life has gone through twists and turns since then, and so has his physical appearence. Suffice to say, the way he is now is how he'd like to keep it. He's now an elf, lean and rather plain-looking with ordinary features that wouldn't catch your eye or convince you to do much. But his skin, hair and eyes are devoid of all color now. His eyes were a cloudy green, but now are just blank slates of gray with a dragon eye pupil slit in each. His face stays clean-shaven, which is his tendency to shave with a dagger when he has the opportunity. He still has the facial structure of a human and not the slender, pointed features of an elf aside from the ears. His hair is somewhat long, brushed straight back and hanging just to the bottom of his neck, but in the heat of a fight, it gets a bit more spread out in a heroic fashion, as is fitting an epic character. His face is usually in a smirk of a confident thief, which he indeed is.

He wears a sleeveless chain shirt with a bag of thieves' tools slung across his body, shoulder to hip. He's also never seen, if he can help it, without a cloak long enough to wrap around himself. His hands are gloved, but the fingers are cut off at the fingers so he can delicately work his trap disarming, locking picking and weapons with the finesse he feels necessary. One his right hand is a large ring, ranging from the first to middle knuckle of his middle finger, in the shape of Olidammara's combined tragedy and comedy mask. His other hand sports a plain band on the third knuckle. He carries daggers secreted about him, but relies mainly on the silver dagger tucked up his left sleeve. His primary weapon is the cane rapier he carries, with a long, thin blade, no hand guard and a solid, metallic ball at the bottom of the grip. All the jewelry he wears is silver in color and does not seem to glitter.

No matter where he is, shadows seem to cling to him, and he seems to fade into them a little bit, even when he's not trying. Parts of him, namely his left upper arm, right calf and a spot in his lower back, are just shadowed outlines. His death in Ravenloft brought him back as part elemental shadow, and those are the three locations where this manifests clearly. The rest of his clothing is not tight, but not billowy, instead being just slightly loose so as to not constrict movement but also not be baggy enough to get in the way or make noise. His boots lace up to just below the knee, and underneath his mail shirt is only a sleeveless, lace-necked tunic. His belt has pouches all the way around it, never seeming to be bulging, but if you watch him, obviously full of many items. Tied on his belt, underneath where his tools hang, is a bag that also seems to be only partly full.

Two ongoing tales mark him. The first is his unrequited love for a beautiful elven sorceress named Sylia that he traveled with a few years ago. While the force was defeated, their homes were still lost. Killian fell desperately for the woman, but she decided to stay behind and help rebuild instead of going with him. He keeps a locket with a painting of her at all times, and desires to go back and find her when he can.

He's an incredible thief and incredibly skilled with his rapier and made it out of Ravenloft, just barely.

I enjoy this character because I've played him from the ground up all the way to epic levels, and he's got a relaxed, slightly snarky, non-vicious CN personality and would almost be called a kleptomaniac. Except that his thieving is because he thinks it's fun, and won't do it if he thinks it's not a good idea.

Our GM did a sketch, which if you're really interested, you can see here:

Rogue 13/Thief Acrobat 5/Exemplar 4/Void Incarnate 1

Edit: I forgot to add in one of his more amusing traits. Killian started as a human, then a human with one hand, then was changed into a halfling, then made an elf, now is an elf with the Dark template.

2008-12-11, 08:43 PM
3.5 edition D&D
Adwren Solignis


Chaotic Good Third level Cleric of Pelor. Human . Domains healing and good. Eighteen years old. Raised near elves who left their village due to the ideals of the elders. Learned Elven and several childhood friends were elves. Kindhearted, but naive. Tends to ask questions, which often annoys others. Sometime considered not a threat in combat due to missing or barely injuring hostile encounters.
Mother was a cleric raised by elves. Found as an infant by a single family of elves. Adopted despite the elders saying that a human child raised by elves will cause unrest in the village because one family believe that 'kindness onto others is often repaid'. Relative outcast in elven society, called 'bane of the elves' but was told by adoptive family to prove the elves wrong. Proved that she was valuable when helping fend off a group of invading orcs, but was not considered a true member of the village.
Father was a wizard found injured on the outskirts of the elven village. Fell in love with the woman who healed him. Left home when Adwren was five years old.
When the two were married, the elves thought this would remove the woman from the village before she would cause unrest, but five families believed that the elders were being absurd, and were exiled as a result.
V would consider my character's backstory preposterous

Stats and Equipment

Str 10
Dex 5
Con 12
Int 12
Wis 18
Cha 10
Club -> Morningstar
Half Plate Armor -> Banded armor
Heavy Iron Shield -> Heavy wooden shield
Silver Holy symbol

current adventures
working off a one million GP debt for a wizard named Prince Hubbard. Allies include a warforged, a sorcerer and a goblin. So far has entered an abandoned church in order to retrieve some silver and attacked by a creature that shot lightning/static electricity, has gone into a shire of Pelor for gold (because the DM had no idea who Aqual is), Thrown down a well by two allies because he said he would have to heal the warforged, who was also thrown down the well.