View Full Version : Dexterity to ranged damage?

2008-09-02, 09:50 AM
What the title says; is there a feat that adds your DEX modifier to ranged weapon damage? If yes, what are the perequisites?

2008-09-02, 10:01 AM
Fighter Variant in Dragon 310, 1/2 through a feat in PHB II, feat in Dragon Compendium, and as a weapon enchantment in Arms and Equipment guide.

Mando Knight
2008-09-02, 10:24 AM
Or default RAW in 4E...:smallwink:

2008-09-02, 10:28 AM
Or default RAW in 4E...:smallwink:

And a few d20 variants, I might add.

It really wouldn't be unbalancing even in basic 3.5 unless your character had both massive DEX and massive STR and a composite bow built for his full STR bonus, and even then there's much worse out there in non-archer land. 3.5 D&D is not kind to archers.

2008-09-02, 11:22 AM
The Dead Eye feat from Dragon Magazine. Requires Weapon Focus, and only applies to the weapon that you have focus in.

You can also take Shadow Blade (which applies it to melee weapons) and then take levels of Bloodstorm Blade (which lets you treat thrown weapons as melee attacks).

FYI, adding damage to ranged attacks is easy. Effects from ammo and bows of different types stack. So if you buy a +1 Flaming composite long bow, and use +1 Frost arrows, you fire +1 Flaming Frost composite (Str bonus) attacks. Then have a friend cast Greater Magic Weapon to improve the enhancement bonus.

Basically, it just takes a lot of money. Or you can take Ancestral Relic (Book of Exalted Deeds) or Mercantile Background (Player's Guide to Faerun) or levels of Kensai (Complete Warrior). Any of these methods will basically get you +1d6 extra damage per level, or you can invest in special effects - Splitting, Exploding, Knockback, etc. All you really need in terms of feats is Point Blank Shot, Rapidshot, Manyshot, Precise Shot, and Improved Precise Shot. You're free to invest the rest of your feats and class abilities in anything else you want. That's why the most powerful archers tend to be Clerics or other full casters.