View Full Version : Going directly to the newest post in a thread?

2005-11-21, 10:05 PM
I know it is possible on phpbb and invision forums, but I have yet to figure out how to go directly to the newest (I'd settle for last) post on a thread on here.
For example, if I make the 11th post on page 8 of a thread and someone replies, is there a way to not have to scroll through the 11 posts to get to the one I want to read?
On other forums it is a little picture that denotes new and you click it, but all my hovering over page text and graphics yeiled nothing.
Thanks in advance!

2005-11-21, 10:20 PM
I don't believe the version of yaBB supports that feature. I have a long list of things to do for the site that includes upgrading the message boards to the new version of yaBB, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

2005-11-21, 10:44 PM
Okay, thanks! I was just wondering 8)