View Full Version : [D&D any ed] What do you think of this recurring gag idea for my campaigns?

2008-09-16, 05:52 PM
I got this idea while catching up on my OotS and seeing how the Order of the Scribble was a mirror version/parody/whatever of the Order of the Stick. Since D&D players are known for having their characters running into dungeons "hack & slash" style, and asking questions later I figured I'd have some fun while hopefully teaching my players a lesson.

Some quick background on my current game:

PCs' party consists of a dwarven paladin/captain who loves dwarven axes, a (young) human cleric of Pelor with his half-elf adept cohort/gf, a greedy halfling rogue, and a warforged.
The group is about to clear out a dungeon consisting of three ancient towers, which the local powers have said they can keep.

So anyway, what I am planing is for once they have (hopefully) cleared out their new keep(s), have spent a few gaming sessions there, and at the moment are all in one room a group of "adventurers" will suddenly burst through the door fully armed and ready to fight.

I won't say they are adventurers or anything like that, but simply that a heavily armored and very built dwarf (in truth a dwarven defender) carrying a warhammer, and an older human with a well-groomed short beard dressed in glimmering armor holding an old mace(which with a command word erupts in white flames) (in truth a paladin of Pelor) burst through their door breaking it off it's hinges, followed closely by a pretty elven girl dressed in elegant white robes holding her hands together chanting something (in truth a half-elf adept), something that looks like a small gnome made out of wood and metal (in truth an Autognome), and a shifty-looking kobold who's head and arm pops out from behind the elf's legs holding a tiny dagger. One of them then screams out something on the lines of "For the greater good!" or "For Pelor/Moradin!". I then ask for them to roll initiative.

I don't really plan for this to become an encounter/battle (although you never really know with my group), but instead for it to break down into (hopefully humorous) confusion as one of the PCs will probably say something like "Who the [email protected]#$ are you?!"? Then one of the intruders will saying something on the lines of "We are here to clear this dungeon. Who the [email protected]#$ are you?". Hopefully it will then go the route of the PCs trying to explain that they already did that, and then the adventurers huddling together occasionally taking peeks back at the PCs debating what the hell is going on. Then after the Paladin probably uses detect evil, the elf will take the kobold an the autognome by the hands and lead them out, followed by the human paladin and the dwarven defender picking up the door, placing it against the wall next to the door frame, and the human saying something on the lines of "Well, sorry about the mistake.". They will then walk out, and head towards the stairway. As the party starts discussing what the heck just happened, the dwarf will pop his head in saying "Ye sore ye not eval?". If the players say no he will then say "OKay..." and pop out again for good.

I like the idea as a one time gag, but perhaps I could make it a recurring joke? Especially when I am with new players/groups to get the point across(if there really is any...)? What do you guys think of all this?

Also, what gags or recurring gags do you pro DMs have in your games? I'd love to hear about them!