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2008-09-18, 10:27 AM
Here's a PDF with the cover page and a preliminary Introduction.

Free (incomplete) download 2pg PDF. (http://www.mediafire.com/?mnhxhxownwj)

This is the working idea,

Zuna-Anna Eirok is\was an intrepid planar explorer and powerful spellcaster. Knowledge was her entire passion without regard for wealth or fame. Living by her wits and magic arts she explored ...

Well thats what we're trying to decide isn't it :)

Her greatest sorrow has been her separation from her family, especially her son Eador, who would not wander her dangerous road. So it was that she compiled a special gift to him. Perhaps hoping he would join her, she constructed a man sized metal capsule filled with her wisdom and tokens from the wonders she had seen.
Sages record the capsule's arrival in Weir Harbor and the powerful elemental servitors that delivered it. They were seeking Eador.

After this the records are silent.

What was in the capsule?
What was written to her young son?

Of Zuna-Anna Eirok, history is silent except for these tantalizing scraps of a copper scroll.

What do people think?

This is the first Goose Egg Project.

Anyone interested in contributing can read the link in my signature, PM me or send an email to gooseegg000 at gmail dot com. I am very happy with the contributions so far and hope to have the whole pdf available for free download by the end of October. It wont be a large pdf but I hope its entertaining.

Everything published will be licensed under the OGL and given away. I hope to have a widely read list of authors and a nice little download. Your expertise is appreciated and your enthusiasm encouraged.

I am still looking for anything that might have been in the capsule or anything that might have been in Zuna's personal notes.

Spells - these can be of anything with an elemental or planar theme.
Advice on surviving the elements - In game terms this will be a bonus to knowledge (planes) but it would be great to have an example danger or two.
Monsters - This might be anything that Zuna has encountered and written about, esp those suitable to expand the 'summon monster tables'.

This doesn't have to be new material for this project but I'd really like it to fit in with the concept and other submissions.
There is so much worthwhile writing that gets no attention at all! I hope to dress this material up and make it popular. I'm not making any money at this, I just really like the idea.

I'd like to represent and thank the authors by real name. All work must be your own. This is only fun if we treat people well. Please see the link in my signature.


2008-09-19, 01:26 PM
This post will hold organizational material for this thread.

Looking for any help here :)


2008-09-19, 01:31 PM
These are Ideas that I have found or inspirations I can list.They are in no particular order.

They might be a great addition to the collection if they get written. Would you like to develop them?

Patrons - These are beings that have a power center (for whatever reason) on distant planes. The PDF will tell players they exist and hopefully start story lines. See next message for background.

Aten - fallen Egyptian Demigod of the sun has a refuge court in the plane of fire.

Thanks to Necromimesis for the inspiration!- http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3963472&postcount=7

Other Ideas and Submissions!

Exotic Equipment esp Planar Items

Thanks to Bisected8 - http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3332962&postcount=1

Templates of exotic creatures

Elemental Monsters

Thanks to Icewalker's Monster Making

Knallgas Cloud
Steel Mastiff
Sand Dervish
Coronal Elemental


2008-09-19, 03:30 PM
1.Elemental Planes Vast Power no Mercy

It is unlikely that anyone will ever map the Elemental Planes. The majority of power from this region simply is. Even if it has awareness, it has no wants except to continue being. Territory has value but possessions do not. Despite the limitless reaches, if you can reach this plane you are likely to be killed because of the space you take up.

If you are not element you are fuel. If you are not fuel you are not element.

For the ill prepared traveler, there is no basis to accept your intrusion and no concept of mercy among your attackers. It is vital to the traveler then to find a place of genuine void, or a patron who has created a region in which you will be accepted.


A tiny percentage of elemental power has been drawn into the Material Planes to serve mortal will. Perhaps in balance, a tiny portion of Identity and Will has been drawn into the Elemental Planes. Most of this is dispersed as quirks among otherwise unfeeling beings or fuels competition between the various elementals and planes. (It is no secret that fire elementals, perhaps the most drawn upon element, are prone to traits like memory and hate some have even sought vengeance against particularly abusive or frequent summoners!) Very, very rarely this trait changes even the alien beings of this plane. They develop ambition, learn desire and want, or simply develop a taste for company. These adapted beings are vital to the traveler because they can be communicated and bargained with. Some become patrons.

2008-10-08, 09:35 AM
Been away for health reasons but back to try and wrap this up.

Will not let it die.