View Full Version : [Eberron 3.5]Warblade//Artificer(Meleeficer) Gestalt Help

2008-09-09, 03:42 AM
Okay, so I just joined am eberron game (set in an apocalyptic future 100 years after the initial setting, where people with "Mourning Marks", hideously powerful and uncontrollable dragonmarks have reshaped and almost destroyed the world) and I need a hand with my character's feats and gear. He's a warforged focusing on the Iron Heart and Stone Dragon, and Diamond Mind maneuvers. Some rules: No multiclassing or use of alternate class features, and personally I don't want to go with the "normal" shock trooper/leap attack combo since in all honesty it doesn't synergize with his maneuvers, since they're mostly strikes and counters. Any suggestions or help with optimization (to a limit, I'm not interested in being a blaster or anything game breaking) would be appreciated.

Stats are:

STR 23(+4 Item)
DEX 14
CON 16
INT 20(+4 Item)

Feats -
Flaw: Vulnerable
Flaw: Shaky
Free: Adaptive Style
Free: Psyforged Body
1st: Power Attack
3rd: Rapid Infusion
Warblade 1: Iron Will
Artificer 1: Extend Spell
6th: Improved Fortification
Artificer 2: Attune Magic Weapon
9th: Instant Clarity
Warblade 2: Improved Initiative
12th: Psychic Renewal
Artificer 3: Wand Mastery

Maneuvers Known-
Emerald Razor
Wall of Blades
Insightful Strike
Iron Heart Surge
Ruby Nightmare Blade
Iron Heart Focus
Elder Mountain Hammer
Greater Insightful Strike
Irresistable Mountain Strike

Punishing Stance
Bolstering Voice
Dancing Blade Form