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2005-09-27, 08:15 AM
This is a huge public thank you to The Giant and his staff because I felt a simple private email would just not do it justice.

First, Rich, you draw one of the amazing comic strips, they are certainly one of the most amusing I have read in a while. Some of the one-liners leave me positively in stiches, but better still are the punch lines to the long story arcs. In my humble opinion the best punch line in the history of comic strips anywhere was contained in issue #68 (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/GiantITP/ootscript?SK=68), the only unfortunate thing about this strip is that you need to know a lot of the back story up till this point as it builds up the tension.

I have enjoyed your strip for a very long time though I will admit to not owning any of your books. I live in Australia and to not want to purchase books from overseas, if you can find a local publisher/distributor in the Australian market I would be very excited indeed.

I did not sign up on the forums for a very long time, but broke down when I just had to post in the silly games thread, since then I have had a wonderful time, its amazing how fun being completely whacky can be. Through my experience of reading these forums and playing these silly games (with mod participation), I feel that you, your website staff and the moderators have produced and maintain a wonderful community. A place I feel I will continue to enjoy and participate in for a long time to come.

I feel these compliments are necessary because I too have run and maintained a bulletin board (of a smaller scale). I know how difficult it can be to maintain a friendly atmosphere and a sense of community. I know that people will argue with every decision you make or attack you simply because you are in a position of authority (disclaimer: this is not directed at anyone, just a general comment), I ask only that you do not take any of this personally, know that you are appreciated and continue to do such a bang-up job.

Thank you for your time

P.S. This wasn’t supposed to sound like so much of a suck up :P.

2005-09-28, 01:19 PM
P.S. This wasn’t supposed to sound like so much of a suck up

Sorry that you failed =(

2005-09-30, 11:23 AM
I'm sure that many would like to express similar sentiments for an excellent site.

Roland St. Jude
2005-09-30, 09:17 PM
Well said. And I wholeheartedly agree.