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2008-09-09, 03:53 PM
Shattered Dreams

"To think, we once thought we were along in the universe"

What If we weren't alone in the universe. We were visited by the, Anakratarii, a technologically advanced race of beings from the planet of Zeldanon 16, a planet of massive glaciers and giant futuristic cities. Their leader, Kryyec the wise, sent a expedition to our planet, though technologically advanced they saw potential in us, as great allies for the greater good.

84 BA, Humanity first meets aliens in clandestine meetings.

72 BA , Zeldanon 16's top scientists meet with Americas top scientists for a solution to economic issues.

61 BA, After many partnerships in the past, America has been working hard with the Anakratarii for the past years, making the world more technologically advanced then in present day Reality. America and the Anakratarii came up with a source of limitless power that would bring them great fortune for millennial to come. A Massive space station, The "Dream Catcher" Project, to harvest the energy of stars from numerous satellites, capturing and transmiting energy for a nearly limitless power source, incorporating a whole Economy within the main space station.

BA 35, After 20 years of backbreaking work, the "Dream catcher" system was completed, running at 150%, the project was a complete success. Technological advances increased Tenfold.

BA 26:The Trust of the races was broken with one wrongful act, a freelancer human assassin attempted to shoot Kryyec the wise, A cold war broke out that would last for 9 years.

BA 13: War has been declared, The Dream Catcher space station is contested for control.

Day 0: The space station was abandoned, Nuclear energy from the war on earth has infected some of the inhabitants of the station that were Left behind. Zeldanon 16 was destroyed and earth has become a nuclear fallout battlefield.

And so the party begins as survivors on the main Dreamcatcher, searching for a ever eluding means of escape, to a world no better.

2008-09-09, 04:18 PM
Starting your Shattered Dreams Campaign

Starting your Shattered Dreams Campaign, keep in mind that you have 2 options, the pcs can be abandoned by their squad and begin for there, or begin after the abandonment of the "Dream Catcher".

Trapped creatures from Alien planets,Technologically advanced enemies and Mutated humans may make up alot of the monster Manual, with minor tweaks and adjustments, can be suitable for the campaign.

Ending your Campaign

A natural end to a Shattered Dreams campaign can be achieved in different ways, If the Pcs escape the Space station, they could possibly end the campaign there, or take the fight to earth.

2008-09-09, 09:01 PM
The Dream catcher system

The Dream Catcher system is Made up of Dyson Swarms collecting energy to be sent to the relay on the space station, to be beamed back through the state of the art, Hyperspace Transmission system. Beamed back to earth, it provides enough power to run both Zeldanon 16 and earth, Until the space station was abandoned and resources became limited, now theirs a fight over the limited resources needed to survive.

At the Time or running, The satellites and the main space station were all connected by teleportation gates. Gates connecting the worlds to the space station were destroyed.

2008-09-10, 07:57 PM
Earth's Condition

Earth is a fallout Zone, the pcs should not know this or the fact that its the final battlefield of human and alien.

2008-09-11, 03:47 PM
Converting the base classes

Changing names is all that takes, The sorcerer would be a Nanobot user, using nanobots in his bloodstream to preform effects such as fireballs.

2008-09-11, 09:27 PM

AIs were developed to enhance the human ability to do tasks by adding a flawless artificial Intelligence to guide them. AIs only were available through the army and were mostly destroyed during the explosion of Zeldanon 16 and the nuclear fallout of earth. AI slots exist in some armor types, useless as no chips exist to this day.