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2008-09-14, 11:01 PM
Browsing over on the WotC site I saw this article (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/4news/20080910) that was posted a few days ago by Randy Buehler, and since I haven't seen anything about it here on the forums I thought I might give everyone a heads-up.

The article has some pretty interesting tidbits in it about what's coming up, including some stuff that surprised me and that people have been waiting to hear about since the release of 4E (or even earlier). Some highlights:

The free trial period for D&DI is ending soon, and prices have been set - $4.95/month if you pay a year at once, and $7.95 if you do a month at a time.
There's a whole preview of what the rest of the "Scales of War" adventure path is gonna be like. I know a lot of people weren't that happy with what they've done with it so far, but I guess this at least gives some picture of where the few adventures published so far are leading. Still not quite enough to make me want to PLAY the adventure path, though.
A direct quote - "October will also see the Domains of Dread return to D&D, with the long-time Ravenloft concept being folded into the core now." People have been wondering about that for a while, so there's an answer.
Apparently they're going to start doing some new multi-classing options for classes that "don't really exist, like gladiator." I'm interested to see how they'll pull this off - I guess they'll just be a list of a single encounter power and then a few other powers to pick up with the power-swap feats, but I could be wrong.
October'll see the official preview article of the Barbarian class, so I guess there'll be some cool stuff to play around with then. I'm excited for it, at least.

Overall, it looks like September and October are gonna be pretty full of cool new toys and tidbits. Of course, we'll have to pay for it sooner or later, so I guess they can afford to start printing even more stuff each month that people are excited for.

2008-09-15, 03:47 AM
Ah yes, D&DI. This is the thing that's still hopelessly in Beta, isn't it? Bought to you by the people whose forums have more unscheduled downtime than a narcoleptic. And WOTC want to start charging for it now.

No sale. :smallannoyed:
(clue: make the product, then charge for it.)

2008-09-15, 03:23 PM
They are doing prestige classes that you only can multiclass into ? I thought about this concept and i really like the idea... Let's see what it will be like.