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2008-09-02, 09:13 PM
Just how many times you've had people complain that DM decision x is not RAW or is not right by RAW or that horrible abuse z should be allowed because it's RAW?

You want to remove Pun Pun or any other Rules weirdness through RAW from your campaign? You want to rewrite reality to suit your image? You want absolute power on an entire world? Then this is the spell for you:

Enforce Rule 0

Abjuration, Evocation, Transmutation, Enchantment (compulsion), Illusion (figment)
Spellcraft DC: 0
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 minute
Range: touch
Area: Worldwide (40.000 miles radius)
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: Natural 20 on will (see below)
Spell Resistance: No (see below)
To Develop: no cost (DC ). Seeds: Ward (DC 14), Weather (DC 25), Transform (DC 21), Compel (DC 19), Delude (DC 14). Factors: Ward against up to Epic spells (+180 DC), Up to 100 HD targets (+170 DC), Transform supernatural ability (+10 DC), Overcome transformation immunity (+10 DC) Remove Magic Immunity (+105 DC), Unreasonable Action (+10 DC), Stricter Compulsion (+11 DC), Delude all Senses (+10 DC), Follows Script (+9 DC), Appears other than it is (+4 DC), Increase area from 2 miles to Worldwide (+80.000 DC), +1000 vs dispelling (+2000 DC), +1000 spell save DC (+2000 DC), +1000 vs Spell Resistance (+2000 DC), Permanent (5x)
Mitigating Factors: 1997 additional casters offering 9th level spell slots and 20.000 XP each. (or 25.475 casters offering just 9th level slots)

This mighty spell rewrites Reality itself to the caster's wishes-or seems to. Affecting the entire world, it surpresses and prevents the casting of any spells or spell-like effects (including epic ones) the caster chooses (no save), transforms creatures, items and objects so that they lose abilities or shape the caster does not desire and compels creatures not to take actions the caster does not wish them to take. Any creature of 100 HD or less and any item or object is subject to this spell. Creatures that would have immunity to the compulsion are still affected because the immunity is stripped from them, magic items can be transmuted because their magic properties can be surpressed and magic immunity is not an obstacle to this spell's power. Magic, even epic magic, cannot be used to defend against, dispel, aid in resisting or controlling the effects of this spell because the spell surpresses such magic. The insidious nature of the spell is obvious (or rather not) due to the powerful illusion that conceals the presence of the spell from all senses; subjects will believe the results of the spell to be the natural laws of reality rather than an external alteration, explaining away failed spells and items due to the laws of magic, changed creatures and objects as the natural state of things and strange behaviour as choices of the individuals in question.
The spell, except for the part that controls magic, can be negated by a natural 20 on a will save for each individual or item but the spell's wicked creator has thought of that; the spell's effects take 10 minutes to apply, enabling the spell to be cast 10 times due to its 1 min casting time before any restrictions on magic apply, requiring 10 natural 20s in a row to resist (pretty much impossible)

2008-09-02, 09:20 PM
I realize that this is kind of a joke, but Rule 0 is RAW. Seriously, it's right in the first chapter of the DMG. When people do things like theoretical character optimization, they generally don't do so with the intention of ever putting something like that in front of a DM.

Dr Bwaa
2008-09-02, 09:26 PM
I like it :smallbiggrin:

2008-09-02, 09:26 PM
That's brilliant. I have to use it in my homegame, the next time the PCs start playing up.

The look on their faces will be priceless!

2008-09-02, 10:25 PM
... I think you misunderstood what "RAW" means. Strictly speaking, Despite your intentions, this is still homebrewing and houseruling...

In addition, Because Rule 0's applications and actual rulings differs from GM to GM, it has to do with RAI rather than RAW.

2008-09-02, 11:26 PM
Rule Zero is already RAW, and certainly more RAW than a homebrewed ritual which does nothing but invoke it. The problem is, Rule Zero doesn't actually override all the other rules. You (meaning, a DM and a group that agrees to play with him) can override any given rule you want, but there's a limit to just how much you can apply it to at once. Otherwise, you could just play Chronos's System:
Rules for Chronos's System:

0: Whenever a dispute arises about how to handle something, the DM decides.

1: There is no rule 1.

2: See rule 1.
I'm planning on selling the Chronos System, in three rulebooks, each costing $30. Anyone want to place a pre-order? It's obviously the perfect system, since any imbalances that may arise can be instantly corrected.

2008-09-02, 11:41 PM
Exactly. While most games do invoke Rule 0 to add, remove, or change elements of the game, when discussing the game between members of different gaming groups, differing opinions, with the exact same level of influence, and no way to decide...

Well, for there to be any meaningful exchange of information, there has to be a common baseline. Something we can all assume is true. From there, you can identify issues and change them in your personal game, but that has no effect here. Because here is the base-line.

RAW exists to provide a standard. If you need to change it, do so. But don't assume everyone else has changed things in the same way. The very thing that gives Rule 0 its power destroys its objectivity in inter-group discussion.

2008-09-03, 02:35 AM
I can't help but notice it is mindeffecting. Bubble mind ftw...

2008-09-03, 05:41 AM
You are right, this is pretty much a joke-but it definitely works on making you the absolute controller of an entire world too.

BTW, the spell has been improved (see OP)