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2008-09-08, 10:30 AM
So I'm curious. *"Curious about What?":smallconfused:* I'm Curious as to who can create the best Altair build. Maybe not the whole death attack thing, but the physical abilities and interrogation abilities. Any Assassin's Creed fans who can make a gestalt build for this?

2008-09-09, 08:39 AM
No love for our 3rd Crusade freedom fighter?

2008-09-09, 09:15 AM
I've only barely started Assassin's creed, so forgive me if I miss things.

Gestalt Warblade//Swordsage/Assassin/Maybe Invisible Blade with Carmendine Monk applied to Swordsage and probably 3 levels of Swashbuckler. You can also throw in some urban ranger if you want, for the tracking down the target stuff.

You get a death attack from Assassin, good hit dice and BAB from warblade and also some good int synergy (it's also the DC of your death attack and, with carmendine monk, you get it to AC in light or no armor). Invisible blade gives more sneak attack and skills (I'd recommend trying to get the pre-reqs changed to to the ones for the original 10-level version) and will give you INT to AC in no armor as part of your DEX mod, but only up to class level.

There's a dragon magazine feet (Keen Intellect, I think) that makes your will save and wisdom based skills based on INT instead and this build should have that for a good Sense Motive and Survival without getting too MAD

I'm forcing this to be an INT based build mainly for the death attack. If you don't want that, it can be a WIS-based build and free up some feats.

Make him an unarmed swordsage, get him some daggers and one or more hidden blades from complete scoundrel and a scimitar and he should be good to go.

2008-09-09, 09:17 AM
I figured i would scrap the death attack thing because the current assassin PrC...well it sucks. I played one and the term "deadly assassin" wasn't nearly as redundant as I had hoped. It became more like a state of being depending upon dice rolls.