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2008-09-02, 04:03 AM
Excuse me ahead of time if this has been done before in the history of the forums, or somewhere else on the internet (I realize that with the plethora of gamers out there, this has happened before. It's not going to deter me from posting this, though.

Let's make a party is a simple game: We will put together a themed party with a set assumptions of the setting, splat books allowable, generation method, and level. Each character will be built as the rest, with a spread of options, to achieve a group of acceptable PCs. Unlike the Character Builder Thread, this is a game; a test of team work to get a desired party together. While these characters ought to be playable, there's no actual campaign for them to fit in once they're complete (unless that's part of the criteria). It's no problem if the characters are reused for individual campaign, or the entire party is recruited for a campaign, but that's secondary to the purpose.

I will list the theme, party size, starting level, generation method, allowed books, allowed alignments, races, classes, setting/campaign, and hook. I will also post to a character already in the making, while the rest is discovered.

First Round: Those Darn Rogues
Theme: Troupe of thieves and braggarts masquerading (the best they can) as a group of traveling actors and performers.
Party size: Six to eight total.
Starting level: 1d4 character levels.
Generation method: Fun (3d6 down the line, reroll if total modifiers are less than +1 or the total ability scores are less than 66; you are able to swap one stat for another). Maximize starting gold.
Books: [3.5] A&Eqp, HBG, PHB, PHB II, CAdv, CArc, CSco, RoS, RoW, Spell Comp.
Races: Core only (Elf, dwarf, gnome, half-elf, half-orc, halfling, human)
Classes: No dragon shaman, ninja, or wu-jen (others may be ruled out if they do not fit in the scope of the game).
Alignment: Any, avoid CE as much as possible.
Other notes: No Eberron. No ToB. No ToM. No homebrew classes or homebrew variants. Homebrew equipment and spells on acceptance of the players. Unearthed Arcana is in, PHB2 variants are in. Backgrounds to be fleshed in through random generation (HBG) or through clever writing.
Setting/Campaign: The booming frontier town of Kerū Tasek, a recently built colony exploded from trade. The characters are lured in by the promise of easy gains, but either have a history, or need to lay low. Low-magic, low availability of magic items; magic isn't as feared as it is hard to get. Those who have the power aren't willing to share it easily. The campaign is structured as low-mid on the fighting, high on the RPing. Characters should reflect their personality.
The hook: The troupe makes an excellent jumping off point; the PCs could get together and come up with their plan on entering the city and robbing it blind under the guise of their group; or perhaps, if the players aren't too motivated to arrange it themselves, someone from the Furioi family can arrange it to happen, drawing the players in with a promise of a cut.

Dramatic Personae

NOTE!: The backgrounds of the characters are important. Cross-reference, create intersections, or build details off of each other.

The Getaway Driver [Dwarf Feat variant Rogue 1, w/ noted skill swapping]: Virgil Sullisky (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheets/view.php?id=79126) (Needs equipment and touched-up backstory and flaws and/or traits).
The street magician [??]: Sal Turkisch

Your turn: Make recommendations regarding the getaway driver and create the remainder of the party. Make sure you state whether you're a spectator or wishing to play, so when I log this on the KQ, I can note who gave what credit... (Or if this is a stupid waste of your time, you can tell me that too ;))