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2008-09-09, 07:44 AM
Back then when I just started playing DnD, my DM introduced to me a DnD Character Builder Tools or something like that.

Basically, we can enter our character, race, class, roll our stats and hp and such. The program will calculate our hp, skills, feats, spells, and things like that. It also give us the list of basic skills, feats, spells, even language! Then, we can advance our level, and the program will calculate how much skill point do we get, how many spells, bonus feats, Basic attack bonus, and everything.

It's kinda basic. It didn't have any fancy prestige class or fancy feat. It only got things from basic Player Hand Book. But it's very easy to use for a new player! That's how I learned DnD Mechanic.

Now, I want to introduce DnD to new player, and I want to give this tools to them. Anyone know what program it is?

From what I remember, it's for DnD 3.5, and it's free, or at least shareware. But It's been kinda long that I forgot what it was called or where did I got it. Can somebody help me?

2008-09-09, 08:10 AM
I don't think there are any more shareware or free ones.. i know i think the 3.0 books came with a character creator demo.. not sure

2008-09-09, 08:13 AM
It was on a disc inside the 3.0 players handbook.

I think it used to be downloadable from wizards website but i couldn't find it when i just looked.

there is a good excel based spreadsheet called Heroforge that you will be able to find using google but it assumes that you have some system knowledge and sourcebooks.

2008-09-09, 08:23 AM
just found this for pc:

for mac:

don't know if those help both free where

2008-09-09, 08:26 AM
The Only Sheet (http://theonlysheet.com) is a nice program, and they offer a 5 level demo version with just a couple of the macro's disabled. Otherwise you just need to become a donator to gain access to all of its features. You can download new classes, new feats, new spells. Its all created by other users and posted so that you can use it for your character. Its such a nice sheet. I think its $30 US for life, and you get all updates and access to the user-0generated content. Its a sweet deal. And its only an excel sheet, and you don't need a huge computer to run it.

2008-09-09, 08:35 AM

It's Redblade. Thank you very much guys.

2008-09-09, 01:21 PM
Also, you might check out www.rpgsheets.com...they have all sorts of automated character sheets...
my favorite is a VERY extensive excel spreadsheet that used to be on that site (can't find it now!) called char_gen.xls or some similar file name; it was AWESOME.

Gonna have to check redblade out.


2008-09-10, 07:04 AM
Personally, I use PCGen (google it, should be easy enough to find). May not be suitable for completely new players, since it uses the SRD and thus has most of the descriptions removed, but it's a complete character builder for a number of D20 systems, and the developers put out new versions regularly. You can even decide which of the available source documents you will use to build your character. And it comes with a set of DM tools as well.

2008-09-10, 07:10 AM
I second PCGen... takes a little getting used to but is very handy and has a die roller and initiative tracker in addition to a very detailed character generation system. It's also customizable if you want to start adding your own classes, etc, though that takes some more advanced know-how.

And it's FREE.

2008-09-10, 09:51 AM
not a fan of PC gen... I wish they had a piece of software that had non SRD material in it.. that would rock.