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2005-11-12, 07:58 PM
Every time I try to submit an avatar, I get whatever standard avatar is highlighted. Is there a way to un-highlight it, or..what?

2005-11-12, 08:07 PM
I'm not exactly sure what you mean, but this may help you.
You need to host the image somewhere (upload it so anyone on the internet can view it), two such places are www.photobucket.com and www.imageshack.us
Once you have uploaded the picture, you need to go to your profile and tick the checkbox beside I have my own pic:.
Paste the link to your new avatar in the textbox next to I have my own pic:
Don't click anything else in the Personalized Picture: section (as this will reset it to a default avatar), scroll down and click Change Profile

2005-11-12, 08:46 PM
I would bet that you just haven't checked the box. Even though you have a url there, the box itself does need to be checked, as Rawhide said.

Actually, this is a pretty useless post, but I though I would put my money on that fix.

2005-11-14, 08:24 PM
That was the case about the first like 20 times I tried, but then I spotted the box (damn wisdom penalties)... And does it have to be something like photobucket? Because I have the picture I want on the internet, and I put in the URL but it always goes to whichever pic is highlighted. Also, Rawhide, your last suggestion is crazy. So crazy, it just might work! (It's actually not crazy, I just wanted to say that.) Edit: I tried it...is it instantaneous, or what? *needs instant gratification*

2005-11-14, 09:28 PM
As long as your picture is accessable from the public internet, you don't need photobucket.

post the url to your avvie here and I'll see if I can fix it (or PM me).

2005-11-14, 10:37 PM
Wait... so you hadn't clicked 'Change Profile,' or what? Is it solved? Do I just have no idea what's going on?

2005-11-14, 11:24 PM
Wait... so you hadn't clicked 'Change Profile,' or what? Is it solved? Do I just have no idea what's going on?
The latter. it's clearly not solve, since the poster is using a stock avatar :P

2005-11-15, 05:19 PM
Well, I thought of that... but maybe he decided that he didn't like the one he had?

2005-11-15, 06:36 PM
Here 'tis.

2005-11-15, 06:56 PM
I would suggest that your problem might be your choice of 'image hosting' services. The current url takes you to a viewing page, not to the image itself.

But you know what, I'm just gonna shut up & go away, because I know next-to-nothing about this.

2005-11-15, 08:35 PM
As Hemp said, the URL you're using doesn't go right to the image. Use this one:


2005-11-15, 08:46 PM
Ha! That was it! Thanks everyone. Only now I get a box with an x in the corner... I tried resizing it, but now I don't know how to go straight to the image instead of just the display...

2005-11-15, 10:43 PM
The url you are using is: http://http://ic1.deviantart.com/fs8/i/2005/313/a/3/Hug_Me_by_Aspide.jpg

You need to remove one of the http://s so it looks like:

2005-11-15, 11:36 PM
Gee, Rawhide, thanks for making me look like an idiot. Just kidding. Thanks, I happen to have an extremely low Wisdom score.

2005-11-19, 05:08 PM
deviantart doesn't seem to want you to hotlink to it (when i click the link i get a forbidden page and your avatar is a broken image thing). Try moving it to imageshack or something, it'll even let you resize it :D

2005-11-20, 02:37 PM
his avatar is coming up for me, but at first it wasn't. and I thougth it was because deviantart disallowed remote linking. They may still do that, or be doing it partially. You might want to use a real image hosting company.