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Bob the Urgh
2008-09-14, 11:59 AM
I was wondering about melee builds, the equipment actually. At a higher levels what kind of gloves/gauntlets should a character have? For melee character think greatsword type.

2008-09-14, 12:05 PM
Anything that boosts either ac or your ability scores

2008-09-14, 12:08 PM
quick pointers

for 2 handed weapons
greatsword does the highest regular damage
greataxe does slightly less damage but on a critical is far better
the other martial weapons do less damage but have other benefits like bonuses to disarming, tripping and reach

Two-handed weapons + Power Attack are considered the optimal choice because the far greater damage you do with double power attack and strength and a half damage easily outweighs the extra attacks (two-weapon fighting) or extra armor (sword and shield) you'll get otherwise at higher levels.

Barbarian is considered slightly better then Fighter (and is a lot more newbie friendly so long as you pick decent feats). Ranger is decent but also hard to work out since they only become really effective when you manage to get bonus damage on your pile of attacks.

Never, ever take levels in Samurai.

Bob the Urgh
2008-09-14, 12:13 PM
I was looking at the gauntlet of infinite blades and I was wondering if the gauntlets or something silmilar was worth it. Some item that doesn't just raise ability scores.

2008-09-14, 12:14 PM
-If you have Tome of Battle, take a Tome of Battle-class, go with your heart and you're fine.
-If you don't have Tome of Battle, you have few options:
*Tripper - a character with Improved Trip, some ways to make moving around him really hard (like Knight-levels), Combat Reflexes, Deft Opportunist and company. A weapon like Guisarme or Spiked Chain with Reach and Tripping.
*Power Attacker - a character with Power Attack, Leap Attack, Shock Trooper and similars. Can either use a reach weapon like Guisarme to mix Tripping into the style or go for slightly higher damage with Greatsword or similar. Reach weapon with AoOs is probably more effective.
*Mounted Charger - a character with Lance, a mount, Spirited Charge, Power Attack and similars to multiply the damage many times over.
*Two-Weapon Fighter - a character with TWF-feats and tons of sources of bonus damage (like Scout-levels with Swift Hunter and Rogue-levels with Daring Outlaw, then go for means to activate the precision damage at all times)

Without Tome of Battle, you can't really be efficient in melee without going with one of those plans. You'll want to mix levels of Fighter, Barbarian, Knight and possibly Ranger/Scout/Rogue/Swashbuckler/Paladin (if Cha-based for Divine Grace) to make something workable. None of them have good high level abilities (except for Knight), so it's much better to just mix and match for the better early level abilities to make the pile playable.

Since you're probably a Power Attacker, items to look for:
-Valorous weapon (MiC if I remember correctly)
-Weapon enhancements in general (get Greater Magic Weapon from a party caster)
-Str bonuses (obviously)
-Belt of Battle (MiC) and the like - stuff everyone wants
-Miss chance (generally more efficient for the cost than AC unless you can get your AC really high)
-Blindfold of True Darkness/other means to detect people who are for all intents and purposes invisible.

2008-09-14, 12:18 PM
Why are people giving advice about melee characters in general, when the OP asked about what gauntlets he should take?

I personally think that either Gloves of Dexterity or a combination of single-glove items are good. Glove of storing + Gauntlet of Rust can be a flavorful option.

Bob the Urgh
2008-09-14, 12:20 PM
Just curious about the equipment people, playing an Minotaur Fighter 1/Warhulk 3 to be specific. Chose fighter for proficiencies, spent a feat on the fullblade. I was wondereing about the hand slot for later on, when I have spare cash.

Bob the Urgh
2008-09-14, 12:21 PM
Thank you Adumbration

2008-09-14, 12:22 PM
I apologize, I got distracted by the previous reply. I added a small list of items that could be of interest for you. Unfortunately, there aren't any truly impressive Gauntlets/Gloves for a charger, so basic stuff for AoOs and stat bonuses is probably the best you'll get.

Bob the Urgh
2008-09-14, 12:30 PM
If I get a belt of battle how should I raise my strength score further, just use gauntlets of ogre power?

2008-09-14, 12:46 PM
Magic Item Compendium has rules for adding common enchantments to existing items for no extra cost. Therefore, you could have a Belt of Battle and +6 Strength. Or Gauntlets of +6 Strength for that matter.

Keld Denar
2008-09-14, 01:42 PM
Gauntlets of War and Gauntlets of Ghost fighting are pretty decent from MIC. Gauntlets of War give you +1 damage, or +3 damage when using the favored weapon of a diety with the war domain. In Greyhawk, Kelanen, the Lord of Swords is a hero god with ALL swords (including the fullblade, I'd guess) as his favored weapons, and the War and Travel domains. Thus, with a little IC fluff, you could trade up for +3 damage to all hits, not bad for about 4k gold, and especially good if you already have a +6 str item.

Gauntlets of Ghostfighting are pretty decent if you fight a lot of incorporials. They allow you to ignore miss chance when attacking or casting spells. Better for casters, but also useful for melee. You could probably do a bit better with a weapon crystal of Lesser Truedeath (or Greater for that matter), but these are still decent, circumstancially.

Whatever you do, make sure that your non-magical gauntlets lock. Only in very few circumstances will this be a disadvantage. Anytime adventuring out of a city, it'd probably be wise to have your weapon out and locked in. Trust me, the first time your DM throws a Nightwalker at you, you'll be happy you listened to me.

Bob the Urgh
2008-09-14, 02:18 PM
Just looked at the truedeath crystal, for 10,000 gp that's hard to beat.

Paul H
2008-09-14, 05:12 PM

Gauntlets vs Incorporeal? Simple - Gauntlets of Ghost Fighting 4,000gp. (MIC Pg 216). Ignore miss chance, and does extra D6 dam vs Incorporeal.

Other items - Belt One Mighty Blow for extra 3D6 dam 1/day. Or Belt of Battle for extra Full Round of fun. (Bracers of Quickstrike don't stack with Haste).

And don't forget the Weapon enhancements & Crystals. Sacred (+1) does extra D6 vs Undead, 2D6 vs Evil Outsiders.

Paul H