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2008-09-23, 09:28 PM
Well, to be brief, I'm recruiting anybody with a creative mind to just shoot out ideas of technologies for that of a standard 3.5 setting. I'm revamping my tinkerer class and need more device-like inventions! Any and ALL help is greatly appreciated, as I've exhausted my own brain!

2008-09-24, 03:17 PM
1) Everything ever can be accomplished with nanobots if they work in certain ways. If they can make more of themselves (by rearranging carbon molecules and other atoms), then they can replicate indefinitely and apparently also change the atomic structure of things. If they're a little bigger, they can still join together to form all sorts of things or bend themselves around so as to reflect light and make themselves appear to be different colors or not appear at all.

2) Rays are pretty cool. Shooting something and having weird effects is always a cool thing, and if you had an all purpose ray that used some hokey principles of science smashed together (like..."varying wavelengths of radiation to alter atomic structures") it would be fairly handy.

3) Robots. Big, small, sentient, preprogrammed, humanoid, vehicular, amorphous, extravagant, utilitarian, independent, immobile, anything. Robots can be all of those, and anything at all can go on them- weapons, tools, whatever.

Is this what you were looking for, or were you going for ideas a bit more concrete?

2008-09-24, 03:36 PM
There may be some overlap with this thread you might be interested in... (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=89948)

My vote is still for SPRING SHOES.

2008-09-24, 03:46 PM
If you're looking for mechanical effects, I'd suggest looking at Magic of Incarnum. Apparition Ribbon- lets you reroll your miss chance against incorporeal foes. Change it to Apparition Radar and describe it as a lens that goes over the eye and helps point out ghosts, and the soulmeld has been technofied. The same thing can be done with many others.