View Full Version : Any feats that improve acid damage?

Arros Winhadren
2008-09-01, 11:20 PM
So I made a bathtub with acid water inside of it. Problem is it only does 1d6 acid damage per round. Any feats that might improve that? If not, no problem - this character is pretty much just for kicks.

Tempest Fennac
2008-09-02, 01:54 AM
Why would a character need a bathtub like that? (I'm assuming he's a sadist who likes to torture people, but I just wanted to check). If the character is a spell caster, this would increase acid spell amage slightly: http://realmshelps.dandello.net/cgi-bin/feats.pl?Acidic_Splatter,all (I know it's not really what you want, but it could possibly fit with your character).

2008-09-02, 01:56 AM
Maybe the bathtub is the character?

Tempest Fennac
2008-09-02, 01:57 AM
If it is, would that Reserve feat I mentioned be helpful?

2008-09-02, 02:04 AM
I believe total immersion increases damage taken per round.

2008-09-02, 02:09 AM
Doesn't total immersion in acid do 10d6 acid?

2008-09-02, 02:16 AM
Yeah, as others have said, acid is worse if you're immersed in it.

Acid Effects

Corrosive acids deals 1d6 points of damage per round of exposure except in the case of total immersion (such as into a vat of acid), which deals 10d6 points of damage per round. An attack with acid, such as from a hurled vial or a monsterís spittle, counts as a round of exposure.

The fumes from most acids are inhaled poisons. Those who come close enough to a large body of acid to dunk a creature in it must make a DC 13 Fortitude save or take 1 point of Constitution damage. All such characters must make a second save 1 minute later or take another 1d4 points of Constitution damage.

Creatures immune to acidís caustic properties might still drown in it if they are totally immersed.

So if you manage to get a creature immersed, it's 10d6, and you're forcing Fort saves vs. Con damage from the inhaled fumes.

EDIT: Oh, but hey, for only the low, low price of having to be able to use Epic skill usages (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/epic/skills.htm#craftAlchemy) and an awesome Epic feat (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/epic/feats.htm#augmentedAlchemy), you can use Craft (Alchemy) to increase damage to a whopping 2d6 damage! :smallsigh:

Tempest Fennac
2008-09-02, 02:21 AM
Are there any feats which could be used to help keep people immersed? Baths could possibly grapple with tentacles if the Psudonatural template was applied to them.

2008-09-02, 11:01 AM
Perhaps the bathtub doesn't have acid but a submerged gate to a pocket dimension filled with acid?

2008-09-02, 02:22 PM
If you';re gonna have a freestanding Gate in a tub, just have it opened to the Plane of Acid rather than a subplane. That oughta do it.

2008-09-02, 03:00 PM
I really don't understand the post. Feats don't improve traps.

2008-09-02, 03:04 PM
I really don't understand the post. Feats don't improve traps.Is there any way you could grant the bathtub an intelligence score of 3 or higher? Then it could gain levels and take feats.

Arros Winhadren
2008-09-02, 04:42 PM
For those who are curious, you may want to take a look at this thread here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=89419&highlight=bathtub). Basically, what I did is take a Large Animated Object, gave it the Elite Array stats in the back of the Monster Manual, add hit dice and make the water in the bathtub act as a Gelatinous Ooze. I also gave the bathtub Suggestion, Charm Person and Dominate Person as spell-like abilities.

I was curious about the acid damage because a Gelatinous Ooze only does 1d6 of damage, but I had no idea about that immersion business. So does an enemy engulfed by a GO count as being immersed in acid? Though it's true that in this case it's not really an Ooze but actually special acidic paralyzing water. Anyways, I was wondering what feats my bathtub would take, and so far all I've taken is ability focus to up my save DCs.

Tempest Fennac
2008-09-03, 01:32 AM
I know this isn't quite the same thing, but could giving it Telekenisis in order to hold people under the acid help? Also, could Warlock levels help here due to them gettng Charm Monster as a Lesser Invocation? I think they get an Invocation which acts like an infinite Wall of Force letar as well (I'l check in a few minutes).

EDIT: Dragon Magic contains Impenitrable Barrier, which is a Greater Invocation (that could be used to trap people in the bath).

Arros Winhadren
2008-09-03, 01:10 PM
Actually I don't think trapping them under the water is a problem. The Gelatinous Ooze has both engulf and paralysis, and a paralyzed enemy is auto-engulfed. So if I'm understanding this right, then on the round the enemy gets into my bathtub they must make a fort save, and if they lose then they are engulfed, and on the next round they take 10d6 acid damage.

Tempest Fennac
2008-09-04, 11:12 AM
I didn't realise you could do that. It sounds as though that's effective enough as it is if you can do that.

2008-09-04, 11:22 AM
Only an actual acid bath would deal 10d6 damage on full immersion. If it is a monster, it deals the damage stated in the creature's block.

Other than that. Both an animated object and an ooze are mindless monsters, they don't get feats as far as I am aware.

Anyway. Feats for this monster could be Improved Grapple, Ability Focus (Special ability with a save DC here), nothing else comes to mind.