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2008-09-22, 03:57 PM
I have been tinkering with making a new gaming system and I have a few goals in mind. One of them is based on a dilemma that characters will spend most of their XP, gained abilities, etc. on combat effectiveness. Why take a spell that can light candles when you can take a spell that hurts the enemy? Even if out-of-combat spells are 1/3 the cost of combat spells that means they have to be useful at least 1/3 of the time that a combat spell is.

My idea is to make spells bigger.

First a rough outline of the system:

Lower stats are better.
Spells and abilities work in trees.
Everything is point-based.
There are no physical/mental stats separate from skills. A strong character can be strong from working out a lot.
XP is committed before it is gained: you say "I'm working on raising Jumping" and then the next XP you acquire goes toward that.
Time is generally a substitute for XP. No ratio of time to XP has been assessed.
Character power is split into three tiers: Mortal, Heroic, and Godly. Mortal abilities are those within the scope of "average" people. Heroic abilities begin with Olympic-caliber athletes and end with Herculean feats. Godly abilities are generally more subtle than their lower-tiered counterparts, but can also generally do more powerful things.
Implements are used based on the source of a power. A character who has no source for their power cannot have that power taken away, but one who does and uses an implement tied to it will be stronger, but have it able to be taken away. Example: Samson had incredible strength, but that was taken away when his hair was cut.

In any case, this goal comes down to the aspect of spells and other special abilities. I would like to create a list of abilities and spells with useful in-combat and out-of-combat applications and I turn to the playgrounders for help. As I get more suggestions I will update the list (in the spoiler).

Control Flame: Create and control a flame with a size based on your spell-casting ability. The distance you can cause this flame to travel is also based on your spell-casting ability. In Combat Use: Target opponents and send flame to damage them or their equipment. Out of Combat Use: Start a campfire, light candles, light a fireplace, use as light source.
Aerial Leap: Leap incredible distances in a single bound. The distance jumped is based on your jumping ability. In Combat Use: Leap into the air and attack the enemy on the way down, dealing extra damage. Out of Combat Use: Leap over obstacles, onto buildings, into trees, etc.

Please don't worry about specific mechanics as I can work those out on my own as I complete the system itself. I would prefer if the abilities were drawn from a mythological/folklore/legend style background, rather than modern high-fantasy.