View Full Version : How come every thing is so small??

2005-11-07, 10:51 PM
The text is writen small for some reason like 10 minago it was big..

2005-11-07, 11:10 PM
I think that this a problem on your end, here's how to fix it.

At the top of the screen above the tool bar there is the View menu. Within the view menu there is an option called "Text size", play with that for a little while until you find something that is readable.

2005-11-07, 11:14 PM
Or, hold down CTRL and use the scroll wheel on your mouse.

2005-11-07, 11:15 PM
Note that if you use Mozilla, it's "Text zoom" rather than "Text size." :)

This problem most commonly happens by accidentally holding your control key and spinning the scroll wheel at the same time.

edit: bah. Too slow!

2005-11-08, 03:36 AM
Zherog: I know what you mean, Lilly nearly simuposted me (but I hit refresh before sending just to make sure...).

2005-11-08, 09:44 AM
Or, hold down CTRL and use the scroll wheel on your mouse. this workded rather perfect

2005-11-08, 11:40 PM
Thank you! d20srd.com is actually usable now!

2005-11-09, 01:06 AM
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2005-11-09, 04:28 AM
I stopped reading that, not boring, was just too annoying to read as it wasn't seperated and spaced out by paragraph breaks.

2005-11-09, 07:34 AM
I really liked that Ctrl+Mouse wheel thing. You learn something new all the time.

Does anyone else have any other tricks we should know about?

2005-11-09, 07:48 AM
Alt-F4 --- Universal close program shortcut (even windows)
Ctrl-F4 --- Close open window (not universal)

Universal F-Keys:
F1 --- Help
F5 --- Refresh

Ctrl-Mousewheel --- Zoom (or font size in certain applications)

Internet Explorer:
Alt-S --- Submit (ie. Post/Send)
Alt-Left Arrow --- Back
Alt-Right Arrow --- Forward

Most important universal shortcuts:
Ctrl-A --- Sellect all (Remember A for All)
Ctrl-Z --- Undo (Z like you are scribbling it out)
Ctrl-X --- Cut (X like you are crossing it out)
Ctrl-C --- Copy (C stands for copy)
Ctrl-V --- Paste (Upsidedown caret, inserting your clipboard)

Ctrl-P --- Print (P for Print)
Ctrl-O --- Open

Formatting (Doesn't work on YaBB):
Ctrl-B --- Bold
Ctrl-I --- Italics
Ctrl-U --- Underline
Ctrl-S --- Strikeout

Microsoft shortcut:
Ctrl-Y --- Redo
F7 --- Spellcheck (Very important!)

Print Screen:
PrtScn --- Copies entire screen to clipboard
Alt-PrtScn --- Copies active window to clipboard

Tab --- Skips forward through selectable items
Shift-Tab --- Skips backward through selectable items
Alt-Tab --- Skips forward through open programs
Alt-Shift-Tab --- Skips backward through open programs

Windows Key:
Windows Key --- Start Menu
Ctrl-Esc --- What? Thats not a windows key you say? It opens the Start Menu just like the Windows Key
Windows Key-F --- Search (what was once Find)
Windows Key-E --- Explorer
Windows Key-R --- Run
Windows Key-U --- Utility Manager (avoid unless you use it)
Windows Key-D --- Show desktop
Windows Key-L --- Lock computer (Windows XP)

More to come. (So sue me, I'm a shortcut junkie).

2005-11-09, 09:35 PM
ctrl-tab flips through open browser tabs in Mozilla (and I believe Firefox as well).

2005-11-09, 11:09 PM
Posting to confirm that works for Firefox as well.

2005-12-09, 02:16 PM
If you hold Alt while scrolling, it slows the scroll bar.

2005-12-23, 08:31 AM
On windows ME (millenium edition) alt-mouse wheel just stops it jumping, not really slowing it down.

2005-12-23, 10:07 AM
And Ctrl-0 (zero) resets the text size...