View Full Version : Any Chance of a serious discussion forum?

2005-11-29, 05:07 PM
I know currently in the rules it states you can't have any discussion about religion, politics, or anything that could possibly offend anybody at all no matter what. Would it be possible to get a forum that allows such topics, but make sure those venturing there know what they're getting into, and as such MUST be coherent and mature about the topic at hand.

I think that such a forum would do well here, as many of the people here are more mature than the average message board, it's just impossible to discuss things without someone having a chance of being offended reading it. Giving clear warning could avoid this, and give those people who don't take offense at such things an interesting place to discuss things. (Also, any violation of flaming rules and such here might possibly count as two warnings, you were warned before posting in the forum)

I know new forums are usually made based on demand for them, but seeing as any topic that might go into the new forum I ask about is currently banned, it's impossible to judge how much demand or not there is for it.

2005-11-29, 05:20 PM
The Giant has stated on several occassions that there are other boards that handle discussion of such topics and this would not be one of them.

It is doubtful that he will change that position.

The Giant
2005-11-30, 12:37 AM
Yeah, this is not going to happen here. This is a Gaming and Comic site first and foremost, and discussions that take place here should be either related to one of those two topics, or light and friendly in an inconsequnetial way. That's why the general conversation forum is named Friendly Banter. We're not running an all-purpose message board here, and the extra moderator attention that would be required for such a board doesn't make it worth it. I know I could never ask my volunteer mods to wade through post after post of political topics for me; they'd all quit!

So no, no chance of such a forum here at GiantITP.com.