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2008-09-11, 02:29 PM
Alright, I have had this idea to make a Medabot D20 since... Well, lets just say a long time. The problem? I have no experience with D20, D&D, or any variation. Except for a few games based on it, however, I never truly understood the mechanics. Now, I do have a few ideas, so I will say a few, but I would exceedingly appreciate any help given. Besides, if made, we could all play it together :smallbiggrin:


Leadership bonuses
Feats that change medaforce abilities.
Classes that allow different bonuses.
^-For example. one class may allow you to tweak a medabot, while another may allow your medabot more resistance.


Different classes.
Evergrowing list of parts.
Your choices for a medabot to start with depends on your wealth.


Some may work better with some medabot and robattler classes then with others.
Can level up skills to increase power.
Medaforce power dependant on the medal's class.
[Perhaps a custom medal dependent on one thing or another?]
Medal's price and medaforce power depend on their rarity.

Sorry for my lack of experience or ideas. I have had time to think about it, but I should of written some of my ideas down.

[Also, I may not reply as much as I usually do. This is because of a incoming hurricane, however, I will reply as often as I can. ]

black dragoon
2008-09-11, 03:20 PM
Your ideas are sound. I'd suggest looking at the robots section of D20 future and the future tech manual from I hate to say it nowadays but the WOTC before they went mad. The D20 modern SRD has a the rules for robots so it's a good a start as any. Good luck I'd help but I'm working on a D20 pokemon conversion myself.:smallwink:

2008-09-11, 06:08 PM
Thanks! I looked over it, and it helped a bit. I also talked to one of my DM friends who helped a bit. Also, FMA home brew?:smallconfused: I may have to inquire you about that. Anyways, onto more about the basics of Medabots, since I do not have a head for numbers.

Medabots are plainly, robots powered by medals. These robots consist of a template, head part, Left and Right arm parts, and a leg part. These parts are infinitely interchangeable. However, Female parts are only able to be put on female templates and male parts on male templates. Leg parts differ by appearance, and type. For example, there are 4 legged, 2 legged, and tread legs. All of these are better in one way or another. 2 legged are good on rocky terrain, tread are good on flat terrain. Now, head parts each have a different attack. And, each arm has a different type of attack. There are set medabots. Which are parts that are in a set, which all match each other. Medabots robattle until their function ceases. This happens when the armor points of their head turn to 0, causing the medal to pop out of its place on the medabot's back.

Now, medals are the.. power source of medabots. Without them, medabots cannot function. These medals each contain their own personality. Each medal has compatibility with certain part types. This does not mean they cannot use other parts, however, they have bonuses, and function better with compatible parts. There is a secret inside of the medals though, in the form of medaforce. It is not completely understood, though it can be related to magic. Medaforce seems to increase dependent on the medabots experience, strain, and ability to focus it. Medals also will level to a point where they can harness their medaforce, and use it to preform certain powers. These are dependent on the medal.

Next, are robattlers. Robattlers order their medabots in a robattle. A medabot may function without a robattler, though it can not complete in any legal robattle. Robattlers may increase certain abilities of their medabots, through use of certain feats.

I have yet to create classes, though, I may start on that soon, again, any suggestions would be increasingly appreciated, as I need help with the combat system, stats, and basically all things number related.n:smallbiggrin:

black dragoon
2008-09-11, 06:12 PM
Never really took off. I've been commissioned by my lover to work on something else so I currently am statting out pokemon. Check out the threads sometime if you have any interest.

2008-09-12, 11:51 AM
Alright, I have been working on numbers, but, I suppose I won't post them here, I will keep them to myself, working on it in my dark sunless dungeon. Anyways, I will continue working, regardless of the lack of interest. Until more interest arises, I shall keep this off of the board, and will discontinue my updates.

black dragoon
2008-09-12, 12:20 PM
No post your work it tends to draw more attention when you have about three pages of hard stats. Trust me.

2008-09-12, 12:57 PM
I'm interested. I've been digging through papers to find a class I had that would be perfect for this. I don't know where I put it though.

black dragoon
2008-09-12, 01:22 PM
This site is geared towards being proactive. You can't expect help off the bat unless you can draw it in and do the work at the same time.

2008-09-12, 07:27 PM
Eh... Alright, I knew someone might eventually pick up on it, but well, basically, I should of went to sleep 10 minutes prior to typing up that last post. :smallwink:

Anyways, thankyou for the encouragement, and advice, also, Triaxx, if you find it it would be awesome. Also, seeing as Medaforce wasn't described Too clearly in the series. We might as well relate it to magic. I will post some stats on it later. Also, what is primarily needed, is a combat system. Turn based would work perfectly, but I would need a way to count damage, and a way to roll for counters.

Many Thanks,

black dragoon
2008-09-12, 07:34 PM
No problem. It's what playgrounders do. We ain't trolls you know.:smalltongue:

2008-09-13, 05:53 AM
Nuts. I'm going to have to rebuild from scratch. The sheet it was on got wet and stuck to something else. The name attached is Doll Master so I think it was from an Ogre Battle project.


Skills: Knowledge (parts) WIS
1st|Medabot Command, Part Exchange|

2nd|Strategic Thinking 1|

3rd|Improvised Tactics|

No BAB, No Saves, since those should go on the bots themselves.

Medabot Command: A Robattler inherently understands how to control the basic functions of a Medabot, and the abilities provided by the basic model.

Part Exchange: Using the command watch, a Robattler may instantly transpose any parts in his possession for those currently installed on his medabot, so long as the parts are of matching slots. This is only possible outside of battle.

Strategic Thinking 1: Most robattlers begin to understand the strategy of the opposition and gain a +1 bonus to Knowledge (parts), which is vital to countering strategy.

Improvised Tactics: In the event of a failed Knowledge (parts) check, experienced Robattlers are forced to call upon alternative tactics, such as using the terrain to counteract a mobility advantage, or damage a part deflecting missiles. Medabot gains +1 BAB/+5 damage for the purposes of damaging terrain. (Making a tree fall, generating rough terrain to hinder track legs, etc)

So I created a skill for you. Yay me. :smallbiggrin: I'd guess Medaforce is a level 10 power at minimum and even there it drains all the energy out of the bot, so you'd better make it count. You're also going to need two seperate feat lists. One for Robattlers, and one for Medabots.

Let's give individual parts levels as well, but fixed minimums. So basic arms can only punch and are level 1, but can go up in levels. A gatling gun arm would be a level 5, but using them before level 4 means they can only act like basic arms, and punch.

The templates are a fantastic idea, but I'd change them a bit. The template is determined by the medal, and isn't inherently female or male. Instead the Medal is male/female and the template alters accordingly. I seem to recall Medabee's medal ending up in the nurse bot at some point.

This also means that the template is the torso. Changing torso's changes the entire template. So you can go from a humanoid Medabot to a spider, or dog with alternative arm/leg/head options. They all work, just not perfectly with that torso.

2008-09-13, 10:11 PM
Actually, the torso is part of the head medapart.. However.... AWESOME! [Random excited gibberish]-----[/random excited gibberish] Alriiighty theen. Now, I like the whole plan for it, but this should be the basic robattler, also, perhaps certain watches allow certain abilities? Oh, and yeah, templates aren't male or female, I was going on what I saw on my game.. :smalltongue: Tinpets I think they were? Oh, and you were also able to transfer medabots by putting your medabots medal into your watch. They also seemed to be able to talk through the watch.

Oh! And seems we have another medabot fan. Now, I may edit that a bit, but give me some time, I am moving to a different town north since my electricity is out and is going to be out for the next 2-3 weeks. I am on my laptop :smallbiggrin:

2008-09-15, 11:26 AM
It's been years since I saw it. I can be forgiven for not remembering a few details. :smallsmile:

I prefer having the head seperate from the torso so if I don't want the Seeker Missiles, I can exchange them for a shielding head and an armored torso.

Perhaps the watch facilitates communication so they don't end up yelling strategy across the battlefield. Makes it hard to manage a sneak attack otherwise. Transportation is an out of battle function, so I didn't mention it. So maybe a default watch, one with an additional targetting display, one with a radar function.