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2005-11-19, 01:41 PM
My computer seems to dislike this website, or vice-versa. Whenever I enter these message boards, the computer slows to a crawl, and it takes very long to do anything online or offline. This lasts until I restart the computer. Please help, it is very annoying and my parents are getting very fed up with it.

I run a Mac Power G3 system, using 1.3.1 Safari.

2005-11-19, 04:38 PM
See there, the Mac is your problem ^.~ (you knew it was coming)

Honestly, there's nothing anyone can do about it. It's due to the popularity of the site that the place is so slow. It comes and goes.

2005-11-19, 07:15 PM
The popularity of the site shouldn't cause his PC to run slow, though.

2005-11-19, 07:18 PM
It does mine. Because when the site is up it runs slowly itself. It also pulls away some of the energy that could be fed to other sites. And if your computer keeps it under temporary files, the slow connection will not go away until you restart the computer (if your computer deletes temp files after being turned off, that is.)

2005-11-19, 07:32 PM
But he said it is slow even for non-internet related activities, and, oddly enough, remains slow even after he has left the site, until the computer is shut down.
That makes little to no sense to me...

2005-11-20, 02:35 PM
yup, it doesn't make sense at all. Unless the web browser you're using is so badly built that a slow web page will take down the computer, there's no reason one should be related to the other. And there's definately nothing we are able to do to fix it :(

2005-11-20, 05:41 PM
Well actually, thanks everyone but I've found the answer (I think). The startup disk was so close to full that using any website with lots of traffic was enough to overload it and screw up the computer. My solution: delete enough files so that the website no longer overloads anything. It seems to work. Thanks for your input!